June 2013 – Blind Item – Bollywood

We have another blind item for you today and this time, it’s from the king himself, Rajeev Masand. We are not entirely sure of this blind’s victims, but we did try to guess. If you think Rajeev is referring to someone else, let us know.

June 2013 - Blind Item from Bollywood

Heartbreak Town

Close friends of this actress have been whispering that she is devastated by her recent break-up. The blow was delivered some three weeks ago and although most people around her saw it coming, the actress has reportedly told near and dear ones that it caught her completely offguard.

It has been a tumultuous two years for this leading lady, whose closeness to an A-lister earned her little else but scorn from his friends and family. The couple was never able to come out in the open about their relationship.

Now heartbroken and bitter, she is said to have gone into a shell. The only time she was photographed recently was while visiting a temple. She has turned down all party invitations and only steps out when she has to shoot or honour other professional commitments.


OSOP Guesses

Leading Lady: Priyanka Chopra
A-Lister: Shah Rukh Khan

Priyanka Chopra Shah Rukh Khan

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