Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli slams Hrithik Roshan on Twitter

and called him her uncle! We dare her to call Salman Khan that! You see next time she walks on the pavement, she’ll have to watch what hits her way.

Kangana Ranaut’s sister blasted Hrithik Roshan on Twitter in a series of tweet. This outburst came after the media brought to light the complaint filed by Hrithik Roshan to the police in April 2017.

If Kangana was right about something, it’s how the Roshans have the power and money to use the media to their advatange. Otherwise, how else would a couple of months old complaint make its way to the media?

Rangoli is pregnant and has been blasting people left, right and center on Twitter. She is doing all this in defence of her sister. Well, maybe it’s time she stops and let her blood pressure be stable again. This is the same Rangoli, who overcame the hardest ordeal a girl can be subjected to when some guy threw acid on her face years ago. If ever there’s some family package in counselling, the Ranaut family should definitely go.

Still, we can’t help but laugh at how daring and funny her tweets to Hrithik are. We are sure this is the first time Hrithik must be getting tweets like this. Maybe he should contact the pope for help (hah!). Here’s Rangoli slamming Hrithik in regards what the media has been saying lately. Since these tweets, more emails have been leaked from Hrithik’s side in retaliation to all of this. So far, regarding the recent emails leaked, Rangoli has kept quiet.


Rangoli slams Hrithik Roshan on Twitter

Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli slams Hrithik Roshan on Twitter


Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli slams Hrithik Roshan on Twitter

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