Kareena Kapoor speaks on Rangoon’s Failure

Like we have mentioned before, it never felt as if Saif Ali Khan was away from films since his wife, Kareena Kapoor, always spoke on his behalf. At an event launching something, Kareena was asked on the huge failure of ‘Rangoon’ and she spoke like a recorded tape in motion.

Saif, though, didn’t have nothing much to lose with this film. It’s Kangana Ranaut, who made winning statements after statements, and Shahid Kapoor, who invested a lot in this movie. Kareena saw the film last week and said it was one of the best films of the year. But now, it’s the biggest flop of the year so far. The film’s budget was 80 crore, but it only managed to make 20 crore since its release. Anyways, check out what Kareena has to say on behalf of Saif.

Kareena Kapoor on Rangoon’s Failure

Kareena on Vishal Bhardwaj’s films

Vishal Bhardwaj’s films are art, it is like a painting. You either like his films or you don’t. It is not like a typical commercial film that is going to cater to everybody’s taste and sensibilities, he caters to a certain section of audience and that is why some critics have revered it and called it a piece of art. Vishal Bhardwaj is known for that. So when you do a film like that, with a lot of love for cinema, the actors get lot of appreciation.


Kareena about Rangoon’s failure

Some films are beyond box office collections. Saif has been in the industry for 25 long years. He is beyond success or failure of his movies.

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