Kangana Ranaut won’t be part of Shabana Azmi’s girl gang to bachao Deepika

Alright, so first things first: whose bright idea was it to name this campaign as ‘Deepika Bachao’? Like, why? For real, why? ‘Deepika Bachao’ makes it sound as if Deepika Padukone was taken hostage by ISIS or Taliban or Al Qaeda, whoever is in charge now; it’s really hard to keep up these days!

Seriously? That is so dramatic coming from Shabana Azmi! It’s not like Deepika is sitting idle surrounded by security people, she is still able to go out and have fun with her boyfriend, Ranveer Singh. Shabana should have been wiser by approaching this issue to the higher ups and stress that no woman in India, celebrity or non-celeb, is safe when we have mental men who can run around and make heavy threats without facing the consequences. That is what happened and there should be a law that does something to men, who make threats like they did to Deepika.

As per the blind item by Rajeev Masand last week, Shabana Azmi launched this campaign and wanted to take it up to to the Prime Minister. She requested all the top actresses in the Hindi film industry to show their support for this campaign by putting their names on this letter. It was said that Anushka Sharma, Katrina Kaif and Kangana Ranaut refused to sign. We already spoke about why Kangana felt the need to not support something that Shabana Azmi was handling. We also mentioned how ironic that Shabana had the guts to ask Kangana despite knowing what she did to her during her Jaadu circus.

So, word has been going around in the news how Shabana has been waiting on these girls to sign this campaign. Kangana got win of it and decided to let her choice be known publically on why she can’t and won’t sign this campaign, but still supports Deepika. Kangana speaking out against Shabana publicly is not a surprise.

What is surprising is that she mentions in her statement that Anushka Sharma was the one to call her and ask her to sign. She refers to Anushka Sharma as a “dear friend” in her statement below. This made us think that Rajeev, in his blind item, mentioned that Anushka Sharma told Shabana that she has to call her lawyer first to confirm whether she can sign her name or not. You know what we are trying to get at, right? Is Kangana the ‘lawyer’ that Anushka was referring to? Is she the one that she went to for advice before giving her name to this petition? That’s something, isn’t it? Who knew these two were even friends?

Kangana Ranaut won't be part of Shabana Azmi's girl gang to bachao Deepika


Check out Kangana Ranaut’s explanations on why she won’t join double-sided face Shabana Azmi in this campaign to save Deepika. By the way, for the non-Hindi speakers, “Bachao” means “save”.


I was filming Manikarnika in Jodhpur when I got a call from dear friend Anushka Sharma to sign the petition written by Ms. Shabana Azmi. I explained to her that Deepika Padukone has all my support but I am a bit wary of Shabana Azmi’s investment in left-wing Vs right-wing politics. I have my own set of ideas and opinions about the current situation in our country. I am on the fence about many things and being a part of a feminist movement called Deepika Bachao led by someone who character assassinated me when I was bullied by influential men, seems to be one of them. Anushka understood but I am glad they reached out to me like I said Deepika has all my support I am an individual perfectly capable of supporting who I like without anyone’s support.

If you don’t know why Kangana is this pissed off at Shabana like if she’s her mother-in-law, it’s because Shabana called her to her home after the Jaadu drama happened. She warned Kangana to back off because the Roshans are very powerful people and can take her down. Shabana has openly supported Hrithik Roshan in this Jaadu battle.

Kangana has never hidden the fact that Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar asked her to their home and dissuaded her from β€œgoing after Hrithik” when she first alleged that he was lying about having had no relationship with her. Kangana had also said she expected more from the senior couple, but felt they were clearly in Hrithik’s corner. – Rajeev Masand

In case you need to go back in time, as in flashback, here’s the topic in which Kangana mentions the incident, but does not directly name Shabana as the culprit:

Kangana Ranaut revealed what happened between her and Hrithik Roshan

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23 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    There is some actresses I totally loathe and hope they just flop in all their movies and just fade away from bollywood as quickly as possible, I could call name but am afraid a certain commenter might grab my throat lol Kangana though is not one of them. I’m not much of a fan but she sure brings drama and one thing for sure is that she never forgets and will always stand up for herself no matter who she is standing up against. I really do like the way she worded her explanation. Who is this Shabana azmi again? That was a rhetorical question btw. Sounds like a big hypocrite! Stabbing you in the back one minute and then asking for your help the next? Does this woman even have a conscience? I dont side much with Kangana (sorry admin) but this time I agree with her totally. On another note, is shabana looking for some present fame, Deepika dont need your help honey. These washed up actresses only trying to hinge their names to Deepika to get some kind of recognition, or yes I am talking about miss I not signing my name there too because I need to let everybody know I not doing so so I can still be relevant in this industry where I am now a flop.

    • Nar <3 Kangana says:

      Shabana never really lost her fame though, she kept busy with activism and her acting in btwn was good. I dont think Kangana is riding on DP’s fame, the girl is a media’s favourite for one to many reasons. Anything she says or does not say becomes headlines these days. Even when she avoided (deliberate – idk) the Padmavati controversy many were asking y this “self proclaim feminist” wasn’t. To tell you the truth, I think she and her team exaggerated the “minor injury” for her to avoid the controversy all together – but who know, eh?

      • naughtytrini says:

        Oh my… I never meant to insinuate that Kangana is riding or wants to ride on DP’s fame lol that is a big joke. As much as I love Deepika, Kangana is sure more popular than Deepika. Kangana is a force to be reckon with. I will never think that of Kangs. There is that something about her that even if she aint your idol you just have to stop and admire her guts, her courage to speak her mind. As for Shabana, yes she maybe be famous, to my old mom and dad that is, not to me, and even in those days there were more better actresses who went the mile and back, shabana was more like a dutiful boring wife role person so yes she is trying to garner some recognition with this deepika issue. Also, I hope I didnt have to point out the riders, it was plain to see…Kat.

        “She requested all the top actresses in the Hindi film industry to show their support for this campaign by putting their names on this letter. It was said that …Katrina Kaif …… refused to sign” Please tell me where in the world is Kat a top actress? But then it does makes sense that she refuses, after all, there is noway that she could do a role so big like Deepika’s so there is no way that she would be in that position Deepika is in, so why would she care?

        • Nar <3 Kangana says:

          Oh! the lonely Kat lovers have already down voted ur comment. Sign! Shabana manage to keep herself relevant unlike the more popular actresses in her “prime” time. She was good on the KWK episdoe, it was pretensions and all but fun nonetheless LOL @ her self entitlement & intellect

          • naughtytrini says:

            I really need to look at some of Shabana’s interviews and maybe I might better understand her. My fav was zeenat aman…I still love her, she was the best, so sweet, so unique, I dont think there was anything wrong she could do in my eyes and she is still so so beautiful. Btw kats fav could down vote my comments how much they want, it aint sending up my blood pressure as my comments on kat seems to be doing to them.

        • Deep says:

          I too never cared for Shabana’s porformances…..Heck.. Smita Patil, Nutan, Sridevi, Revathy are leagues ahead of her…..watching Shabana act is always boring…..

          • Nar <3 Kangana says:

            It was a lot of “Art House Cinema” because she didnt have the glamour to do “commercial” movies but I always felt she was good at acting but I dont really like her off-screen persona. She is way more pretensive than Kjo

  2. prvilla says:

    Okay fair enough,the girl has her reasons but honestly..where was her so called ‘ dear friend ‘ anushka during her own controversy?no where..that’s where!an enemy of my enemy is my friend..clearly in anushka’s case!very calculative and borderline opportunistic move by anushka anything for views sharma!But kudos to kangana for being transparent and atleast having an opinion on the entire fiasco rather than playing dumb.

    • Deep says:

      hey.. have you ever thought that maybe Anushka called her privately showing support?? they don’t have to do everything for the camera na……

      • prvilla says:

        I highly..highly doubt it because personally anushka doesn’t strike me as someone with that much sensitivity,infact it comes across as quite the opposite but hey..your entitled to your own opinion and I to mine.

  3. bucketbot says:

    I really do love how articulate she is in her written responses. I don’t really like listening to her off the cuff, her emotions come out and its messy. I have yet to watch a lot of her recent controversial interviews. I am a very emotional person and i can’t take it. As for Shabana i hope she has managed to get the Ambani’s signature on that list. Their support will mean everything.

  4. kiran101 says:

    Shabana has the nerve to ask for Kangana’s support to settle some scores with the political party shabana is against. As if she care’s about Padmavathi. Where was she when “Vishwaroopam” debate was happening,

  5. kiran101 says:

    Shabana azmi is more butt hurt about BJP winning elections and looking for reasons to pick on them.She is clearly left wing….its more to do with that than Padmavathi.

  6. God says:

    Wow comments section is intact. Feels like osop again.

  7. NightGlory says:

    I have to admit when I read that blind about the three actresses who were not in support of the campaign, I was a bit dejected that Kangana was not supporting it; not because I felt that she should keep their differences aside (I am pretty much sure that it is very difficult for some people to do so, including myself) but because she herself is doing a biopic on Rani Laxmibai and might face a similar jeopardy during promotions of her film.
    But this blind/article made me smile from within. Not only is Kangana adequately supportive of Deepika, she also comes out as a pragmatic person who thinks twice before taking such a critical decision. Hats off to her! (P.S. Am not her blind bhakt, but I like her brains in this case!)

    • Alok says:

      She handled both the support of Deepika and the snub of Shabana well. I was shocked when Shabana took HRs side publically- didn’t expect that of her without knowing the facts. Truth is, no one but Jaadu and Kangana know the facts and everyone asked should have said β€œthis has nothing to do with us” and left it at that. KR is strong and is clearly having the last laugh but these B-town folk! So hypocritical! First they want to shun her at MAMI, label her unstable, etc and then ask her to sign as a Bollywood insider. Shameless!

  8. lightsaber says:

    If Anushka Sharma indeed signed the petition, then the top star in the blind, who dithered and delayed to consult with lawyer is Aishwarya Rai perhaps? ARB is known to linger for a long time over decisions like signing movies, endorsements, etc. to consult with lawyers. Because its hard to imagine Kangana is the lawyer Anushka consulted with.

    BTW, I love how Kangana articulated her position regarding her support for DP. She should pursue a career in public speaking (like SRK and Madhavan), But its particularly disingenuous of Shabana to rally around in support of DP after she and Javed Aktar threatened Kangana for speaking up about Hrithik Roshan and the industry. And Shabana Azmi was an unelected representative at the Rajya Sabha from 1997-2003, so given her political inclinations, its hard to shake off the feeling that SA clearly has her own agenda in pursuing this issue.

  9. Pooja says:

    ISIS , taliban …lol ,this article was fun to read admin.

    I do understand kangy has her issues with azmi , but would kangy sign the petition if it was lead by some other women. Kangy looks like she’s connected with people in political circle’s who support her, Don’t you think she didn’t want to rub the right winger’s who support her the wrong way.Can you give your opinion on it admin.

    And what’s up with anu and dp??? was ranveer the only reason for things going bitter between them or was there some other issues???

    • Admin says:

      Well, she does hate Shabana so it was a win-win for her. But she did also publicly state her support for Deepika, so thoughts of offending any political party is out of the window.

      As for Anushka, she was/is insecure of Ranveer when they were together. Deepika did get a better version of him and plus a really good career.

      • Ananya says:

        Being iinsecure of another actress I understand. But why an actor? I recently watched her old interview with Simi ji, and in it she vehemently says there’s no relationship between them. I mean it’s ok if you dated or if you don’t want to talk about it or say just friends tag which everyone uses. But she just vehemently denied. Attraction yes but I know this won’t work so I told my mind not to go there. It’s a believable response if I didn’t know better.

        So you mean to say her only problem with Deepika is Ranveer? But isn’t she already in a steady happy relationship with Virat? And time heals right? Why still the bitterness if it’s just boyfriend thing? And I’ve felt her bitterness more towards Ranveer even when he remains friendly and talks high of her. There’s always a shade when she talks about him. What’s your take on it Admin? What’s her actual problem? Is she still in love or some kind of complex?

  10. Rashmi says:

    Elegantly written, analytical article with a pinch of humor. Recently I was very angry when the media started writing that Kangana refuses to support Deepika. I thought – why only Kangana, for example, not Katrina or Anushka? (who also refused to do this), now I think maybe Kangana herself wanted the media to write about her, then get out with a statement? Is this possible? and yes, I do not think that Kangana is friendly with Anushka, never trusted Anushka, she seems to me petty and hypocritical. / The media write that Anushka signed the petition, this means Kangana advised her to sign?

  11. Nar <3 Kangana says:

    Thanks for the article Admin. I am just as surprise as you to hear Anushka was the one to call up Kangana, lol but it appears as though Anushka did sign the petition after all, no?

    Shabana and Javed werent empathetic to Kangana during the fiasco and she obviously cut them to fish off. I get it that many support him, esply his friend and family but the threats and insults towards her was so uncalled for. SMH!

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