Dissection: Kangana Ranaut revealed what happened between her and Hrithik Roshan

Update: Full Interview of Aap Ki Adalat with Kangana Ranaut posted below.

Kangana Ranaut spoke about a lot of things in this interview, not just about Hrithik Roshan. Since this topic is about the whole Hrithik-Kangana drama, we have only shared the relevant notes. Do watch the full interview below to know more. We have to say that Kangana was confident throughout the interview, she only got emotional and at one point almost broke down in tears when she was explaining how Hrithik leaked the emails and the private stuff she sent him and when she also spoke about how Hrithik mentioned the Asperger’s syndrome. She also mentioned that the cops told her the Roshans asked them to find something to put her behind bars.

She also spoke about how this drama made her ex-boyfriend from a 5-month relationship from 8 years ago come out to tell the world about how she used to do black magic on him. She went to explain all the things Adhyayan Suman accused her of. She did talk about it before on THIS post during the Rangoon promotions.


We have to point out here that the reason a lot of people believed that Kangana was crazy when these mails were leaked was because of the types of roles she played onscreen. This is exactly what made people not think that she might be telling the truth. To be fair then, she herself was not really that clear on what truly happened. She said that Hrithik “hacked” her account and everyone thought that it can’t be true as he doesn’t appear to be smart enough to hack someone’s email. As it turned out, he had her password and used it to gain access to her account. It’s not really hacking, but it’s definitely illegal!



It is the time that we have been waiting for, the time when some light will be shared on the whole Hrithik-Kangana drama. This finally happened on the Aap Ki Adalat show. To summarise this whole thing, we are going to say that Hrithik Roshan tried to put out there that Kangana Ranaut is a psycho and now she did the same on him. Never thought that the tables would turn this way. By the way, before we get started, do you remember the many blind items and news about Shweta Bachchan’s relationship with Hrithik Roshan? Supposedly, they were together but there was not a single picture of them together takenΒ by the media or leaked. Yet, most people believed their affair was real.


Aap Ki Adalat is that show where your creepy/noisy uncle asks you about your life and the things that you did. It’s like questioning in a court-setting-mock-up, like you have to go to courts. AKA has always been interesting to watch because the host is not biased, at least based on the interviews that we have watched. After chasing Kangana Ranaut for a long time, AKA finally got her as a guest on the show. This was definitely worth a watch since her explosive revelations with Rajeev Masand the other day.

On this show, the host asked her about Hrithik Roshan straight-up. That’s when Kangana revealed what happened between her and Hrithik Roshan on the Aap Ki Adalat show; she let out everything. Compared to the Rajeev Masand interview, this interview was done in Hindi so Kangana had easier ways to explain what happened between her and Hrithik. Clearly, she was much more comfortable in telling the host what happened. It’s also so good to hear her talk in Hindi again in an interview.

The reason why we are posting this is because she cleared up a lot of questions that everyone asked when this whole drama unfolded. She made a lot of sense in her answers. For example, Hrithik complained about the 1,439 mails that she allegedly sent him. She asked, “Why would a person wait after 2 years to talk about it? Why didn’t he call her then and there to ask her why she was sending all these mails and if she didn’t have nothing else to do?”
She also mentioned how Hrithik obsessed about whether she told people about their relationship and also if she deleted photos of them together.


Here are the other notes from this interview:
– Hrithik chased her for six months to get her on board for Krrish 3.

Speaking of Krrish 3, you know who was finalized before Kangana? Jacqueline Fernandez. Apparently, Hrithik saw her in Murder 2 and decided to get her for the role because he and his father felt that she suited it. Have you seen Jacqueline in Murder 2? We think you get where we are going with this. Anyways, Jacqui ended up with Sajid Khan, who told her to get out of this film. Rumour has it then that it was because of a kissing scene in the film that Sajid didn’t want her to do it.

– Kangana mentioned how Hrithik told her several private things. She started talking about it by saying that Hrithik told her he can’t leave his wife because of the way things are in his house. She mentioned Hrithik said, “the system of his house is such that he can’t leave his wife”
– Kangana stops short of letting out the other things that Hrithik told her about his marriage. She said that she should not be saying this and she won’t say more about what he told her because that was between him and his wife.
– Kangana said that Hrithik was surprised that his wife left him. After his wife left, he pursued Kangana again. This was while shooting Krrish 3. They were still in touch even while he was going through his brain surgery. He told her after his divorce, he will be able to accept her publicly.

So the whole time Hrithik was promoting Krrish 3, there were rumours about Sussanne leaving him as reporters found out that she was staying at her parents’ house. Hrithik denied everything and claimed that all is fine between them. It was hard to believe, wasn’t it? They have always portrayed themselves to be this in-love couple and it was quite unbelievable that Sussanne was the one who left. Hrithik took it a step further when he was asked about these rumours by Anupama Chopra. He confidently said that it was all lies and went on to tell that traffic signal story when they met for the first time. Check it out below, at the 7:40 mark.

– Kangana said Hrithik went all quiet while he started shooting again in Manali and rumours started going around that Hrithik was having an affair with the actress he was working with on this film.

Guess which film he was working on? ‘Bang Bang’ There was also a blind item about this. About how Ranbir Kapoor briefly broke up with Katrina Kaif because he found out she was cheating on him with Hrithik. Does this have anything to do with what Salman Khan said on Koffee with Karan about Hrithik?

– He changed his mind about Kangana during Valentine’s Day and on the phone with her, he told her he didn’t want to be with her and asked whom she had informed about their affair. She told him she told her mother and her sister about it.

– According to Kangana, when ‘Queen’ released 2 weeks later and was such a huge success, Hrithik came back to her by saying that he made a mistake about their relationship. He told her he was proud of her work. She asked him if he was serious in their relationship and for some reason, Hrithik turned the tables on her by accusing her of changing post the success of Queen.

– They didn’t get back together and soon after, she got notices from Google that someone was accessing her account. She said Hrithik met her at Karan Johar’s party and asked her about the date she went on with another actor. She was surprised how he knew about this, that’s when she realized that he was the one who hacked her account since he had the password to it.

Meaning that Hrithik had her email’s password, but after the supposed break-up, Kangana didn’t think of changing the password. According to Kangana, he was getting his case ready to prove that she was crazy if ever she speaks of their affair.

– Kangana reiterates that they had an affair while he was still married to Sussanne. She broke it off when she realized that he wouldn’t leave his wife. After the separation, he went back to her. Soon after the divorce, he pretended he never promised her anything and went on to pretend she didn’t exist.

True enough, Hrithik never made the point to wish Kangana on any of her achievements or her films. He does this for other films, but not for hers. This was all before anything went public about them.

– When she got the notice from him, he warned that he will expose all her pictures and videos if she didn’t apologise to him. Vishal Bhardwaj asked her to seek help of this issue because her private stuffs was going to be leaked.

– She asked for help from the Women’s Commission. They sympathized with her and said that they will look into this matter. Kangana mentions the name of Gurmeet Chaddha as the leader of this organization in Mumbai. The lady called her up days after from Rakesh Roshan’s office and told her to drop the matter since Rakesh is an old friend of hers.

– She got emotional when she spoke about how he copied and pasted the love letters she wrote to him in the thousands of mails he fabricated to send to himself from her account.

Hrithik eventually did go on to call journalists to his house and show them the emails that she supposedly sent him, he also showed them the alleged videos and pictures she sent him. Some of the media people didn’t appreciate him doing so, which is why you can see them supporting Kangana on social media.

– She laughs at how Hrithik hired the best criminal lawyer in India to help him fight this case against her.

– She said how Hrithik should have not mentioned Asperger’s Syndrome simply like that because it’s a serious issue that affects lots of people.

– She also mentioned that he is using his father’s money while she is using her own money to fight this issue.

Kangana has never hidden the fact that Shabana Azmi and Javed Akhtar asked her to their home and dissuaded her from β€œgoing after Hrithik” when she first alleged that he was lying about having had no relationship with her. Kangana had also said she expected more from the senior couple, but felt they were clearly in Hrithik’s corner. – Rajeev Masand


People are commenting everywhere at how Hrithik makes his own money and doesn’t need his dad’s money. Truth to be told, this is maybe why he’s charging such a huge fee for his films. It’s also why he started endorsing those silly products, including a washing powder! So, are the rumours of him having to give 400 crore in alimony money true? Why does he suddenly need so much money? We can’t also help but mention how he and his dad both use the epic Roshan calculator to show off the profits that their films make to the media.

Check out the full interview below. Like we said yesterday, if Hrithik wants this to go away, he should tell of his version. His fans are applauding how he’s staying quiet throughout all of this, but this is not it. There’s something else that’s making him stay quiet.



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14 Responses

  1. kats says:

    I recently watched Kanganas interview on Aap ki Adalat…I really felt bad for her…it was so mean of HR to reveal her love letters..actually what kind of a grown man does that? He should have settled the matter amicably instead. I have no respect for men like that.

  2. OSOP silent reader says:

    My take on the issue: Either HR-KR really did have an affair and kangs was serious but Hrithik considered it as a fling then moved on to Katrina (i believe Kangana 100 % in this as Salman himself hinted). In this case, the biggest fool out of the triangle HR-KR and Sussanne is Sussanne who is defending her ex hubby with full force; unless she did this on purpose maybe to protect her sons from being trolled despite being aware of the truth (if there is any truth to what Kangana claims) or she is trying to impress Hrithik so he takes her back or she and Hrithik support each other coz both are equally guilty and if she opens her mouth against him he’ll expose her (drugs+the Arjun angle) so she had no choice but to support him. Or she just wants to make news. Sussanne comes across as a super cunning woman hidden behind a super sweet mask and she is capable of doing anything to achieve to her goals so don’t be surprised if this oh so sweet gesture was in fact a well calculated step. There is another possibility: that both HR and KR are victims to an imposter and this imposter could and i say COULD be Sussanne herself or someone paid by her (and it could be someone else, though) coz her sudden closeness to HR on the heels of the legal battle and her “unconditional support” to him is so suspicious. I think she is the director of this scene, maybe she smelled an impending divorce maybe, knowing Kangs obsession with Hrithik, she was the one who gave Kangs (who was working with HR) his fake email and Kangana was confident that it’s his real one as it came from a reliable source (i don’t state a fact, this is just a hypothesis) and she can be the person behind that Aashiqui 3 rumors (which sparked the battle) putting in mind that KR, being the loud mouth she is, will react publicly then Sussanne took a back seat watching them trowing stones at each other and here when she came to ” save” Hrithik and become a wonder woman in the eyes of his fans who were insulting her in the near past. If this is what really happened, Suz did this to win her husband back and make him realize her importance in his life and that he is nothing without her (BTW, Sussanne has a very powerful PR) or to keep her affair with Arjun under the radar as everybody is busy with HR-KR and the speculations about Hrithik and Sussanne’s patch up. I am neither HR nor KR fan i’m just a neutral observer.

    • Nar <3 Kangana says:

      OMG! This is so twisted but I cannot lie, I thought the same thing.

      I am sure Kangana and Hrithik shared a relationship (just sex and sweet nothings in her ears) she was in love and he wasnt (even though I could see a man like HR confiding in a woman like Kangana; (because she appears to have a clean soul and not judgmental)). Things did not materialize, they had a spat or two and they moved on. He moved on to doormate Kat and she to whatever the wind blows (she is just the ultimate sex & the city girl).

      We have no information or emails from the impostor or “hrithik@email.com” domain, so we dont know what type of information was shared between Kangana and this email address. From what she has been saying, they communicated via mail a few times, when she was in New York for her script writing course & paragraphs from those “love letters” were cut and paste within the barrage of 1000+ mails released by Roshan Team.

      I dont believe Kangana wrote those emails, for someone who speaks so clearly and writes so well (her last open letter was wonderfully written) couldn’t possibly write such utter garbage (especially not during TWMR shooting, how? with all the work she put into that movie?)

      Now I think, Hrithik couldve hired an agency to send himself a barrage of emails (they read like fan mails tbh) besides I suspect his PR team writes against Kangana (long suspected he paid for negative trends against her when the story broke), he has KRK tweeting against her now and a team on PV. Why do I suspect it is his PR? because all the comments say the same thing, yeah even KRK’s new tweets. So, the idea that he emailed himself isnt so far fetched. But if not…..

      …. here comes the juice, Susanne (the cunning hiding behind the sweet face) created the most vile plan and viciously attached Hrithik with obscene and stalkerish emails, he got scared (his public image of his extra marital affair with “motor-mouth-no-longer-flop: Kangana” & the content in those emails are frankly worrying) and got a legal team to deal with the matter. Why do i suspect Susanne? Because she is the only one winning in all of this, Kangana gained some love and some hate, Hrithik is gutless and in total shambles, Rakesh Roshan no longer controls the strings but Susanne? She won back her family and how? she has Hrithik by the balls.

    • Tina says:

      To be honest, I feel that Katrina might have also two-timed Ranbir with Salman. Google “Salman can’t keep his hands off Katrina” and “Madhuri” and see the pictures. It was from when Kat was in a relationship with Ranbir. The way Salman is caressing her off camera-he would never do that to a woman who is taken by another man.

      It’s funny though how Madhuri and Karan Johar studiously ignore what is going on right under their noses.

    • Epepss says:

      I knew Susanne throughout school, and then again after she came back from the US. I can honestly say she was an honest, sweet, sunny, shy, lovely girl. Not at all wild and spoilt like Zayed. She was genuinely devastated about Kareena-Hr’s affair, but decided to marry him him anyway because she was very much in love, and thought it was one “mistake”. Later, when she realized that he would keep having affairs, she was heartbroken all over again. She worked hard, tried her best to keep herself fulfilled and busy with her kids. But Hr along with his affairs also emotionally became distant. Her and Hr’s parents, though loving, thought she should just turn a blind eye because Bollywood boys will be boys, etc. there was s lot of pressure on her to “improve”, give him what he wants, etc. That’s why she eventually got sucked into the Bollywood wives drugs culture. I’m actually glad that she left before her health and happiness were destroyed completely. Of course, no one is a saint, but whatever her flaws, she’s never been manipulative or vicious. I’m not her PR or anything, or even an intimately close friend – but I have known her well for decades in all stages of life, and that’s where my comment is coming from. I hope it’s taken in that spirit!

      • Nars <3 Kangana says:

        We has crazy bollywood fans just coming up with stories. It is pretty obvious there was some 3rd party involved in this mess….damn even a 2nd or 3rd personality. I dont know if Sussane is taking Hrithik back or what the hell is going on with those two. She appears to be a doormat now, how she is trying to save his image. I do get that he is the father of her children and all. Hrithik isnt a nice guy, he should own up to it and that may help his career. Good boy gone bad or something.

  3. Deepak says:

    Hey admin, I am still awaiting an answer to my previous question on another post….Please say something if you know about it.. slightly off-topic.. Mid-day reported KJo has invested in 2 film entertainment sites provides inside info and gossip to them…any idea which sites are they? I guess one is Pinkvilla, just because there’s been a flood about Alia posts on that one…but not sure….Kindly respond if you have an inkling…

    • Admin says:

      Aiie, so sorry about that…We honestly forgot about it since the ultimate drama erupted again. πŸ™‚ But here’s what we have come to know. KJo has not invested in any websites so far, but he’s very good friends with lots of journalists and helps to provide them his gossips. We are saying “his gossips” because we all know how he likes to promote his onscreen kids through made-up stories and blind items. There’s nothing surprising about this. Most likely, he got a package deal where they posts his publicity related stuffs and he gives them inside-gossip.

  4. Aisha_K says:

    Admin, can you please share the link to the blind item on HR-Katrina affair? And what did Salman said on Koffee with Karan? Sorry I was missing out here.

    • Admin says:

      Oh, that was a long time ago. It was in either January or February right before RanKat moved in together and it was in the same year that they broke up. Salman, in the rapid fire round when he was asked about Hrithik right after the RanKat question, he said, “You stay out it”.

      You try searching based on the timeline and if we find it first, we will post a link here.

    • OSOP silent reader says:

      Iit’s true. The affair started when they were shooting for ZNMD which happened in 2010 and since then they were sharing an on-off relationship. there was a blind about HR sleeping with an actress and that Sussanne was depressed and confided to a friend that she doesn’t give him enough ***. Everybody thought that the actress is Barbara while she was Katrina. They took a break from each other and maybe they were secretly dating all that while from 2010 to 2013 when they started Bang Bang . At this time, Sussanne moved on to Arjun and divorced Hrithik as she got fed up. In fact, Hrithik was (and maybe still is) the man in Katrina’s life and not Ranbir. Ranbir was a cover up (read Massand BI) .Everybody knows that Ayan Mukherjee is Ranbir’s true love so it was a big deal to both: Kat was saved from being labelled as a “home wrecker” and Ranbir could maintain a certain image and both used each other by mutual consent . Rankat is the lie of the century, When HR and Sussanne got separated, Kat wanted to end that rankat thing so she spread those breakup news at the beginning of 2014 but HR, being an image conscious, didn’t reciprocate so she got back to the rankat game and when they got exposed, she started that live-in thing which never happened. They might pair up again in that Anand Kumar biopic and we’ll hear those link up rumours. I bet, Hrithik-Katrina will marry each other soon and mark my words. He is not considering reconciliation with Sussanne as his fans think though she is desperate as Arjun dumped her and got back to his wife, and Hrithik is desperate for his image so he smartly absorbs her excitement and makes her believe that he is thinking about a patch up while he uses her to make people think that he never cheated on her as she is ok with him and defending him and that he was a great husband to the extent that his ex wife who left him is still crazy about him . He is not a fool to marry an already married Shweta, So Katrina is the remaining choice. He will win his image back as Kat is a bigger doormat that Sussanne and all that she wants is a safe future and he can provide this to her.

      • Rebelibran says:

        Wow!! I really loved reading your logical decoding of the entire issue!! And I totally agree about Susanne! Even I think she’s defending HR for some personal gains.. He’s vain, she’s an addict.. Totally made for each other.. Otherwise why would any wife publicly defend her ex husband when she knew how much he cheated on her during the entire duration of their marriage??l

  5. Tina says:

    ….and she rises like a Phoenix! I agree with everything the judge here said about her and Bollywood, and as a corollary to what Rajat Sharma said (Agar sach bolna Bhagavath hai, tho hum bhi Baaghi hain) I would say “Agar Ladki ka Nirbhay hoke jeena Kaala Jaadu hai, tho hum bhi Daayan hai”

    BTW I also agree with what she said about the National Women’s Commission. It’s high time someone did an expose on them.

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