Katrina Kaif doesn’t agree with Karan Johar’s Point of View

This is not about Koffee with Karan or anything related to that. This is about something interesting that Karan Johar mentioned the other day in an interview. He just felt the need to show his involvement and commitment to women. Hopefully, he has the same feeling for all women not just women, who were born in film families!

This is what Karan said:

I have gone on record and apologized that I have had item songs in my feature films and I don’t think I would do it again. I have no problem with like a girl dancing, that’s not an item number. An item song is when she is objectified and when there are men lusting for her like ‘Chikni Chameli’. I don’t think I would ever do that again. It’s never gonna happen in a Dharma Productions film and I will make sure of it. Like ‘Desi Girl’ is not an item song but ‘Chikni Chameli’ is. And, I don’t think I would do it.

I have grown up singing to ‘Khambe Jaisi Khadi Hai, Ladki Hai Ya Chadi Hai’ and I didn’t even realize what those words are. Then you suddenly sing that song and you are like, ‘Oh My God! This is so misogynistic’. And, it’s absolutely ridiculous that we have done it and a lead actor like Aamir Khan had danced on that song. He himself, on my show, has actually said that ‘I did this and I apologise like I wouldn’t do it again’. We don’t even think what these words are.

Like I’ve no problem with brilliantly written and a beautiful song. Just the way how Gulzar saab wrote the songs of ‘Omkara’. They are stunning! ‘Zabaan Pe Lagaa, Lagaa Re, Namak Ishq Ka’ – is beautiful. Even ‘Bidi Jalaile’. It’s the way you picturize a song like that. You’ve got to kind of make sure that you don’t because eventually we are a very impressionable medium.

So basically, these Bollywood people including Karan started realising what they were doing to women only when the #MeToo movement started in India? Were they blind before or what? Is the gesture now an eye-opener, the real thing or are they still faking it and pretending that they care?

You know what is annoying? Karan being invited to all of these shows that actually feature relevant people, who have important things to talk about. He just grabs all the limelight by trying to say something impactful. Whether or not, he does what he said he would, no one knows. Like some time back, maybe last year, he said he does not want to work with the big stars because they control everything and charge way too much.

So, Katrina Kaif, who is currently promoting her film ‘Zero’, was asked about Karan’s out-of-nowhere statement. Now, remember that this is Katrina Kaif, who is probably the only heroine in recent times who has managed to make item songs work. This is what she is good at, her livelihood because she also depends on these item numbers to make extra bucks when she gets to perform at award shows or concerts.


This is what Katrina had to say:

Oh, I didn’t know that was said, but I feel very differently on the matter. I feel it’s all down to the individual who is performing the song. Madonna, who I’m sure we all know of, I don’t think she is feeling objectified. I don’t think Beyonce who performs in a swimsuit on stage is feeling objectified. It’s all about how you feel while you are performing that song. I can tell you, I never felt objectified in ‘Chikni Chameli’.

I enjoyed that song. I enjoyed the dance, I enjoyed what I was doing. I didn’t even for a moment felt objectified or brought any kind of wrong eyes on me. Not at all…There are many times when people ask me for songs and there’s no context to it.

I won’t do it, no matter how much I feel about dance. We don’t need to characterize it that every song that a woman is celebrating herself and performing, that’s not objectifying women. It all depends on the angle and lens it’s being seen.

Don’t know if you remember, we have mentioned both Madonna and Beyonce separately here. But in response to what Katrina is saying, both of these singers/entertainers put on a show that they think will make people want to sell them. They are veterans in their own ways and both of them manage their own careers. In short, they both know that objectifying oneself, acting sexy (or what they think is sexy), using titillating moves and wearing less are all what make their music sells. So yes, they do objectify themselves, they do it to themselves because they want to stay relevant. Adele is one of the biggest artists in the world, do you see her doing all that to sell her music?

Katrina knows very well what she is doing. She started out playing these innocent characters, minus ‘Boom’, but smartly she also did item numbers by the side.


Why do you think Sonam Kapoor said what she said about Katrina? Because Sonam tried it and failed! This whole item song thing is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Personally, though, the ‘objectifying portrayal’ of women is disgusting. It happens in Hindi films, Telugu and Tamil films as well. There will be shots of the girl up front or up close, her navel, her upper body or her stomach. How come we don’t get shots of heroes like that? Why only the leading ladies? It is really uncomfortable to watch.

Many years ago, this actress in a Tamil film with a famous actor took the producer and director to court because they used a body double without her permission and shot the stomach area (or was it some other body part). Problem was, the actress wasn’t aware and only saw it when she watched the trailer. She didn’t want people to think that it was her in these shots and it was why she filed a police report. This was like a new girl, not some well-established actress in Tamil cinema. The popular actor of that film said that the actress was looking for attention, that’s why she did all that. Another top actress also commented that this girl was unnecessarily creating a controversy.

It’s normal for them to objectify a woman like this. So even if actresses don’t shoot these scenes, with or without their permissions, directors will go ahead and have body doubles shoot for them instead.

This is probably the first time that Katrina has taken such a strong stand on something and ironically, it’s something that is a big issue in India and she is on the supporting side of this issue. It will be interesting to see how long more will she do this? How many more years do you think she will still rule item songs? Her sister is also making her debut in a dancing song, so expect more dance moves or item songs from the Kaif sisters in India.

By the way, Katrina. Congrats on winning the Best Real Star on Social Media award. If Katrina is the real star then who are the fake stars on Social Media?

For now, check out the non-objectifying latest song of Katrina Kaif in ‘Zero’:

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23 Responses

  1. Golden girl says:

    why would an item girl will feel objectify and will speak against Item songs? she only relies on item songs (which are not working for her anymore. Thugs songs are an example) and on her EX salman.

    kat PR and fans dragging DP here and trying to bring her down to raise Kat up. Sad, kat fans cant even defend or talk about Kat without bringing DP .

  2. Pooja says:

    Look like user katrina herself is writing comments here BTW user katrina,bebo,rk are big follower of pinkvilla.many write this website name mentioned in article page.

  3. Kiran101 says:

    Shame of u all for bashing Katrina. Shame on you….there is only one saint in BW …

  4. Anon says:

    So admin on the day Deepika has verbal diarrhea and makes ridiculous statements, all you can do is pick on Katrina? I come here to read your forewords as well as other comments but this site is close to becoming like PV

    • Admin says:

      Sorry been a little busy with the new job for a month now, still trying to adapt. Grateful, but it’s crazy timing. Still grateful, though πŸ™‚ We are doing what we can after work…

    • golden girl says:

      @ Anon why bringing DP here? what “Deepika has verbal diarrhea and makes ridiculous statements, all you can do is pick on Katrina?” when you fail to defend kat cheap item nos and ridiculous statements drag DP and bash her. So typical of kat fans and PR. What about user kat verbal diarrhea and making ridiculous statements? her PR articles about salkat marriage and bashing lulia? PV is biased towards DP its a fact.

    • golden girl says:

      @lucy why u need to bring and troll DP to defend ur kat? every star is promote brands to earn money. Dp is hire by brands to promote their brand as she is a superstar. kat too endorsees brand so she is a salesman too. Kat is an item girl who cant act and rely on vulgar songs and her EX salman all the time. DP can act and don’t rely on her ex to get movies. Kat needs to learn acting and hindi. your comment is illogical and out of hate just to defend kat mindless and vulgar item nos

  5. sharuna says:

    hahaha kat comparing herself to Madonna, sakal dekhi hai aaine mein?

  6. Amanda says:

    I see nothing wrong in item songs as long as they dont disturb the narrative.. I thoroughly enjoyed many items songs and removing them from movies can make the movies boring. Also it depends on the viewers how they look at it. If too many restrictions are put on dance steps in item songs then choreographer will be left with little freedom and this can unfortunately restrict freedom of expression in art.

    I didn’t find anything wrong with what Kat said. People should change their mentality and putting all the moral education responsibilities on films is like too much. The politicians,the laws and the society as a whole need to change. A few items songs should not be blamed for objectifying women or reason for rape.

  7. Nikita says:

    I don’t like visiting or commenting on this websites because it’s a cesspool of hatred and bullying by faceless people where only TWO Bollywood are given a benefit of doubt while everyone else is projected as evil incarnate but today I am compelled to post a comment cause am fed up of Katrina always being projected as solely responsible for everything wrong with Bollywood.

    But first I would like to draw everyone’s attention to her comments regarding MeToo in her Dec Vogue interview and Spotboye interview as they will never get highlighted simply because they don’t go with the narrative of her being an ignorant bimbo.

    Now coming to item numbers,they always existed in Bollywood even before the name item number came into being. Helen and Bindu would appear in songs in their itsy bitsy clothes only to disappear after the song ended.

    Madhuri always had “special dance numbers” in all her movies which in today’s times will be classified as item numbers. How suggestively thrusting her boobs in “chili ke piche kya gain” or “dhak dhak karne laga” can be justified having connection with her character arc.

    OSOP favorite Deepika Padukone has also done crass dance numbers like “Dum maro sum” which had lyrics like “POTY PE BETHE NANGA”/ ” KICHEGA MERI PANT” and Lovely and the recent Raabta track where the camera was panning on her croch area repeatedly but sure Katrina is the only one guilty of such songs.

    Then there’s Begum Kareena with her “Mera naam meri” from Karan’s own movie and Fevicol se which had lyrics like “tandoori murgi noon yaar gatkale saiyan alcohol se”. The only difference between Deepika,Kareena & Katrina’s songs are that Katrina’s are hits.

    And so called classy item song Namak has lyrics like ” jubaan pe lagan namak isa ka” is as suggestive as it gets, oral sex and cum swallowing anyone.

    Karan’s next Takth has not one but two item numbers one by Kiara Advani and the other by Kriti Sanon. His only motive with this comment was to throw Katrina under the bus because thanks Katrina his bet I Alia is getting hate from neutral folks. He didn’t remember “Is kaal kaal main hum tum kare dhamal” or “mera naam Mary” because they featured his besties Kareena and Malaika.

    And lastly vulgarity is in one’s eye. What is vulgar to you can be physical emancipation of another where one doesn’t have any inhibitions.

    • Nikita says:

      *Two Bollywood actors
      * ” choli ke piche”
      *”tandoori murgi hoon yaar”
      *beti AliaAlia

      F*** autocorrect

    • RS says:

      100% agree, these days i just read the post and never bother to comment as it feels like the users (+ admin) here put DP on a sky high pedestal. just so weird.

    • Lucy says:

      I agree,Katrina is made to be the sacrificial goat to point out things wrong in Bollywood.its so easy to point out that she is such an bad actress that she needs to do dance numbers to earn money.but admin would never write that being the top actress deepika is basically a salesman earning money from brands.she did one film that paid her 10-12 crores ,rest came from brands.katrina earning her money from things apart from acting is to be looked down upon but deepika earning money from things excluding acting is considered okay for an actress,whose top priority should be to do movies and act.

  8. Nikita says:

    Hey admin were this amused when Deepika Padukon won the Priceless Princess award in 2017 or when Kriti Sanon and Shahid Kapur got the Nothing to Hide award or this sort of reaction is only reserved for Katrina? Wait I already know the answer. Katrina is so powerful, finally making everyone aware of frivolous awards like they never existed in Bollywood award shows!

  9. leaps says:

    admin summed up kjo nicely “He just grabs all the limelight by trying to say something impactfull. ” this was him in this entire interview he always says the current thing to stay relevant. kjo himself conveniently mention item songs that are min 10 year old of course compared to today’s songs those song will seem less objectifying. gulzar can write a good song but dance steps can reduce it to trash.

  10. Lucy says:

    Don’t you think you are being too harsh on Katrina?I personally think she absolutely rocked those songs and none of her songs have been vulgar.also people need to stop looking at dancing as a lowly profession and see it as an art form.people go Gaga about Micheal Jackson whose most popular dance step is touching the crotch.then there is other form of sensual dance.more than women dancing the problem is with men and their mentality and way of looking at a woman.when women see a man shirtless they call it hot,no woman slutshames a man or gives rape threats.why can’t men do the same.i mean if people have read history then everyone would know that in a cetrain time period in the past women wore nothing at the top.they wore a dhoti only like men.

    This issue bothers me a lot.we have as of now aghoris and shiv bhakts and certain sects of Jainism who are completely naked.those men are worshiped and never objectified or threatened or shamed.but a woman can’t dare to do so .then it’s said she is objectifying herself by showing her body parts.

    I’ll give another example.i saw Elle an amazing French film which was nominated for Oscars and Black swan.they had nudity.and the camera was focused on their crotch and breast a lot of the times.but they were praised and hailed as good cinema.had that been in India the woman most probably would have her head cut off.

    Admin your line about comparing Beyonce with Adele sounds so dehumanizing.you she ashe actually pointing out that Adele who doesn’t expose and still earn money is respectful of herself and Beyonce or madonna who wear shorter clothes are deliberately objectifying themselves to earn money.thats a kindergarten way of saying they are prostituting themselves.would you say the same for someone like Freddie Mercury who is an icon but also well known for his near nudity on stage for theatrical effect.

    • Lucy says:

      Beofre anyone pounces on me I’ll make it clear I do agree with one specific point of the camera focussing on the heaving chest navel crotch and butt of the woman.its again a man’s fault.and the cinematographer” responsibility.zoya akhtar once talked about this about shooting someone in a bikini in a long shot versus shooting specofoc body parts in close-ups.it Al depends on how the camera works and most cinematographer’s are men who have the sleazy way of looking at women and it translates into their work.

      Bit then again there is partiality in this aspect.srk did dard e disco where the camera lingered on his body and Salman used to wear tight pants so he could show off his butt and there are so many heros who have the close up shot of their abs and chest and crotch and butt but we call them hot.i clearly remember ranveer Singh’s shots from few of his songs.

    • LondonThumakda says:

      the thing is tho in black swan, Natalie had a fully fleshed out role, the whole film revolved around her – her passion, her insanity….the problem is when the vast majority of films feature women as eye candy in blink-and-you-miss them roles. this SM project tried to highlight the sexism in Hollywood movie posters by showing just how many of them featured “headless” women:


      yea beyonce looks fierce in those barely-there body suits but the respect she commands is for her divine voice, her songwriting, high-concept music videos and live shows, the social justice stands she takes against police brutality… meanwhile a kylie jenner does (and i think should) face a backlash when she poses for a mag naked straddling her fully suited boyfriend….

  11. Mila says:

    Yes. Let’s censor women again. Not the boys who objectify them. When I, as a woman, see Katrina dance in such songs (or for that matter anyone) I am interested in the choreography, music, sets, outfits, etc. Why do we forget that there’s also a female audience? When will girls get to freely dance and express themselves w/o worrying that their breasts (which they unfortunately have) might titillate boys? The female body is beautiful and some movements look absolutely amazing on them only. Is belly dancing inherently objectifying? Should women stop just cuz men don’t know how to act? It can’t be ‘do as you please’ and ‘please don’t’ at the same time. Why is dance looked down upon? To unbelieveably quote Mohini (from HNY, I can’t believe myself) ‘eeji lagta hai tere ko? Dance ek art hai.’ And it is. Let women have fun. And dance with abandon. Clebrate being sexy. Cuz it’s only been recent that women get to wear whatever. And even more recent get to dance however. Burlesque is a legit art form. While this isn’t burlesque, the principles don’t change. Dekho magar pyaar se.

  12. LondonThumakda says:

    the thing about dostana was yes it had a desi girl but it also had those droolworthy shots of john abraham emerging from the sea in short shorts! im an equal opportunist so if you’re going to objectify women then objectify the men too and give us female viewers something to ogle at!

    i agree that context matters. was choli ke peeche an item song? maybe. but it was also a pivotal moment in the film and her character’s story arc and she had a fairly kickass role considering it was the 90s. but the item song in stree was completely gratuitous. the film was perfectly brilliant without it. so why have it – the zoomed-in shots of a random girl’s heaving chest and washboard abs – just to draw in the men in the cheap seats? p.s. im so glad stree has kicked off the award season in style, i hope this streak continues, i badly want a sequel (sans item song) πŸ™‚
    admin what is up with the comment section I start typing a comment and then it disappears πŸ™

  13. Pooja says:

    Her bread n butter is item songs.she made 15yrs career in film industry by doing just item song make most money out of this by performance on stage n marriage.when I was kid rakhi sawant used to say lot about her I used to think y she hate her so much then she started same with sunny Leone than I understand this women steal her jobs.make her jobless.obsly she support this I read her camment on al-jazeera(propaganda) newschannel how she talking about itemsongs like its most important thing in film not story or music or acting.what can expect her BTW I feel same if she is most real than who is most fake???kangana???

  14. Pooja says:

    Her bread n butter is item songs.she made 15yrs career in film industry by doing just item song make most money out of this by performance on stage n marriage.when I was kid rakhi sawant used to say lot about her I used to think y she hate her so much then she started same with sunny Leone than I understand this women steal her jobs.make her jobless.obsly she support this I read her camment on al-jazeera(propaganda) newschannel how she talking about itemsongs like its most important thing in film not story or music or acting.what can expect her BTW I feel same if she is most real than who is most fake???kangana or kareena??

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