Kareena sending you her best wishes for the holidays

The first 19 seconds only:

Here’s introducing Kareena Kapoor‘s new show called ‘What Women Want’…

What is it with her and her in-your-face-shots? Has no one told her yet it doesn’t look normal or make her look nice? Unless. she had something done and wants to show off…

No, this is not a joke! Just a part-time job for Bebola, like her friend KJo!

Bebola doing what she does best: talking about herself on a talkshow!

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12 Responses

  1. Deep says:

    Hehehhe..honestly admin, u expect KKK to spout sense?? She is just like KJo, living in the bubble….still remember the way KJo shoved her down our throats yeiilng she is the best, when she is so below average for me…She was given Heroine, and she.messed it up with her over-acting… won’t lie..her crying in the movie made us guffaw like mad….

    P.S. Merry Christmas to all…have a fun filled year-end and welcome to a Glorious New Year 2019.

  2. Rami says:

    RK drunk, because deepika married RS! So ,why he did not stand up to his parents ! Why is putting on a show about link up with Alia , they looked odd ball as a couple ! Plus ,all the family is NYC ,they are sending pics! RK going to NYC on new year,, with little Alia, there something not right, it just seem so fake!

    • nefarious says:

      @Rami, i dont think he is getting drunk over DPs wedding. He has an alcohol problem, and he is of late quite miserable. I guess, being with Alia and no hot chick pinning for him, films not doing well isnt exactly how he had imagined his future.

  3. leaps says:

    right now she has only pushed taimur infront of paps to get papped daily. so i am not the only one who has noticed how different her face is looking recently

  4. Pooja says:

    When bebo started acting at 17??? It was karishma who started acting at age of 16.bebo started acting at age of 20.y this ppl lie so much doesn’t bebo rejected slb’s him dil chuke sanam bcz she feel she is too young around 16-17yrs old.

    • Abby says:

      Actually, in this case, she is telling the truth. She signed refugee and kaho na pyaar hai in 1997. In those days, the film industry was so disorganized that films took 2-3 years to make. She started prepipre/acting since 17 and her first film released when she turned 20.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Admin, I heard some stuff, don’t know if it’s credible, is Rk still drunk dialling Deepika? Heard that’s the reason for his absence from her reception as well, some friction bz of it. Is it true? He was spotted at some club that night drunk while news that came out was he was shooting.

    • guest says:

      “He was spotted at some club that night drunk while news that came out was he was shooting.” nothing new here. RK might be acting out because of his fathers health. Also he is not alia’s and kjo’s responsibility. He didnt show up at pc’s reception either.

    • guest says:

      *Also he is now alia’s and kjo’s responsibility. He didnt show up at pc’s reception either.

  6. Ananya says:

    Hey Admin, did you watch PC and Dp dancing at her reception? They seemed really chilled out. Then what was all that wedding competition, inviting Rs alone kinda news? Was it media or pr work while these girls chose to raise above it?! Would like to know your thoughts. It didn’t seem fake to me but is it?

    • Admin says:

      Hey Ananya…It was a wedding and they were all drunk πŸ˜‰

      • Ananya says:

        Sigh wish you would say it’s all ok bwn them now. Their equation during Pinga shoot was sight for sore eyes. My feelings for them individually has changed over years but I enjoy when talented women share a good rapport.

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