July 2015 – Bollywood Blind Item

Today, we have a very interesting blind for all of you. It’s hard to imagine what happened, but it’s even harder to reveal who this blind is talking about. It’s hard to imagine because it involves a supposedly respectable actor, senior, with a huge body of work behind him and a great legacy that he has achieved for him and his family. It’s hard to imagine because the victim is none other than one of the top actresses of today with a huge fan following. The reason why this blind was never a news item is because if the world finds out the truth about this senior actor, he will be known as a pervert and molester instead of a great actor. Also, the cat has been out of the bag before, but the victim had to withdraw her comments on him due to the industry backlash she received; she’s no longer working in Bollywood.Β This time, the blind comes from Bollywood Life and the blind has been described well with lots of details if readers want to know who it is, it won’t be that hard to guess who they are talking about. Check it out below and let us know your guesses.

Bollywood Blind Item

Shocking! Popular young actress groped by her critically acclaimed actor on set

July 2015 – Bollywood Blind Item


Not so long ago there was buzz about these two actors’ fall out however the real reason was not known until now…


This young popular actress recently revealed to her close aide that her co-star touched her inappropriately on the film’s sets. While everything looked hunky dory on the outside and the two stars sang praises for each other at their movie’s promotional events and thereafter. The actress snubbed him publicly. She sent out the message that all was not well between them. The actress, who is in a relationship with a young superstar never expected her co-actor of indecent behaviour because he is a highly respected man. She told her friend that her co-star first touched her butt. Although she was shocked, being a a thorough professional, she finished her schedule without creating much fuss but maintained a distance from this actor throughout the shoot thereafter.


A source close to her reveals that this actor did not stop at that and even tried to force himself on the actress towards the end of the movie. No wonder she snapped off all ties with him personally. The hero in question was amidst controversy for similar behaviour in the past too. A few years back he made headlines for apparently groping this wannabe Bollywood actress’ butt at an event. The very much married actor however stayed numb on the issue and a few days later the starlet withdrew all her allegations. The whole episode was called as a publicity gimmick.


With hush-hush buzz about the actor’s weird antics now doing rounds, one cannot help but wonder if there was indeed truth in the earlier allegations by the other actress. Whatever the case the entire episode has left us as shocked as the heroine herself.


OSOP Guesses

Due to the delicate situation of the blind item, we will not post our guesses, but….

OSOP will help you guess:

Culprit: Very popular actor – used to be a phenomenon – considered to have a sanskaar family – family features 3 other popular figures in Bollywood.


Victim: Ms long legs – had a popular debut – suddenly became very happening – only heroine to have 4Β hits in a year

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6 Responses

  1. KA says:

    Now with the #MeeToo movement happening in 2018 , Deepika should expose him openly, people know she is a sane minded actress/heroine, so they will believe her, enough is enough!! This me too should reform each creep and provide justice to each victim. Deepika Anushka all should support it strongly only then other girls could be encouraged to speak out

    • Peacefulpc says:

      All this proves, he must have defintiely slept with ash before becoming bachchan bahu.there is no smoke wirhout fire . Ever noticed ?how aradhyaa isn’t seen freely with grandparents in photos and ash doesn’t ever leave kid behind while trsvelling ? Maybe coz she wants to keep her kid at safe distance from old tharkee for fear of incest. You never know . Once u know indecent behaviour of family member ,you always remain cautious . Aradhyaa only gives a pose with grandfather with abhishek or Jaya in picture that too on occasions only . Ash has vetted her presence with sr.bachchan alone . Understandable !!! And also notice ? That old tharkee will resort to philanthropic activities the moment his name is raked for his tharkiness? Just as a measure to appear like a old samaritan ,do gooder. SAPNA bhavnani called him out few days back but noone really came forward. Yet ,buddha after a few days went and cleared debts of 800plus villagers . Why? To cover his ass.
      Gawd.he sucks!

  2. loveblinditems says:


    Proof… its amitabh bacchan ..thats why deepika was maintainin distance after piku while amitabh was busy saving face by sending flowers to kangana..

  3. loveblinditems says:

    AMITABH BACCHAN & DEEPIKA PADUKONE. Sayali bhagat had also accused amitabh bacchan of groping her buuts. But ofcourse she was forced to take her statement back. Amitabh bacchan had groped amrita singh also. Big lecher this buddha is. Ek paon kabr mein .. fir bhi tharak jati nahi

  4. sarahbrennan says:

    Amitabh & Deepika?

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