Dissection: Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about the Hrithik Roshan drama

Since last year, the drama of Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut has been going on. We have had a lot of he said and she said thing, but the “he said” part was more said through a third person. It was literally the most confusing drama that could have happened between two celebrities.

As we have reported before this, Kangana has started her promotions for ‘Simran’, her upcoming film. Naturally, the media asked her about many of the issues that she faced, including the Hrithik-Kangana drama. For some reason, Hrithik was not asked about happened between them by the media. Most likely because he must have told them that he’s not allowed to talk about the case.

We have to admit that we did get slightly annoyed when headlines about the statements that Kangana made about Hrithik came out. Like everyone else, we thought she was randomly mentioning Hrithik’s name for no reason. But this time, she was asked about it. In fact, she spoke about a lot of issues in this interview by Rajeev Masand.

Rajeev interviewed her for more than 40 minutes and not once in this interview did we get bored or eye-rolled. Our jaws dropped when she went about describing what happened between her and Hrithik. It was just astounding as to how much she was willing to let out just to allow her truth to be out.

We are saying “her truth” because we still haven’t heard from Hrithik. We have realised that there are two sides to the Kangana-Hrithik drama. On one side, there’s the Hrithik Roshan fan club and on the other is the Kangana Ranaut fan club. If you notice on PinkVilla, there are more of Hrithik’s supporters there while on the video of this interview, 98% of the YouTube commenters are on Kangana’s side. Even right here on OSOP, there have been fans of Hrithik commenting on Kangana or Hrithik’s topics. Since we allow everyone to share their views, we allowed their views to be shared as well. Only later we noticed that different comments under different email ids were coming in from the same IP address. That’s a huge sign of bots and like we said in the comments policy, it’s not fair and it’s not the right way to comment.

Like many of you, we have been following this case from the beginning and there are times when Kangana’s side of the story made no sense. This interview is like a revelation, from her side obviously. She managed to explain a lot of things that were said in the media about this whole thing and specifically about her. Even Rajeev Masand kept quiet and listened to her explanation, which is quite rare since he’s always in a hurry to ask the next question. We remember a blind item he wrote in which he said that when the truth will come out, people will be shocked. In this interview, Kangana told him about Hrithik was doing the last 2 years in a way that it sounded like Rajeev was aware of it. As in, Rajeev is on her side and not on Hrithik’s side.


Since it’s a really long interview, we went through it many times to get the notes right. First, let us share the big revelations and tidbits that mattered more to this case. These are all what Kangana said in this interview, these are her words not ours.

Kangana said that Hrithik was scared that she was going to tell the world about their affair.

Hrithik accessed Kangana’s emails without her permission and she found out when Google sent her a notification that someone else was accessing her account.

Hrithik’s father, Rakesh Roshan, was aware of the whole thing.

Kangana closed that Gmail account back then. It’s the same account that was shown in the proofs Hrithik provided to the media.

Hrithik complained to CyberCrime 2 years after these emails were sent.

CyberCrime found no proof of an existing imposter.

Contrary to popular reports, Kangana did hand over her laptop and phone to the police.

The media knew about it, but chose not to report it.

Hrithik’s PR planted stories about her in the paper, including the ones about the Paris engagement and her refusing to give her laptop to the cops.

He wanted to make people think she’s crazy.

Kangana is not doing this for her film’s promotions.

She has always been ready to talk about her other issues as well.

She has been wanting to sit down with Hrithik and talk to him, but he runs away


Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about the Hrithik-Kangana drama


Alright, based on what we are understanding, it seems that Hrithik already collected his evidence against her because he was scared she was going to come out and accuse him. Kangana said that she moved on and suddenly, she got the defamation letter from him, which asked her to apologise to him publically. She was not wrong, so she didn’t want to apologise. To her, this was all normal as she thought everyone knew they had an affair. Little did she know that he had a whole scam planned in which he was going to pretend he didn’t know her.

In this interview, the minute she starts to tell what truly happened, she turned and looked directly into the camera. Clearly, she’s upset and is not afraid to show it. In her own way, she’s talking to everyone who questioned her. She said that if she was not afraid to talk about what Aditya Pancholi did to her when she was a minor, she’s not afraid to speak about what Hrithik did her now. Just ask her about it and she’s ready to explain.

Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about the Hrithik-Kangana drama


Here are the notes from this interview in dissection:

Rajeev asked her about what happened between her and Hrithik and if the case died down. Kangana gets started:

– The case didn’t die down, as reported by the media. There was no imposter.

– His father, Rakesh Roshan, said that if Hrithik exposed the truth, people will be shocked. That didn’t happen.

Kangana Ranaut openly speaking about the Hrithik-Kangana drama

– The Roshans can’t go around maligning her the way they did.
– She starts by talking about being slapped by Hrithik with a defamation case in which he said that she damaged his reputation because of the whole “silly ex” talk.
– Since HR couldn’t prove that he was the silly ex and he couldn’t also prove that the damages she caused to his reputation, he took the other route.
– HR said that Kangana did have an affair, but not with him, it was with someone else.
– He started leaking mails from 2 years ago. Kangana said that HR was the one who wrote these emails from her account sent to his account.
– He has been preparing and building this case for over 2 years to prove that she’s mad and obsessed with him.
– HR has made this thing go round and round.
– Why is the media not questioning him but questioning her?
– Kangana said that if she was really harassing HR, why did he wait 2 years before complaining about these emails?

Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about the Hrithik-Kangana drama

– (Gets a little emotional here and looks directly in the camera) HR and his father made a fool of themselves and they should apologise to her in public.
– Even if they don’t, she is still going to clarify whenever she is asked about this issue.

Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about the Hrithik-Kangana drama

– Rajeev asked her if she was always this confident about this issue. Kangana said she was not because she had no idea what Hrithik had planned. She talks about the many emails again and how he wrote all these emails to himself from her account, which HR had access to.
– She knew that he hacked her email account and she complained to his dad about it.
– She mentioned how this happened back then in 2015 when they were working in Krrish 3.
– His father said he will help but couldn’t do anything.
– So Kangana ended up shutting the account and got over it.

Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about the Hrithik-Kangana drama

– She said that Hrithik must have thought that she was going to open her mouth and tell everyone about their relationship. That thought was killing him and this is why he planted all of mails.
– Kangana admits that 4 or 5 letters were written by her when she was in New York to him. He also made used of these letters.
– Hrithik wanted the cops to take his laptop and take her laptop from her to study further.
– He planted stories on how she refused to provide the cops with her gadgets as evidence.
– She said how can she refuse the cops when they asked her?
– Hrithik bought a lot of stories and invested in so much dirty PR just to malign her.
– When the cyber report came out, which said that there was no imposter, she thought that people understood the truth.

Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about the Hrithik-Kangana drama

– She said throughout the whole thing, she used to feel threaten. Threat calls were received at her house. Industry people told her that the Roshans have a lot of power and can put her in jail. The media told her she was not safe and should not stay here.
– She use the recent Malayalam case to further prove her point on how powerful actors can be dangerous.
– She said she was definitely scared, but at the beginning when this whole thing started, she had no idea that this was going to be such a huge scam. It’s why she also refused to apologise to him because she had no idea what was going on.
– He prepped for 2 years to put her behind bars just because she had an affair with him.
– She said she had no idea how many lies he was going to expose about her.
– It’s why she waited to see what it was and for it all to cool down.

Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about the Hrithik-Kangana drama

– She does not agree with what became of this case, as in when people say that “it died down”.
– She said you can abuse her all you want, she doesn’t care. She will not settle for what people are saying about this case.
– Rajeev asks what happens when she bumps into Hrithik at parties, she said that he runs away when he sees her.
– She broke up with him in 2014, after which he harassed and stalked her for a year.
– She complained to his father about all this and Rakesh said that he will arrange a meeting for both of them so that they can sit down and discuss this issue.
– The meeting never happened.
– She wants Rajeev to ask Hrithik some questions. Why he said he doesn’t know her? Why he said she’s the one with mental problems. And why he’s not talking about this issue?
– She said she’s exposing these things so that girls are not taken advantage of.
– She said if the men cared so much about their family life and their image, why are they having affairs?

Rajeev said that he tried contacting the Roshans to get their side of the story, but no one got back to him despite repeated attempts to reach them.



It took us a while to pick up our jaws from the ground to laugh at what she said when Rajeev asked her what happens if she bumps into Hrithik at parties. Hrithik turns into Krrish and flies away upon seeing her! That’s hilarious, just imagining it is funny.

Her point about married men having affairs is so right! Seriously though, whatever the truth is, it’s extremely courageous of Kangana to come out and speak about all of this. We don’t know whether there’s someone powerful backing her or she’s on her own, but all this is quite something.

Kangana Ranaut openly spoke about the Hrithik-Kangana drama

We have to ask, since there’s no proof of Hrithik meeting her to sort this out before all this drama happened, couldn’t he have sorted this quietly, instead? Why did he get so worked up because no one then was taking Kangana seriously? He has worked with her twice, he could have easily picked up the phone or meet her in private to discuss their issues, if there really was nothing on between them. Even for the ad girl, who said Hrithik is encouraging her and all that, he went on Twitter to clarify quickly. The girl has to apologised to him, but how did all that she said happened took place if she doesn’t know him. The media made all that up and she just went ahead with it or she made it up. If you read her story, you will see it’s not a simple story she supposedly made-up.

Whatever Kangana has said from the beginning about this case is the same thing that she said in this interview. The difference is, she just elaborated more about it so that it made sense. At this point, it’s better for Hrithik to come out with his side of the story because Kangana is not backing down anytime soon!

Now, we are wondering if those stories about Sussanne Khan dating Arjun Rampal or getting married to him were planted too. Remember when they got divorced? There was news that it was because of Sussanne’s closeness to Arjun. Before that, Hrithik’s indirectly blaming Sussanne for ending their marriage in his statement. This is just the beginning, we are sure there are more to come.


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7 Responses

  1. Anu says:

    Can you also tell us something about Shweta bachhan and Hrithik. Apparantely they have a lovenest in London .This I heard from some industry insiders .The Hrithik Kangana affair news is also 100 percent true .

  2. lailayaila says:

    If hrithik was innocent, he wouldve never responded with to a legal notice no less(!) to kanganas silly ex comment! she didnt name him! People asking for proof, think about that

  3. Deepa says:

    Ok Im not anyones fan but i but say this there is no way they had an affair/fling for 2 years and not have a pic or something of a proof to show for it. Its just too much for me to believe…I don’t think the Roshans are saints but Kangana just seems to be baiting them to react.

    • aish says:

      I thought the same thing. Secret affairs are usually intense. I can’t believe that she can’t show a pic or video of them in an intimate fashion. If her email was hacked can’t the police look at the IP address?

    • bucketbot says:

      Same here. But it’s also possible that HR, who is so image conscious, would not let her or anyone take pics so as to keep the affair under wraps. It’s not hard to believe that of the same guy who, Kangna alleges, would hack into her mail to send ridiculous emails to himself only to have sufficient evidence to prove she is crazy and in love with him when she does talk about their affair in the public. I mean, that’s a lot of work to protect your image. I’m just waiting for the Roshans to say something.

      Also about the email hacking, I was also thinking that details of IP address, which Google most likely would have captured, can be used to identify the hacker.

  4. Deepak says:

    HR is one chut!y@… he comes across as one even in the commercials.. just saw his deo/perfume/whatever ad…..he just can never be authentic…..good KR got away from him…..I don’t even find him good looking tbh.. give me an Abhay Deol / Aditya Roy Kapoor/ Arunoday Singh anyday over that HR barbie dhol……

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