Kangana blasted critics by privately messaging them

The below piece is from Telegraph India by Bharathi S. Pradhan. Any of you, who have seen the India Today Conclave 2019, please shed some light on this.

According to Bharathi:

Guess who Kangana Ranaut is currently gunning for? A bunch of top-level critics with great integrity. After spewing venom on her film industry colleagues — that ranged from a stunned what-hit-me Alia Bhatt to seasoned targets like Karan Johar, Hrithik Roshan, director Krish, writer Apurva Asrani and tonnes of others — when it looked like Kangana had run out of people to bash, she turned to the critics. She also went on TV and imitated a senior journalist for sending out a piece of advice to her.

Who was it Kangana blasted on live television?

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So, according to Bharthi.

Kangana personally messaged prominent journalists to blast them for their review of ‘Manikarnika’. Even journalists, who have given her good reviews.

Now, leading critics, who are willing to take on any name however big, in their reviews and write-ups, generally avoid making public any personal brushes they may have with a celebrity. So you’re not going to read about this anywhere else.

But why journos who’ve neither had a real or imaginary romantic liaison, a la Hrithik, with Kangana nor clashed with her over the creative work put into a film?

Unbelievably, the actress has been breathing fire over their perceived prejudice against her film Manikarnika. The part most find quite cuckoo is that some of the critics who got a hate message from her on their phones had actually given a positive review to Manikarnika. But Kangana was not appeased.

Her grouse has mainly revolved around the media not elevating and applauding her as the first female director of India’s first big-scale feminist film (Kangana’s description of Manikarnika). Blending feminism with her favourite word “nepotism”, she has charged the media with not putting her on a pedestal because she doesn’t have famous family connections here.

Is this why her sister got mad at Mini Mathur and tweeted this:

Kangana blasted critics by privately messaging them

More about Bharathi’s collumn:

She has another grievance. Even those who gave her film a thumbs up, made the accurate observation that there was too much of Kangana in it and that the narration required emphasis on a few more characters.

But it was precisely to cut out others and spotlight only herself that Kangana had fought, like the fiery Jhansi Ki Rani herself, with the director and co-stars such as Sonu Sood. So any mention of the lopsidedness that her fight resulted in, drew her instant ire.

But Kangana is fortunate. The media by and large likes her for being good at her craft and for achieving what she has on her own steam. Seasoned critics won’t get their claws into an actor because of a hate message and one is sure their reviews of her future work will not reflect any prejudice against her.

But it does make one wonder why she seeks relevance by hitting out at the whole world. One can understand, even empathise with, the fight she has had to reach where she has.

But why it has turned her into a singularly humourless figure eternally playing the victim card would make an interesting case study for those who put psyche under the microscope. – Telegraph India (Bharathi S. Pradhan)

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Damn, Kangu….Relax a bit…

At this point, she is burning all bridges.

The critics love her, though.

The prominent ones.

So why bother?

She should stop caring about what others think.

Just do your work and let the box office be your judge!

Also, her sister should also stop attacking people on Twitter.

It’s not a good look.

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Like many other people think, sometimes it does seem like Kangu herself is out there blasting people on social media.

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Also at the India Today Conclave, Kangana said this:

Kangana blasted critics by privately messaging them

Kangana blasted critics by privately messaging them

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20 Responses

  1. Anon says:

    Off topic but Salman to romance Alia in SLB’s next. ICKY ICK ICK

  2. Universal says:

    Am I the only one sensing some sort of an irony here?
    “Now, leading critics, who are willing to take on any name however big, in their reviews and write-ups, generally avoid making public any personal brushes they may have with a celebrity. So you’re not going to read about this anywhere else.”

  3. Shefu says:

    I have been saying it for years that she is the reason for her own downfall. She has just lost it. She perceives that she is a feminist but she is not when I see her blasting other women. She perceives she is great but she is not. Problem is she thinks the world should follow her. At times, silence is so powerful and better. I do not understand how anyone who cares for her actually encourages such a behavior

  4. Tina says:

    I lost all respect for Bharati Pradhan when she wrote her last article supporting Woody Allen and Alok Nath, saying they’re both facing flak over unproven allegations. Of course, the ethical journalist that she is, she forgot to mention that Alok Nath has been called out by almost 5 women, has similar patterns of abuse, and that Indian Legal system has a habit of losing evidence, forgetting to call or find witnesses, and prolonging horrifying cases of sexual abuse, rape, and brutal murders for 20+ years. She also forgot to mention that Woody Allen married his own daughter (I consider biological, adopted, fostered and step children, as ones own children, and it’s upto the adult to respect that relationship) which gives credence to pedophilia accusations against him. But I guess Bharati doesn’t care about the victims, or setting the right context to her narratives. She just likes to insinuate against them and support such sexual predators. Wonder how much and in what way does she get paid…this creep.

    • nousername says:

      Tina hit the nail on the head. Bharathi S Pradhan cares zilch for any issue except her benefactors – the Roshans- like Subhash K Jha used to suck up to the Bachchans until they kicked him out. And Bharathi Pradhan went so far as to call Sonam Kapoor “the unsung Woman of the Year” after she made a u-turn on her stance about sexual harassment and decided to support Raju Hirani.
      No reputed news outlets employ Pradhan anymore. And in West Bengal, the Telegraph is well known for it’s anti-BJP bias.

      There is absolutely no one else in the industry at this point with this much negative press. You might start seeing the obvious pattern now. Karan Johar and the media are literally bullying Kangana Ranaut with a constant stream of negative news reports or blind items. And of course KJo has even made sure to delete those old episodes and clips of KWK from YouTube where Kangana talked about nepotism. Made them shit bricks huh? Now more than ever I hope Kangana makes that biopic and bursts their bubble. But there is also a side of me that longs to see her in more movies. Bollywood has become so dull with Alia Bhatt and lackluster nepo kids everywhere and fake-ass PR. Sigh!

    • Papaess says:

      I completely agree with your assessment of Bharathi Pradhan, and like you think all children are our children regardless of their origins. But just a different perspective – Soon Yi Previn wasn’t woody Allen’s daughter, adoptive or foster. She is Mia and Andre Previn’s daughter, and Allen hardly had anything to do with her when he went over to Mia’s. He and Mia never married, never lived together and he famously didn’t even like to stay overnight. So he wasn’t even a father-figure in any sense. Yes, dating your ex-girlfriend’s daughter is extremely distasteful, but Soon Yi herself has said she was definitely of legal age when their relationship started. So I find Woody Allen off-putting, but it’s not the same as sexually abusing or pedophilia. There were two major, independent and detailed investigations on him after Mia’s allegations. And most importantly unlike the Weinsteins, Cosbys, Singers and Alok Naths, no other people have come forward in all these years.
      I highly recommend that people read another of Mia’s children, Moses Farrow’s account of how abusive Mia actually was, and where he actually factually refutes Dylan’s memory of what happened and where. Soon Yi has also spoken about Mia’s harsh and unhinged behaviour long before she took up with Woody. Mia had every right to be furious with Allen. But Moses’ blog made me rethink many of my previous thoughts. Like him, I think poor Dylan has been brainwashed relentlessly since the age of 7, and is Mia’s victim in this whole sordid saga. And no I’m not anyone’s PR, I want all creeps and abusers to pay but I also want facts to prevail.

      • kala says:

        @papaess….woody Allen has a fixation with school kids dating men over the hill…ever e one who has seen his movies would know this…Muriel hemmingway was not of legal age when he romances her in his movies married to have sex with her in real life…she refused…she has come out with this…Mia Farrow is not the accused here …woody Allen is….Moses benefits from woody Allen monetarily… hence his support…he was not in the attic when Dylan was abused….he has no claim to truth here…..he can talk about Farrow but he has no right to refute Dylan’s claims….that’s just plain evil….woody Allen was found in Dylan’s bed multiple times half naked…he had a fixation with her…nanny found him with his face in her naked crotch…he was undergoing therapy for his fixation with her ..the court did not aquit him..the judge on the contrary told that he believes Dylan but was not going to go ahead with the trial to avoid further bcausing her more trauma. …..woody Allen also had naked pics of underage sui ki in vulgar poses….time to get Ur facts right… Don’t support abusers by mouthing their propaganda…every thing u wrote is what Allen n his lawyers have been shouting about to drown Dylan’s voice….
        Moses is a traitor and a sell out as far as his sister is concerned..

      • Aura says:

        @Papaess What “facts” are you talking about? What type of evidences/facts do you expect from 6-7 yr old’s sexual abuse claims? And why would you automatically believe one party’s “brainwash” theory in favor of the other?? Of course the Allen-Soonyi camp will claim that Mia is a monster. But the same brainwashing can apply to Soon-Yi by Woody. They started their affair allegedly when Soon-Yi was a young teenager. Woody, being a world-famous personality, could make her an easy target (famous predators have that upper hand). She can be easily just as much brainwashed. And now that they are married, ofcourse she will defend her relationship with claws drawn. Also – you cannot decide whether or not he was a father figure to Soon-Yi by defining relationships or how many nights he spent with the family. That is SOOO silly!
        It is equally possible that Soon-Yi has been brainwashed all her life into thinking that this is pure love from his side. Sexually abused children usually are made to believe that it is pure love. Soon-Yi’s claims are nothing surprising.
        But facts remain that Allen was/is an amoral/unethical person – who had no respect or self control for relationship boundaries and was definitely into underage teens.
        (Here’s allegations from another similarly starstruck teen):

        You must look at probable causes and history. The abuse allegations against Michael Jackson cannot be proven either, but facts indicate that MJ led an extremely unusual life surrounded by kids of a certain age, that included sleepovers. He may be a pedophile, but it is also possible that he is innocent and those kids and their parents are after his money. You have to be personally biased to favor the story of one party over the other. The same goes for Woody Allen.

    • Tina says:

      I thought the Child Sexual Grooming cases in Nottingham, England and the new Neverland documentary about MJ were self-explanatory about the extreme mental/emotional dependency sexual grooming creates in children well into their adult life, and how it can break them apart if they are threatened in any way by the perps. Its why so many people who end up in cults at a young age can’t break out of it. Breaks my heart for these children including Soon yi Previn. There’s got to be a special circle of hell for perpetrators of these crimes and their supporters.

    • Tina says:

      Papaess..the followiing is Allen’s direct quote. Its pretty much the definition of child grooming. He gave her “decision-making” as a gift, not as a right, because she “deferred” to their “paternal” relationship dynamic. How is this not creepy?

      ““I’m 35 years older, and somehow, through no fault of mine or hers, the dynamic worked,” the 79-year-old director told NPR in an interview published Wednesday. “I was paternal. She responded to someone who was paternal.”

      “She deferred to me, and I was happy to give her an enormous amount of decision-making just as a gift and let her take charge of so many things,” he continued. “She flourished. It was just a good luck thing.””

  5. kala says:

    I think all these negative articles are in the first place again to target Kangana . …Bharathi even doubted her relationship with Hrithik n exposed her prejudice against Kangana….this is again another journo kissing bollywood s big ass…she can be extreme in some of her nationalism…but that doesn’t.make her a right wing future political aspirant or a bigot…Kangana just have to exist for these people to write negative articles…n both Sonu Sood n Krish got struck do n by karma quite quickly…

  6. LondonThumakda says:

    Admin, full marks for the Yoda gif! 🙂

  7. Nars says:

    it’s pretty clear she is a having a really rough time. Was the movie good? Yes it was but it wasn’t perfect. Some scenes seemed rush and the editing in second half could be better. Jalkari’s character should’ve been given a bit more depth. But the biggest truth is that Krish messed up the film and instead of Kangana getting applauded for her efforts of fixing someone’s bad work she got criticized.

    I am not saying Krish is a bad director, its pretty clear he got a good team together, the sets were beautiful, the theme of her being “superhero” like was a nice touch but his films lack soul and emotion. Actors like Atul couldn’t even emote. His close up made me cringe. Krish was criticized for lack of emotional depth in his NTR series…actually all his movies have been criticized for that very reason. So it’s a blessing she took over when he refused to make necessary changes after his first edit.

    So i get she why she is very angry about taking all the blame. I hope this meditation thing help her relax and focus (I doubt it will, since she’s gone “right wing” after joining Sadhguru ashram). I do hope she finds a way to let go and move forward in this mess of a situation.

    Also, for sure some of those critics are pro left wing supporters and the new narrative is anyone with right wing or conservation political views is a “racist, bigot, bakht, islamaphobic, hindu devta, cow loving moron” and thats so far from the truth. Manikarnika was a nice historical with a flare of patriotism but it wasn’t “deshbakht, modi propaganda” and critics did go down that road while they hailed a “pro left” Gully Boy as if it was a cinematic masterpiece with zero left wing propaganda. So, what’s with that madness?

  8. Sheena says:

    Bharathi Pradhan’s below-the-belt comments (imaginary lover, cuckoo, etc) are unsavory and in bad form. No matter if Kangy ‘blasted’ critics or not. Sorry not done. Whatever happened to sisterhood? SMH

  9. Venus says:

    Ya getting really tired of her drama.Not a fan of Alia etc,but she’s literally egging everyone on to get into a fight with her, unfortunately no one pays heed anymore cause they know her tricks .She is definitely talented ,but not extraordinary.She needs to work on her dialogue delivery and diction because she can call herself Bharat Mata,lol

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