January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 3

This senior actor was once highly criticised by his peers over how much assistance and help he provided to his son’s failing career. That time, his peers’ kids weren’t into the industry yet, so his answer to their criticism was that he would like to see them not do the same when their kids make their debut and step into Bollywood.

It was somehow true because if a senior actor is of a position to help his kid, he will do it because that’s his kid. The difference between this senior actor and his peers is that he’s the most successful and is still working with a flourishing career and gets many good roles, despite his age. His son, on the other hand, has tried everything. Some worked while some didn’t. It’s not that the audience rejected him, it’s just that he’s not really that good and capable as an actor to draw the audience to the theatres to see his films. He’s not able to shoulder the responsibility of leading his own films successfully.

There was a time when he signed a gazillion films and he claimed that it was his father, who told him to sign and do every film. Obviously, they were all flops because that’s a recipe for disaster. Then, he started becoming more careful and still, these movies flopped big time. What was his excuse then? The directors that he signed with just delivered big hits before coming to him, so how would he think that their scripts won’t be good or won’t work? Perhaps, he should have read the scripts instead of banking of previous successes of these directors and producers.

We have said it before, we think it’s best that he piggybacks on other successful actors. Like, be part of an ensemble cast to take the load of responsibility off. Like he did when he signed that huge franchise comedy film, but for some reason they didn’t ask him to come back for the next one. Wonder why? There’s nothing wrong in being a character actor or a supporting actor.

Anyways, check out today’s blind item from Mumbai Mirror. It’s not that hard to figure this one out since he’s the most powerful senior actor to pull a trick like this.



Bollywood Blind Item

January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 3


Among the many travails of parenting is this: being a successful actor well in your vintage while your child is a struggling star. Enough of our senior actor friends have faced this. But Mr Inventive has devised a new plan to keep his progeny’s career alive. No, it isn’t a two-for-price-of-one strategy, that apparently was tried, tested and tossed. The name of the game is second coming: first make a film with the struggling young one, then the senior signs your next film. Wow.


OSOP Guesses

Successful Actor: Amitabh Bachchan

Son: Abhishek Bachchan

January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 3


January 2018 – Bollywood Blind Item 3

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28 Responses

  1. bucketbot says:

    I’ve been meaning to say admin that I love the GG reference. A longtime fan of the show here. Actually any reference to the the girls makes me happy. Yesterday at the Globes the creator of the show, Amy Sherman-Palladino won for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. That is also a wonderful show. If you can do catch it- its on Amazon Prime.

    • kiran101 says:

      I finished watching ‘The marvelous Mrs Maisel” in dec 1st week. I was waiting for it after Pilot episode in Amazon prime and now for season 2. Did not know she won a GG for it…good for Amy Sherman-Palladino. I like her as much as i like Nora Ephron.

      I like how Rory is so much more matured than her mom.

      • bucketbot says:

        She always came off as more matured even in her younger days while lorlai kept up the pettyness with her parents for too long imo but i guess that’s the dysfunctional life they lived.
        And I haven’t seen the GG revival but (Spoiler Alert ! – don’t read ahead if you don’t like spoilers) i unwittingly read that Rory ends up doing what her mother did. She ends up pregnant with Logan’s (most likely) kid while their future hangs in the limbo. Life has come a full circle but that is the cliff hanger with us not knowing whether the series is going to continue or not. πŸ™
        And yes, some sort of recognition was long overdue for talented writer and story-teller like ASP.

        • kiran101 says:

          i did not watch the revival series. But knew about Rory being pregnant… but who the father is not confirmed…Logan ? But Rory when she is dating was always kind of shabby to the boyfriend.She always had a conflict on the side…right from first BF Dean. Atleast she isnt a teenage pregnant like her mum. Will she keep it ….american tv series always show women keeping the baby even in most hostile situations.

          Amy-Sherman never won any awards before… when i saw the Pilot episode of marvelous Mrs Maisel…i saw credits later… and was not surprised to find ASP , the writer of Gilmore Girls… even the reviews expressed same sentiments.
          I love the idea…upper west side jewish princess and her life journey to be a stand up comedian. Its so thrilling to see what upper west side could have been like in late 50’s.

  2. GeekyGal says:

    He was good in movies like Yuva, Paa, Sarkar and Guru.

  3. kiran101 says:

    Jr bachchan is not so bad. Far better than some stars we have. But let me say this…he chose wrong. He should have continued to work with Rani- Priyanka.

    Never do roles like refugee or Raavan some or guy who is underprivileged. Dostana , KANK kind suited him. Roles that do not require charging up of emotions.
    Audience already know he is privileged , when he does middle class roles like refugee people can see the ruse…he has no idea what is it like being poor, he cannot imagine to even act. It needs some extreme method acting for him to do roles like that…but he is no Daniel day lewis.

    • Shivanisd says:

      On the contrary hes better when he plays poor or struggling characters, just like his father. In those lightweight roles he comes across as gay and effeminate.

  4. naughtytrini says:

    The problem with Abhishek is the same problem Esha had. Everyone expected that just because he looked so much like his daddy that he would be the next Amitabh but he just dont have that charisma and the audience of then isnt the audience of now. He should have his own style, he shouldnt try to act like his daddy, it comes off too funny. Esha too tried to be just like Hema and it didnt pay off for her too but at least she gracefully left the industry and suffer us like Kat is doing (sorry I just had to bring her up).

    • kiran101 says:

      I said something like this in Jhanvi post…they probably dont imitate. But when they do something we can spot resemblances with their parents since we watched so much of them as audience…it looks like horrible imitation. They actually have to work to remove any mannerisms they also have like their parents…atleast I hope they try to do it. If its all on purpose then i guess…well that explains why they became a joke.

    • Hmmm says:

      I agree! Even Hema Malini was smart enough to know that Esha was not going to make it and had her married off unlike AB senior who lives in denial about Junior. Junior’s time to shine is well over and he should just either do supporting roles or concentrate solely on his sports business.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Abhishek looks nothing like Amitabh. Hes just tall like him thats it. Shweta is the one who looks like AB.

  5. pooja says:

    I find abhi better actor than arjun varun sid tiger etc just that he didn’t choose right script he career start falling

    • Shivanisd says:

      Arjun varun sid tiger are from a different time plus they have their own skills like dancing, looks etc. Arjun varun sid have connections to directors through family or kjo. AB senior is just an actor. I dont think it was the scripts. His son just doesn’t have the star charisma.

      • Pooja says:

        Which eyes u find varun ,arjun ,tiger gud looking ahh?? Only varun n tiger can dance that in varun case he copy govinda’s dancing n acting style copycat.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Definitely better looking than abhishek at least. He looks like a really dumb guy who has no charisma.

    • ghjk says:

      Absolutely ridiculous to compare spoiled Abhishek to Varun, who works his butt off for most projects.

      • Pooja says:

        Blah kuch bhibkya abhi n spoiled??? Varun blatantly copy govinda sir arjun lookalike bora or teddy tiger lookalike girl with sixabs with frozen face sid looklike kendoll with noacting skills at least abhi can act n that too original not coping other.

        • Shivanisd says:

          What acting abhishek knows?? He only has one expression. Widening his eyes trying to project fake intensity and anger lol. He thinks that’s acting. Abhishek talks abd acts in a girly way. He can only do dostana roles.

        • ghjk says:

          Haha, Abhishek can act? In which movie did he convince you, Guru? Not copying? Dude he lost his career cause he couldn’t stop aping his father. Critics say he still has chance if he develops his own style and stops becoming his father’s son. Get a grip, Varun copied Govinda? Yeah, for remakes of Govinda movies he took that shortcut. Why not, when the movies were basically remakes?

      • Shivanisd says:

        I agree. Varun was great in badlapur. Pooja pls go watch it.

        • pooja says:

          Ahh???go watch guru yuva kabhi alvida na kehna dhoom then talk about varun’s acting skill govinda part 2.

  6. Champak Bhoomia says:

    Ah, Jr B. For a brief period between 2005-2007, I genuinely thought he’d end up being a star, mainly after watching him in Guru, which I personally felt was a bloody good performance. Even when Drona flopped, Dostana somehow kept him afloat, but post that, oh dear. Drona, Delhi 6 and Game were so so so bad. The last watchable movie he did was Dum Maaro Dum, post which, it’s been a proper crash and burn. The worst of the lot being Players which was an insult to the awesome Italian Job. Problem is, dude has terrible taste in scripts. He should take a leaf out of Salman’s book (Ahem), and stick to roles that don’t require heavy duty emoting, unless it’s a good director like Mani Ratnam. However, too late now.

    • Xyz says:

      Salman has charm and persona which our baby boy lacks

      • Shivanisd says:

        Exactly. He shud quit Bollywood. AB and his stupid tricks wont work. To be a goid supporting actor or character actor u need to be a good actor. Like irrfan or nawazzudin.

  7. Amanda says:

    So Amitabh wants to put an end to his career.. Great!

    The film with Abhishek will flop and the producers will think twice before approaching Amitabh…

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