Katrina Kaif on Femina Magazine

Katrina Kaif appeared on Femina Magazine before she became an actress. The picture below is proof of that. She must have been either 18 or 19 years old here, but still she looks older than that. She probably looks like she’s 24 or something, who knows. Many people will vouch for the fact that she must be definitely in her thirties today, not at all 27 as she claims to be. But then again, if you are tall and well-built, chances are you look way older than you already are. And to make things worse she got herself a little enhancement, surgically speaking, on her face.



Katrina Kaif on Femina Magazine


This is an old picture of Katrina Kaif that Femina Magazine has used on its cover. These days, Katrina’s pictures aren’t looking very nice. I can’t say whether it’s because of her just fixed face or because of photoshopping. Nevertheless, here is Katrina Kaif on Femina Magazine.


Katrina Kaif on Femina Magazine

Katrina Kaif is seen here looking serious and trying to look hot on the cover of Femina Magazine. I’m not feeling the Katrina look these days. She has changed so much. I wonder whether all these surgical procedures she was rumored to have had done are true. One day, when I have time, I will compare her pictures from long time to now and share it with all of you. For now, enjoy Katrina Kaif in a new pose.



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