Karma knocked down Rakhi Sawant

Technically, it was Rebel who knocked down Rakhi Sawant. Just thought we clear this out first, in case there is a wrestler called Karma. So, here’s the news that flashed today, which sounded too good to be true:

Karma finally knocked down Rakhi Sawant

Karma finally knocked down Rakhi Sawant

At first, we thought there was a wrestler called Rakhi Sawant because seriously, who would have thought?! Then, we saw the video tweeted by Mika Singh, the same Mika paaji who forcefully did the chumma with Rakhi years ago.

Damn! What the hell just happened? As if throwing her on the ground was not enough, Rebel had to shake her booty over Rakhi’s face! Man, what would Jeejus say?!


Rakhi being Rakhi decided to give an interview IN BED with a journalist, who climbed ON HER BED to interview her. Move over ‘On the couch with Koel’, ‘In bed with Rakhi’ has happened! In the interview, she starts off by saying she doesn’t know what happened. She was paid to perform/dance in the ring and she doesn’t know what came on to Rebel that she just lifted her and threw her down. To be fair, Rakhi kind of looks like a wrester, she does have the body for it so maybe Rebel thought Rakhi was a wrestler too. Unless Rakhi said or did something insulting to Rebel and she got mad and did what she did!

We know it’s really unfortunate that this happened to her, but still we can’t help but laugh! It’s so freaking hilarious! That woman just lifted Rakhi like if she was making a chapati or puri dough!

Watching the interview, we thought that maybe she realised that this is all her doing, but NO! Rakhi still found a way to blame this on Tanushree Dutta:

Karma finally knocked down Rakhi Sawant

Karma finally knocked down Rakhi Sawant

We don’t watch wrestling, maybe it is what they do. Varun Dhawan would know! But man, Rakhi! As if she couldn’t be even more surprising! How does she keep getting herself in these types of situations?

Get well soon, Rakhi. At 40, that back will take a while to get better. All the best!

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2 Responses

  1. Anon Nona says:

    It’s obviously pre-planned.
    The “wrestler”, puts her down very carefully and ensure the feet hit the ground and not the head or back.
    Jeez. Who plans this bizarre stuff!

  2. Lovelylibran says:

    The wrestler should have given rakhi a nice choke slam .. so much over acting this woman does to stay in the news.

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