Introducing Arjun Kapoor – Son of Boney Kapoor & Mona Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor made his debut as an actor in the trailer of his first film (releasing soon) ‘Ishaqzaade’. The film is produced by Yash Raj and also stars Parineeti Chopra. Arjun is the son of Mona and Boney Kapoor. Their parents were separated for a long time as his dad Boney left his mum to be with SriDevi. Boney and Sridevi have two daughters together. Arjun’s mum Mona passed away to cancer last month, before seeing his debut on the big screen. Arjun is also the nephew of Anil Kapoor and the cousin of Sonam Kapoor.

arjun kapoor sridevi

Before making his debut, Arjun Kapoor worked hard on his body. He was a bit chubby before and I know this as he was then dating Arpita Khan, sister of Salman Khan, Arjun would be at all the events Arpita goes.

arjun kapoor photos

upcoming movie of arjun kapoor

Arjun also happens to be very close to Katrina Kaif. In fact, she calls him her ‘rakhi’ brother. Arjun and Arpita have broken up a long time back, and since then Arjun has been involved in one controversy (involving a certain Malaika Arora Khan) but we won’t get into that right now.

Arjun is seen here with his mother the late Mona Kapoor and his sister, who’s currently studying in the US.

[arjun kapoor mother]

Arjun Kapoor is seen here with his dad Boney Kapoor, husband of Sridevi.

arjun kapoor malaika arora

A couple of weeks back, Arjun performed the rites of his deceased mother and since his mother was said to be such a positive person, the whole industry turned up to support the Kapoor family. Well, all except probably Sridevi and Malaika Arora Khan. If I’m not mistaken, I saw Arbaaz Khan but not Malaika.

[arjun kapoor height]

Despite the fact that Sridevi broke Mona’s and Boney’s marriage, Arjun took the mature stand and has been on friendly terms with Sridevi and her daughters.

arjun kapoor and arpita khan

Arjun Kapoor’s first debut was supposed to be ‘Virus Diwan’, but Yash Raj films decided that ‘Ishaqzaade’ is a better film to be introduced in. By the way, Arjun was discovered through Facebook by Yash Raj casting director.

Arjun Kapoor’s film ‘Ishaqzaade’ will be released soon in a month’s time. The trailer and the songs are pretty cool so I doubt this film will flop. Plus Arjun’s has the support of Chulbuli Parineeti Chopra, who was amazing in ‘Ladies VS Rickky Bhal’.


Here are some more Arjun Kapoor Pictures, I know girls would love these.

[arjun kapoor before weight loss]

 “Those days of conventional debuts are gone in Bollywood. Now it’s important to be the character in your film. The formulaic films where the hero gets four songs, two stunts and one romantic scene no longer exists. Ishaqzaade was not meant to announce my arrival.”

[arjun kapoor pictures]

Salman Khan saw the film at a private screening organised by Aditya Chopra. He just said ‘well-done’. He needn’t say anything more than that because I was expecting him to come out and say ‘you messed up’ or that ‘you need to work harder’ but I was content when I heard those two words. That was the point when I felt I had done a good job.”

 [sridevi and arjun kapoor]

“I don’t owe my success to anybody. Eventually it is you who has to make it. It’s unfair to owe your success to somebody else”

 [mona kapoor images]

“I spent two months convincing Ishaqzaade director Habib Faisal that I can be Parma. Imagine, there’s a film based in Dubai and I am convincing its maker to cast me as a local by proving that I belong here in Dubai. Nothing was easy.”

[arjun kapoor pics]

“The baggage of weight loss has gone. Now my focus is to look fitter and be more active.”

[arjun kapoor twitter]

“ There was a time when it was upsetting to look your best. It’s a time consuming process because you often think you look a certain way but then you realise that you don’t when you look into the mirror”

[arjun kapoor photo]





Ishaqzaade Trailer

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