July 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 7

Today’s blind item is about this senior actor and his health situation. You know, we were thinking the other day how this actor used to be in every film years ago. He started out as a villain then comedian and ended up being cast as every hero’s father or heroine’s father. The cool dad, he was! He himself has no kids on his own, but a stepson from his wife’s first marriage. It’s a good thing that he has always been active in the overseas entertainment industry because he’s not getting any good roles in Bollywood anymore. Hollywood is still interested to cast him, which is good for him. He has been in a blind item before, which was about his anger issues. Now, he seems to have something else that is serious on his hands. At his age, he should be careful and take care. Anyways, check out the blind item by Mumbai Mirror.



Bollywood Blind Item


A veteran actor who was in New York recently for an awards show had a heartrelated ailment in the middle of his junket. However, he didn’t want the news to spread and decided to keep it quiet. He even refused to go to a hospital, but the paramedics on call insisted he go. The medicos even went as far as telling him they would have him arrested and forcefully take him for a check-up if he was unwilling to go himself. Of course, the stubborn man had to comply, and fortunately for him, the news wasn’t worth spreading.


OSOP Guess

Veteran Actor: Anupam Kher

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