Kareena Kapoor has more to say on her son, Taimur Ali Khan

Kareena Kapoor makes things easy for reporters that interview her. It’s because they don’t have to edit anything out. If anyone knows what’s the real Kareena like, it’s the reporters that interviewed her before she started dating Shahid Kapoor. We have said before that it seems during her pregnancy, the old Kareena came back. It’s the hormones acting up and it seems, it’s still the hormones acting up because the old Kareena is still here and her answers to some things are just (eye-rolling) mindblowing. Unbelievable is what you are going to think when you read what she said below on her son. For the record, all babies are beautiful. By the way, her baby’s face below is like he’s saying, “What the hell did she just say?”. It is said that this picture was taken from Saif Ali Khan‘s WhatsApp display pic and leaked on social media. Now, who in the world did that?


Kareena Kapoor Interview on Taimur Ali Khan


Kareena on how Taimur is such a beautiful baby

My son actually has a lot of hair, lovely brown hair. He is the most gorgeous child not because he is mine.. he has that because I ate ghee and all those things.. all the pizzas and ghee and parathas have gone into him.


Kareena on how one parent always has to be at home with Taimur

Saif is at home now. I had to be heard for the live chat. So I wanted Saif to be with Taimur. Saif delayed his meeting little bit so I could be here for the chat. Taimur is not alone, one parent is always there with him. We are always going to do the same. If not then I am strapping him on and going for shoots and that’s amazing. He (Taimur) is an integral part of us, he is part of Saif and me, he is born to us.


Kareena on putting on 18 kilos

I put on 18 kilos and I was happily flaunting my weight everywhere.. until I entered the hospital in fact! The way I enjoyed my pregnancy I didn’t know what would happen post pregnancy. I didn’t know what this phase would be like but now I do know that I feel more energetic, happy and content.


Kareena on Taimur doesn’t like to be held sitting down

I walk a lot. My son cries if I sit with him in my arms. It is his way of telling me to walk a lot. He is keeping me on the toes already. I am happy he loves walking already.

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  1. Smitha says:

    Hahahaha. She’s praising her kid so much. This is after all her first kid. Poor saif has to pretend to be excited as she is.

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