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Sports Hit the Spot

Studies show that in industrialized nations, there has been an increase in suicide rates, especially among younger victims. This is due to the fact that people in industrialized nations, especially the younger generation, are constantly pressured by themselves, their families and peers to be the best in their chosen field. They eventually become too stressed and exhausted and in some extreme cases, this may even lead to depression.


Weapon to Combat

The weapon to combat with this issue is to engage in healthy physical activities. Sports allow a person to get a good workout in the process, help relieve stress and most important of all, it is fun. It promotes alertness and enhances concentration and attentiveness. In the long term, it provides an individual with an added advantage in his work or studies.

A Person’s Confidence

Sports also enhance a person’s confidence and self-esteem as helps with body-building. Researches show that most people are not satisfied with their weight and body shape. Most people are constantly resorting to diet pills to lose weight, which may cause them health problems if used for a long period of time. Sports on the other hand, is the perfect tool for body-building as it causes no side effect. Furthermore, a person who excels in a particular sports have higher self-esteem. For example, ladies who are able to belly dance well feel sexier and men who play football well think they are more attractive.

A Person’s Self-Esteem

Apart from doing wonders to a person’s self-esteem, sports also help prevent drug and alcohol abuse. This is because an active sports player is usually more conscious and aware of the importance of good health. They had benefited from sports both mentally and physically and it is highly unlikely that they want to lose what they had gained through drugs and alchohol. Therefore, active sports player generally leads a healthier lifestyle.

Playing Sports

Playing sports does not mean you must huff and puff, get out of breath and sweat like crazy. One can always opt for something light like Yoga and Pilates, which does not require too much running around. If you think that stretching and sweating is not your thing, you can go for swimming. If you don’t feel comfortable exercising in body-revealing swimsuits, you can go for a simple slow jog, which is the most basic form of sports that everyone can do, and it benefits you all the same.

30 minutes

Remember to give yourself at least 30 minutes per day to exercise no matter how tight your schedule is. It is for your own good, after all.

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  1. Harry Krishna Samboo says:

    Try Yoga with meditation.
    Reiki is also recommended

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