Just like Michael Jackson’s kids,

Karan Johar’s kids are also white!

Karan Johar's kids are also white

They do look like they are foreign-born, don’t they? Do you think they are white-white or Indian-white? They look white-white to us.

Anyways, they are both so adorable just like all babies are. Hopefully, Karan is busy playing parent, not other things. He seems to have a lot of time for a father of twins. Obviously, he has nannies but still.


By the way, we have used the Michael Jackson’s kids reference because when everyone saw what his kids looked like, their reaction was the same, “They are white.”

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5 Responses

  1. rekha says:

    Yeah, they look white. What’s up with that?

    • Epepss says:

      KJo probably chose to utilize a white egg donor, just like SRK and Gauri did with AbRam. All the big, reputable IVF clinics in India have contracts with high quality egg and sperm banks overseas. Indians who can afford them prefer to do so, mainly because the donation standards there are so stringent, and the donors are in excellent health. I suppose some of these Indians are hoping for a “gora” baby- but there’s no guarantee the baby will be fair, after all, even with a white donor. Genes can be expressed in diverse ways and I know so many “mixed” kids who have taken after only one parent and are very dark or very fair!

  2. Jyoti says:

    @do you think Manish Malhotra is also involved in his parenting ?

    • Admin says:

      Even KJo doesn’t seem that involved in parenting, so why would MM be involved? We’re just saying if a new dad of twins has time to find and buy different types of sunglasses just to show it off on Instagram, he ain’t doing no parenting!

      • Epepss says:

        Yeah these celebrity parents who go on about managing with good time management crack me up. They have day nannies, night nannies, cleaners, cooks, drivers, and sundry other domestic help. So the parents only do the “fun” part of parenting, which involves playing with the babies for a little bit every day. They don’t experience all the hard stuff people do (and overseas, especially, where domestic help is very expensive) – like being extremely sleep deprived and having to drag yourself to work, or being alone with a baby at home all day with no help, or meeting an insane work deadline while one of you cooks dinner and the other feeds the toddler and tries to fold piles of clothes at the same time. It’s easy to wax lyrical about parenthood when you’ve got an army of people doing every little thing.

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