January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 7

Today is a great day! We are as happy as one non-intoxicated group of people can be. Not because we suddenly found out by email that we are the recipients of a large inheritance left to us by someone in Africa, who died in a plane crash, which means that we are set for life. But no, life doesn’t work this way and we are still very much part of a middle-class family with no inheritance, which means slogging for the rest of our lives (unless we secure the bag from a millionaire or something).

The actual reason why we are ecstatic is because of the blind item below by Indian Express. The blind item below is literally what we have said in THIS blind item posted by PinkVilla, which we shared last week. Let us first clear things out: we weren’t accusing the young lady but pointing out the obvious. It’s what happens when you are big fans of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie novels.

It’s all about logic and common sense. If the police searched the servants’ houses, questioned everyone involved with the exception of two people and found nothing, they should probably question these two people. If the servants gave the same account of whom had access to this superstar’s bedroom, the police should have questioned this young lady too since they all said that only the wife and this girl had access to the bedroom where the jewelry was kept. We were actually thinking how this superstar also was wearing jewellery late last year. Some ornament from his nose or ears, maybe he also took it for some research purposes. Who knows with him!

Now, based on the blind item below, it seems that our guesses were not wrong at all. At first, we thought that perhaps this blind item stole our idea but then no one really takes this site seriously enough to steal from it! Jokes aside, there is apparently substantial evidence that she took it.

It’s a little funny, if you think about it. Little by little, she’s making her way and replacing the second wife. That’s why the second wife is paranoid. First, the girl steals the husband, makes him buy the same clothes for her like he does for his wife and then, she takes her jewelry to match with the clothes. We don’t know whether this girl is obsessed with the second wife and wants to be like her or is it some envious wife-mistress thing? Who knows she might already been wearing that lady’s undies. If outside wear she is already doing it, it’s not a surprise as to what lies inside!

We cannot imagine how the second wife is feeling. Not only the husband is cheating on her and bringing this girl into their home, he’s also giving HER things to this girl. The wife thought she scored marrying him, thinking that her career as a director will take off. Unfortunately, it only took off in Dhobi Ghat areas. This girl, though, is pulling all the strings to make sure she benefits from her relationship with this superstar. Cannot imagine how the wife feels! Damn, when karma hits back! This is why you should be careful and mindful of our actions.

Check out the unbelievable blind item below from Indian Express.


Bollywood Blind Item

January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 7


This superstar’s wife is breathing fire thanks to this young actress’ growing proximity to her husband

Our young bee had already gained special attention from her superstar mentor and bagged another project with him obviously on his recommendation. This surely has pissed the wifey to no end.

So this young actress had a great start to her acting career with a super hit film in her kitty. This leggy lass was all gaga about her co-actor who is a huge superstar. In fact, there came a time that their closeness was not so adored by the superstar’s wife and started keeping a close check on this young actress’ whereabouts and growing proximity with her dear husband.

She, in fact, planned many outdoor trips in order to keep the two away. But it seems our young bee had already gained special attention from her superstar mentor and bagged another project with him obviously on his recommendation. This surely has pissed the wifey to no end.

What led a fresh start to this drama is what happened at a recent bash. We hear the wife was bit tipsy and at the do, we hear she bitched her heart out about the young actress to some industry friends. Claiming that she in fact either stole some jewellery from her home or that her husband pretended it was stolen and then gave it to the young lass. If you thought that she was paranoid and making such claims then hold on.

Apparently, her claims aren’t baseless and it was on the basis of what her stylist friend told her. The stylist saw her stolen jewellery worn by the actress at one of the photo shoots. Oops, this seems like a whole lotta drama guys! In fact, she keeps a close check on all his activities even while the actor is shooting. So much so that she has a khabri on the sets who keeps a watch on the young actor and superstar’s moves.

We wonder what the superstar has to say about these allegations? Though the wife isn’t too keen on bringing up this topic and is silent on it till now. But if this young lass at the film’s promotions again tries getting closer to her mentor or vice versa than we just shudder to think the state of his wife!


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Aamir Khan

Wife: Kiran Rao

Leggy Lass: Fatima Sana Shaikh

January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 7

For fun, let’s imagine these situations:

Kiran to Aamir

Aamir, why do you like Fatima so much?

Police to Aamir

Aamir, have you seen the missing jewelry?

Kiran whining to Aamir

Kiran confronting Aamir about Fatima and also about her missing jewelry.

Just imagine Kiran’s face in place of these ladies’ faces.


Aamir to Fatima


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78 Responses

  1. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    I think short man Aamir just wants to have 4 wivies.

    So PV post a picture of Kiran and exwife on instagram today. Reena was wearing a similar saree to the ones fatima and kiran wore.

    Makes me wonder, so what if Aamir is the founder of some new cult? Kinda like our very own Tom Cruise? Multiple wivies, happy life. Hahahahaha

    • Shivanisd says:

      I think he can, legally have 4 wives in india. Also, before triple Talaaq law was passed he wudnt even have to pay alimony!!

  2. Kiran101 says:

    It appears as though Bollywood does not view sexual fidelity as much .They seem to have accepted even before the wedding or somewhere during the rise of their spouse stardom ( ex SRK, hrithik ) that the tEmptations are too much and women are throwing themselves too so star wives have mentally accepted it would some day happen.
    Stars kids have seen their parents do it , star heroines have already been insenitized to affairs and cheating right from the beginning since acting is such a profession where you shed all ur inhibitions .
    They do get upset maybe get into fights with their cheating husbands but they all seem to have been waiting for it to happen since they know it will. Once they happen to accept the situation they kind of become like gauri and twinkle or even Jaya .
    These film stars know whoever they marry after divorce or even in general everyone in Bollywood is aneways prone to cheating . Which is why star kids have accepted this fact and have dealt with it calmer than non star kids wives. Ex twinkle , kajol , I would even include Suzanne here .
    Divorce won’t change their situation apart from losing starwife status . They seem to have a very different definition of ‘family man ‘ .

    • Shivanisd says:

      I agree. But indian society in general is accepting of men, having affairs. Bollywood takes it a step further.

  3. shivanisd says:

    I hate to play the devils advocate here. And i hate aamir more than you can imagine. But technically speaking its his jewellery and clothes that hes giving to fathima. He PAID for them. If it was kirans stuff then she would be upset. And Did Kiran really think aamir would be faithful to her? Seriously? She neither has a pretty face nor figure. And that awful haircut on koffee with karan. Jesus. Meanwhile Aamir is a superstar. Katrina is dying to work with him. Do the math. All kiran had was a strong woman, feminist image. Even that is gone now. Leave him kiran. NOW. The Mrs khan tag is NOT worth it. Ur an educated woman. Pls stop being degraded like this. I mean now even the police knows what a doormat you are. This is shameful. Posing with the other woman in matching clothes!! Girl are you kidding me?? Rekha jaya did silsila together while ab was with rekha and that was pathetic. But at least after that movie jaya got him back. What are you getting kiran?

    • Amanda says:

      Talking about ownership –
      even if its aamir who has paid for the jewels(though I am not sure), it was bought for Kiran.. Once an Item is given to somebody,the receiver become rightful owners of those,,, The giver can’t snatch the ownership at a later time…To top that,he has given those without Kiran’s knowledge and never tried to tell his wife(kept mum)…

      Talking about looks and eligibility-
      Kiran might not be good looking as per the standards and maybe she comes across as tom-boyish because of short hair and glasses,but then beauty standards vary from person to person… She is an educated,intelligent lady coming from a well do to background… And Aamir is neither super hero type,I mean he is short , lean(previously),a divorcee and an aged star… These are not the credentials that anyone would go for.. Kiran has been nice to his ex-wives,his children from first marriage and also helps in his career.. I don’t think she is too much of a low,in-eligible candidate for Aamir….

      Talking about feminism –
      I, agree with you on this… She should have walked out this marriage,if aamir is cheating and making fool of her.. She has become a doormat.. I want her to take a tough decision in her personal life and get away from him…

      • Shivanisd says:

        Agreed that aamir is not, very good looking either. But he is a superstar and possibly indias best actor today. Kiran just doesn’t match up to him in any way. Affair to hona hi tha. But the way aamir is doing it is truly despicable. Now kiran must take a decision which will affect her whole life. Does she want fame and fortune or a simple but dignified life????????

  4. shivanisd says:

    Disgusting antics of a hypocrite-“Aamir” At least SRK came to his senses and left priyanka fast. I too love Agatha christie admin. Ive read almost all her novels.

  5. kiran101 says:

    Aamir is not just a hypocrite, he has this very old fashioned view of everything from women, kids and even religion. Have you ever read what he said ” I may marry any woman from any religion but my kids will always be raised as muslims ” so there is no consent involved here. All the super BS he lectures others he is not one damn thing. He is the biggest douche-bag of all Khans.This guy abandoned his illegitimate child and has the nerve to give sermons to others.

    • Admin says:

      Like Akshay Kumar, he too turned his image around.

      • kiran101 says:

        Aamir is being called out on his double standards. Akshay is his personal shit to some extent…this guy Aamir is evil.His agenda is not just personal but even political .he has got the satanical streak in him.

        Akshay always had playboy image….but Aamir has been hiding under the ruse of good father, great actor, philanthropist , social reformer, democracy and freedom of all shit promoter, CHILD ADVOCATE and what not. And now he is bedding a young thing.

        i would vote him as the worst person in BW.

        • shivanisd says:

          U nailed it! Aamir is satanical. Ive read Muslims believe in the concept of Shaitan. Well aamir is it!

          • prvilla says:

            Please keep religion out of the loop as that is an extremely sensitive topic for people,otherwise I agree with your general sentiments regarding aamir and I happen to be a muslim!

          • Kiran101 says:

            It’s about Aamir as a person how he lectures and kicks Hindus in PK . When he himself is Hardcore and rules with iron fist when it comes to his wife and children . A man who is an advocate of free will and tolerance and child advocate why did he not consider the consent of his wife in raising his children in whatever faith and why is he sleeping with a young girl in his 50’s . He has no right preaching anyone . Please wil are only giving examples of his double standards, he is the fakest of all fakes.

          • prvilla says:

            Religion or religious views have nothing to do with being an overall asshole!Honestly if people feel so strongly about certain issues,which they have a right to mind you,then they should just completely boycott his movies!BTW his rhetoric irritates me too,just sayin!Bakwaas hi karta rehta hai!

          • Shivanisd says:

            Oops sorry i didn’t mean to offend.

      • shivanisd says:

        Admin Aamirs image was always good. There was nothing to turn around. He has a black heart though. Nothing can hide that.

    • Amanda says:

      I feel Aamir is one of staunch follower of religion .. Nothing wrong in that, but he is good at making mockery of other religions.. PK being an example.. Also why only Zaira Wasim and Fathima had more screen time and dominant role in Dangal whereas the other two girls played the side one.. Why he keeps promoting Zaira and fathima and not the other two girls.. Sometimes these questions come to my mind.. Now, Aamir is set to make mahabharat.. Donno what kind of mockery it will be…..

      • kiran101 says:

        its very clear why. All these girls are of kashmiri origins with of-course separatist mentality…which already came out in open.

        • shivanisd says:

          Fathima is from Kashmir? Then why is she not pretty. U know what im afraid of? That aamir is grooming Zaira wasim to take fathimas place when he wants another young girl. He really is satanical. Zairas fame crazy Pakistan supporting mother should be very careful. This is how child abuse happens.

          • prvilla says:

            Trust me no one from Pakistan cares about zaira what’s her face or for that matter sana!How do I know?Well I happen to live in pakistan!So please no general assumptions!

          • Shivanisd says:

            Please take a look at the pic zairas mother shared about supporting Pakistan in a cricket match. My comment was about her only. Not pakistan, or Pakistanis.

      • shivanisd says:

        I too was very upset with the way hindu gods were disrespected in PK. More than aamir it was the involvement of hindus like anushka sharma (a brahmin for crying out loud!) and raju hirani that disappointed me. Thats when I realised hindus ka kuch nahi ho sakta as they disrespect their own religion. Unlike Muslims.

        • Rad says:

          @shivanisd – I totally agree!!!

          Edit: “hindus ka kuch nahi ho sakta as they disrespect their own religion. Unlike Muslims.”

          with the above quote

        • prvilla says:

          RED FLAG=RELIGION!Not a good topic from any side..

          • Shivanisd says:

            I don’t think i need permission from anybody to talk about my own religion ie Hinduism. I understand a minority person being sensitive but we hindus have no such issues. We don’t shy away from the truth.

          • Maji says:

            Admin, can we please bar religion related comments. This is a Bollywood gossip site not a site for discussing religious views. Ps- I am a Hindu but don’t feel the need to air my comments in public especially on a Bollywood site.

          • Shivanisd says:

            When the actor himself says in, an interview my kids will always be muslims. Whats wrong in repeating that here?? its the truth isnt it?? Pls stop being so sensitive. Wonder what happens to religious sensitivity when a movue like PK is released. Aamir is free to insult Hindu gods. But we cant talk about his statements on religion here? Cut the crap, and double standards pls.

          • prvilla says:

            Thanks for being sensible Maji,unlike some other users here!

          • prvilla says:


      • prvilla says:

        Me being a muslim,I have to say that I enjoyed Mahabharat very much and no actor with ANY religious beliefs should botch it up!As it’s a masterpiece deserved to be on a large scale!

  6. Monalisa says:

    In her interviews Kiran comes across as a well read and intelligent unlike other star wives. Also she being a working woman who makes thought provoking movies who never gave up working even after her marriage to Amir made me think she will be different from other star wives.

    But Kiran turned out to be just like other door mat star wives with no self respect who turns a blind eye to their husband’s affairs. She even went a step further than other star wives, atleast they seem to have more self respect than her as they have never posed happily in matching saris with husband’s mistress and husband to maintain the star’s faithful and loyal huband image.

    And why is Kiran so afraid to ask him what really happened with the jewellery? Is she afraid he may confess his love for Fatima and leave her to be with Fathima. Or that he may balatantly lie to her face and claim he had no idea how Fatima ended up with the jewellery.

    • Ananya says:

      Admin Monolisa has asked my mind out. What is stopping Kiran to leave Aamir if all this is true? It’s not like if she leaves him she’s pennyless. Like his first wife and children she’ll get money to look after her son. And she can work on her career or like the girlfriend at least now have the spine and ask him to help her career too for faking a happy family image.

      And why is it the most intelligent and spunky superstar wives so spineless. I get it if a Gauri or Suzzaine becomes door mat because they literally have no career and is completely an outsider to this industry. Somewhat like Shefali situation in Dil Dhadkne Dho.

      But be it Twinkle, Kajol, Kiran they either come from a filmy family, have contacts or a career to turn back to. With neither of these at disposal, Suzzaine took the decision to leave her husband.

      What kind of family life are they giving their children? This is one qtn I ALWAYS wanted to ask. Does the children know? Aryan, Suhana, Akshay kids, Hrithik kids etc?

      Plus two doubts Admin:
      1: Did Aamir break his first marriage for Kiran? I didn’t get your explanation above of their interviews. Is it a yes or no?

      2. In another blind I saw you talking about Suzzaine leaving Hrithik because he was ill and not because of affairs. What does that mean? What illness he has? Did she leave him in his sickness for her selfishness? It got unclear to me. Please explain if you don’t mind.

      • kiran101 says:

        I can only guess… suzzane left him because Hrithik is breaking his body and her concerns or her restrictions are not addressed by him or his family. The frustration and fights and her worries as a wife will only stop if she stops being a wife. Since she did not leave him to marry a younger and healthier man , and Hrithik ‘s health is important not just for himself but also he is a father. they are tied to each other forever through their kids.Anything happens to Hrithik will affect her kids and also her. Looks like she got peace enjoy her family time with him as his ex. and hopefully hrithik can see some sense. I dont know what kind of divorce is this when both are together vacationing always.

      • Rad says:

        @Ananya Afaik Suzzane left HR because of her affair with Arjun Rampal. But he decided to stay with his wife Mehr. Even though Suzzane decided to leave HR look at her now. Trying to get back with him somehow or other. These people are so addicted to the perks of being a celebrity that they can’t imagine life without it. Suzzane is nothing without HR as her husband. So looks like she wants to get back with him. HR is also trying to repair his damaged image after KR fiasco. So both are right now into some weird relation. Neither together nor separated. Poor kids is all i can say.

        • shivanisd says:

          I still give Kudos to Suzanne for at least taking the step of leaving her actor husband. Nobody else has done that till date.

          • Rad says:

            @shivanisd – Of course credit to Suzanne for doing something others have shied away from. But she took a lot of money from Hrithik and probably along with her business thought she can have a lavish lifestyle. But with her business not doing well since now she is not a part of filmi industry her clients prefer to go to Gauri Khan her money running out she wants back with her ex-hubby.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Welk maybe its true. But then Hrithik is also onpy playing along to maintain his family man image. So both want something from each other and are, getting it. In my opinion that’s not, bad. Blame the Indian mindset. At least they are not in a sham marriage.

        • Rashmi says:

          Susanna never had an affair with Arjun Rampal. Mehr was always nearby with Arjun in all the pictures. no woman will leave a rich husband and will not go to another, less successful and still married man. all this was PR work Hrithik, in order to once again clear his image for the public.

          • Rad says:

            @Rashmi Do you seriously think pictures that we see in the papers and mags tell the whole story? And what do you have to say about Ayesha Shroff and Sahil Khan affair? That’s the one that immediately came to mind. There surely are others.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Suzanne most definitely had an affair with Arjun rampal. Please read about the party where mehr and Suzanne came and mehr left highly upset. I think Arjun stayed in the marriage only for his daughters.

      • shivanisd says:

        Ananya its a misconception that working women are stronger or have more courage. Please dont perpetuate that stereotype here. U yourself took names of so many actresses like kajol twinkle etc who didnt divorce. Its just not how it works. Indian society rejects any divorced woman. She could be a multimillionaire businesswoman it wont matter!! She will ve stigmatised as a bad woman. This is our hypocrisy. And u looking down on housewives here doesnt exactly help the situation.

        • Ananya says:

          U mistook my statement I feel. I’m a housewife so do you really think I’ll demean my own self?! I meant individuality, even a housewife can leave her home and take up a job but it depends on her personal strengths and desires. Gauri I don’t feel is capable of it. While Suzzaine did exactly that. She was a housewife who gave up on him and started her own career. While Twinkle and Kajol despite havying much better standing don’t do it. So I see it as individual capacity.

          I agree about the stigma, but what I meant is even if they go for divorce they can demand alimony, plus if you have a career you can stand on your own feet. Aamir first wife I don’t know if she’s working. But she’s in a much better position than Kiran I feel. Apparently all their payments are done by them and she doesn’t have to deal with Aamir. Fame might be the only thing missing. But now seeing Kiran state can u actually call it came or defame?

          • Shivanisd says:

            Okay i see. Kiran is a fool. Now that triple Talaaq is abolished. Kiran will definitely get alimony. But shes a spineless kind of woman. Imagine wearing matching sarees and posing with the woman ur husband is sleeping with. like my maid will refuse to do that. But kiran who was supposedly a feminist doesn’t have the guts to walk out. Pathetic.

    • shivanisd says:

      Monalisa even Twinkle is like that. Pretends to be Opinionated and strong but reality of her marriage we all know.

  7. Lisa says:

    Admin, do actually industry people know about this affair? And if yes, they must be making fun of them, especially kjo who loves to gossip. 😛

  8. Rad says:

    If Aamir had even an iota of respect or love for Kiran he wouldn’t have allowed Fathima to take the jewellery or given it to her esp when he can afford hundreds more. I wish Kiran has some spine and leaves Aamir and exposes him and his hypocrisy. Then I will really respect her.

    • Kiran101 says:

      Aamir is very open about he is the one who calls shots in his relationship, maraige aand his work . Kiran ‘s ideas and independence and whatever she has been thought of all these years is only acceptable for Aamir as much and as long it suits him or approved by him . There is no way a person like Aamir would marry a truly independent woman . He publicly told “ I may marry any woman anytime from anywhere but my progeny wil and Should have my ideology and values”. The women have no say here , she knew this and got with him , forget divorce ideally she should not even marry him if she was this independent woman we call her to be . Just because she is not heroine type attractive we assumed she has to have a amazing mind and no shit attitude. Aamir once in his talk show several years ago refused to share how he would truly react to something about his kids since he does not want them to have any knowledge of his opinion on that matter and would prefer to manipulate them to do what he wants .he has to have last say in anything with people involved with him .

      • Rad says:

        Of course there was some assumption about Kiran being independent and career oriented because immediately after their marriage Dhobi Ghat came out. But she herself has talked a lot about women empowerment. So its natural to think that if she is going around preaching she will also follow. I am sure she didn’t come into this relationship thinking one day she will be doing what she is doing now. There are two choices for her – Show spine and get out or choose the easy way and become a doormat She is just comfortable taking the easy way.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Even, pc keeps prattling on about women empowerment and sisterhood. Imagine that! Given shes a bonafide serial mistress. this is just a media game. Pretend to be Liberal and feminist and get applause.

      • Saachi says:

        @Kiran101 can you please elaborate on which show did Aamir say about ‘manipulating his children’ and wanting to have the last say in anything? I would like to see it myself to believe this. This is quite a statement coming from someone who has at numerous occasions stated he will support his children in everything and that he has” categorically instilled the quality of having your own opinion and not getting influenced by other other people in their thinking”
        he made TZP on kids,3 idiots on education..i would like to see the above stated statement as said by Kiran101. in order to believe this.

        @admin was there ever a blind about Aamir not launching his eldest son who is in his twenties because he wants to remain the main lead himself? read it somewhere someone mentioning in reference but never found any such blind item.

  9. Pav says:

    Can someone answer .. did Amir start the relationship with Kiran when he was already with the first wife? ( Then we can’t really feel sorry for Kiran)
    I think Kiran doesn’t wanna take a wrong step in this situation cz Amir can completely stop whatever he’s having with her ( pretend only infront of the media). Kiran would be at the loosing end. Don’t forget it’s god only knows what is Amir’s net worth

    • naughtytrini says:

      That is a question I would like to know too. Did Kiran break up Aamir’s first marriage? I think I heard she was working with him in Lagaan days so I would really like to clarify. Knowing such facts could turn this into a whole new direction.

      • Admin says:

        No, they didn’t. This is what Kiran said when asked about how they met and fell in love:

        THE FIRST MEETING: … And later
        KR: I met him on the bus going to the sets of Lagaan in Bhuj. He was walking up and down the aisle and introducing himself to the new people he had not met. Later, when shooting began, we used to meet everyday. I was in charge of make-up, hair and wardrobe. I had to get hundreds of actors ready and throw them on the set. He was one of the people I had to get ready. I got to know him three years later shooting for a Coke commercial.
        AK: By then I had split with Reena. I was acting in the commercial and was producing it; Kiran was the first AD.


        • Admin says:

          Apparently, both Kiran and Aamir have Ghajini memory, especially Aamir who is pretending as though splitting with Reena messed him up. If it did messed him up, what about his live-in affair with British journalist Jessica Hines with whom he has a love child that he has refused to acknowledge till now?

          • Admin says:

            Some bullcrap quote about how Aamir’s marriage broke him:

            Aamir Khan, who looks like he’s got it all together, battled the demon of depression in the isolation of his home for four years following his separation and subsequent divorce from his first wife; he was rendered unable to work, barely mustering up the will to leave his house.

          • Pav says:

            Thanks admin and naughtytrini. Then Kiran is innocent. Amir is clearly not what he appeared to be. I hope Karma will come his way for ruining lives of these women and kids who have to suffer.

        • GeekyGal says:

          Kiran was also there on sets of Dil Chahta Hai.

          • Admin says:

            Yes, as was Aamir’s wife.

          • naughtytrini says:

            I dont know nah admin but usually we are on the same page but I dont believe a word of Kiran or Aamir saying that they fell in love after his separation/divorce. A homewrecker will never say she was instrumental in breaking up a relationship. Even if the relationship was fixable she would say it was over for that couple even before the couple decides to separate or divorce. This blind is way to cantangerous. On your prelude you talk about karma… who is this karma referring to? Kiran or Aamir? More likely Kiran, Why? because she is now feeling how first wife was feeling? why should first wife have had those feelings if aamir wasnt having affair with kiran in the first instance? To me, Kiran pretends likes she is miss innocent and I bet she aint as innocent. She was just like Fatima. The only one I would believe is first wife. I wish she would come out open with what really happened to her marriage with aamir, which I doubt would ever happened, since it seems like aamir is still the breadwinner in that family. Understand me right? I am not siding with aamir either, I dont know what happened to him. He was such a sweet boy in the late 80s early 90s.

          • Admin says:

            Yaar, who has ever accepted cheating on their spouse or girlfriend? Not even Boney Kapoor accepted that or for that matter, Brad Pitt. They were all either ‘separated’ or ‘divorced’ before finding love again.

          • Tina says:

            Nah…the timeline doesn’t add up. He was actually living in with Jessica Hines after the divorce. Broke up when she got pregnant. Then got together with Kiran.
            His depression wasn’t because he went through a divorce, it was because he was mad scared about public repercussions of not accepting a love child. Marrying Kiran was a master move for him to gain social acceptance within a certain kind of ‘pada likha’/’artsy fartsy’ crowd. Aamir never makes spontaneous decisions – they are always well thought out moves. Fathima is also a well calculated risk.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Fathima isnt a well calculated risk. Shes his midlife crisis personification. Like srk pc. I hope she ruins him.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Reena is too dignified to publicly shame her kids father.

  10. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    I burst out laughing at the gifs … Yes Aamir and Kiran, the entire village is laughing at you.

    Ps Admin don’t share the last comment from my display name, I posted the wrong email address

  11. Hmmm says:

    Kudos admin for unmasking the possible real culprit in the first pv blind item! Wow if this story is true then this is shocking. I don’t think Kiran should be surprised by Aamir’s behaviour as he has been unfaithful to his first wife so why would he stop now? As for Fatima as the Hollywood actress Sharon Stone once said about sleeping around for roles “you can only f*** your way to the middle!” So good luck girlfriend your career will be over before you know it along with your relationship with Aamir but atleast you will the saree and jewels 😉

    • shivanisd says:

      Hmmm in that way fathima is just like Huma. She got a BMW and a flat and for her thats enough to give up her dignity.

      • Rashmi says:

        absolutely nothing in common. Fatima has a career and uses her opportunities correctly. she manipulates Aamir for contracts. Huma is a fool, she could have used Sohail for her own career benefit for a long time (

        • Rad says:

          @Rashmi Use Sohail for her own career benefit? LOL Sohail himself is dependent on crumbs thrown his way by Salman. What clout does he have in the industry other than being Salman’s brother? Why Huma has to attach herself with a loser like him only she knows.

          • Shivanisd says:

            I think she doesn’t want to date outside her religion. And god knows that community is Conservative. It must, be hard for her to find men outside Bollywood. U have to watch her tbip interview on YouTube. She bares her heart about her relationship difficulties there.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Uses her opportunities correctly.. . God i hope u dont have daughters.

  12. Amanda says:

    I think Aamir doesn’t value any women in his life other than his mother(just like in his movies) …. He doesn’t even think how his wife might feel with these things going around.. If he has faked robbery and given the jewelry to fathima, that’s too low of him… With all the money he has, can’t he buy and give… I am ready hating fathima and Aamir… I wish thugs of Hindustan flops and both learn a lesson..

    I don’t know what kind of communication Kiran and Aamir have.. She can’t even ask and clarify with him.. What is she afraid of? She has proofs as well…

    • Admin says:

      He didn’t fake the robbery. Most likely, he gave it to her and then Kiran found out her jewelry was missing and assumed it was stolen. Aamir just kept quiet. If at all, this whole situation is true.

      • Amanda says:

        Admin, Thanks for clarification… But Aamir was wrong in giving away the jewelry without kiran’s knowledge.. I can equate this act to robbery…

        • shivanisd says:

          Um not really. As aamir is the one who bought that jewellery with his money in the first place! If kiran is really upset she needs to expose her husband and leave him. But obviously she won’t as hes her meal ticket. U have to draw a line somewhere. Why do these Bollywood wives like twinkle etc keep quiet? Is money worth giving up your dignity?

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