Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Bollywood is no stranger to interfering actors.

Actors have been doing this for ages.

As you all are aware, there is a current battlefield happening between Kangana Ranaut and whoever she has wronged or whoever think they have been wronged by her.

On one side, there are these people and on the other side, there’s Kangana.

This is not a Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut debate, so if you are going to dive about that in your comments, please don’t your comments will not pass. Keep it strictly about the topic on hand. If you can’t, stay away.

This is about sexism in Bollywood and how the men are irritated when they get stung by a woman. Technically, they are not really stung. They just can’t take it if the woman gets credit or takes credit for the film. They act like if that woman left them for another man and took all of their money!

We want equality, right? So how about these men who were wronged by these male stars come out and speak about it? How come they never came out with hate towards these male stars? Because they would never dare to! They know their career would end right there and then!

So that’s why they have no problem to pick on a woman who has no power to harm their career. Now, don’t say that it’s because she stole his credit and all that. All of below actors have done more and some, worst!

If we are missed out anyone below, drop us a comment and we will add it to the list.


Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Shah Rukh Khan – Zero

Shah Rukh Khan – Dilwale

Aamir Khan – Most of his films

Aamir Khan – Stole Taare Zameen Par right from the true director and writer of the film, Amol Gupte

Hrithik Roshan – Most of his films after KMG

Saif Ali Khan – Agent Vinod

Shahid Kapoor – Most of his films after JWM

Akshay Kumar – Used to be known as the editor because he edits out his co-stars’ scenes

Salman Khan – Almost all of his latest films


These actors have:

Sat in the editing room

Fixed what the editor has worked on

Decided on the shots/scenes to be used

Decided on who will be cast in the film

Decided on who will be their leading lady

Told the director how to do his job

Given the director or producer sleepless nights

Been there during pre-production and post-production.

Stolen credits.

There was an actress, who once said that a director cannot handle it when the actress gives her opinion in front of everyone on the sets. Maybe it was Kangana or PC.

Image result for frowns gifs

So when an actor interferes, it’s fine because he is invested in the script. But when any of these actresses interferes, they are called “difficult” or a “b!tch”.


Rani Mukherji – Aiyyaa

Rani Mukherji – Hichki

Rani Mukherji – Mardaani

Kangana Ranaut – Simran

Kangana Ranaut – Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Kangana Ranaut – Queen

Kangana Ranaut – Manikarnika

Priyanka Chopra – Mary Kom


Honestly, the most serious case of credit-stealing has to be Aamir and Amol.

TZP was Amol’s story and he worked on that story for years. Aamir took credit as the director and got all the praises and accolades for this film.

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

At that time, this was what Amol had to say:

We were all very proud of the film. Then we had a wrap-up party. And that’s when Aamir announced he was the director of the film. That’s when I got to know of his intentions.

Has this betrayal made you stronger and wiser?

It has made me question myself. Where did I go wrong? Had I not been there throughout the shooting for every take including Aamir’s wonderful performance, I’d have understood that I’ve gone wrong somewhere. But I’ve enacted lines for all the actors in TZP. It hurt a lot. But I didn’t want a confrontation.

How different is the final film from what you shot?

What I shot and what you saw aren’t different at all. My narration is the same as the married print. Of course, Aamir was there with me throughout.

And he didn’t shoot anything on his own?

Yes, he re-shot the first six days’ material. I didn’t participate in that because I stood by the rushes of my first six days’ shooting. However, what he shot wasn’t radically different from my style.

The standard inference is that the project was taken over from you?

I don’t understand this business of taking over. When I was around how could the project be taken over? What would any competent director be doing for 109 shooting days? It makes no sense at all.


Did something happen to Aamir after this? Was he called a witch for doing this? Did the media stand by Amol?

Image result for nope gifs

That’s why it is appalling to see the amount of hate that Kangana Ranaut has been getting from all these men she has worked with. In her own words, Kangana once said that when she signs a film, it is written in her contract that the director and producer have to agree to work together when making the film. As in, they should welcome her interference, something like that.

According to her, she truly wants to collaborate during a movie-making process and that she is not a director’s actor! If any director or producer don’t agree, they shouldn’t sign her own. In fact, Aditya Chopra didn’t agree with her so he didn’t sign her for a film, which was probably ‘Sultan’.

If you, as a producer or director, agreed to an actress’ terms where she states before working on the film that she wants to collaborate and work together with the director, then whatever happens afterwards is your responsibility.

Don’t agree or give her hope if you have no intention of giving her what she wants!


Why speak out just before the release or after the film has been released?

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

So, after getting her onboard and letting her work on the film, why do they get so pissed off after the film has been completed and about to release or has been released?

Don’t they realise that they are hurting the film?

So much money is involved and so many other actors’ careers are involved and yet, all they care about is talk about how Kangana destroyed the film or stole their credit.

They are treating the film like if they are children playing at the playground and things took a turn.

If because of all their badmouthing or criticism the movie fails to recover its cost, most of the people who worked on the film might not get paid.

Some people who worked on ‘Bombay Velvet’ have not been paid till date. Don’t know if their fees were settled, but that was the case.



Image result for frowns gifs


For ‘Simran’, they claimed she stole the writing credit and didn’t deserve it. They didn’t realise that they were fighting for a story that should have had more story to it. It had less spice, as in it could have been better. For ‘Manikarnika’, they are now fighting on who directed the film! All this while the movie is breaking records:

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Krish has worked with Nandamuri Balakrishna in the NTR biopic as well. Do you think he would dare to say Balakrishna had more power on the sets of this film and ghost-directed some parts?

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

He did abandon ‘Manikarnika’ to go and work on NTR’s biopic. Now after the film released and he saw it, he probably suddenly realised that he also directed this film hence he wants even more credit for it. Even if it means, throwing Kangana under the bus.

Whatever Kangana must have done to him, he was paid to be a director on this film. Unless, his fees weren’t settled, he should take his opinions and comments to the producer because the producer too had a big hand in deciding how things would turn out.

It is really highly unprofessional for them to do that.

Sure, if Kangana’s results proved to be a disaster then the producer can blame her. But, he also cannot fully blame her because he gave the go-ahead to her to take over the project when the director left.

The film has come out and most people are loving. So why are they all fighting? Who is getting something out of this? Most people don’t care! If the film is good and if WOM really spreads, it will recover its money.

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

So far, WOM has been really good, which explains why the collections got better after Friday.

On Friday, it was said that the opening was lower than expected.

The writer of ‘Simran’ was so happy that he shared the following:

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Then, today he shared these:

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Seriously? It’s like he has been sitting and waiting for this movie to drop and for this to happen to let it out. But to be fair, he has been tweeting against Kangana ever since the ‘Simran’ thing happened to him. We did cover it at that time, but then it was found that even he stole someone else’s work. So what was he whining about?

According to Kangana at that time, the director of the film was pissed off at him and decided to put Kangana’s name in the writing credits together with this writer’s name. The director purposely put Kangana’s name first as an additional writer’s credit and then put this writer’s name. The director did agree with Kangana then and said that this writer was over-reacting.

Question is, would Apurva dare to raise his voice if any of the male stars change his script or took over? Will he be able to be openly mad at them? We don’t think so! He wouldn’t even dare to open his mouth if Aamir or some other star changed his story.

Apurva forgot that he was also accused of stealing credit, which was for the National Award winning film, ‘Shahid’. He never responded to these accusations. Basically, it was the same thing that he said Kangu did to him, he did to someone else.

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

That whole story about ‘Simran’ and who deserved the writing credits got its own post so it’s useless to speak about it now. But this reminds us that Apurva too was OK with Kangana being given a credit, then later he flipped.

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Even the director of ‘Manikarnika’, Krish has been going on and on. Before the release of the film, months before, he was fine. Now what happened? He keeps on saying how he wanted Sonu Sood, but Kangana thought his role was too long and not relevant to the story. Maybe Krish promised something to Sonu because soon after Krish left, Sonu left too. Apparently, some shirtless intro ala Bahubali style was shot and then, Kangu and the producers didn’t want it in the film.

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

In all of this drama, thankfully Ankita Lokhande got her debut on the big screen. In an long Instagram post, she thanked everyone who made it possible.

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Interfering Actors in Bollywood

Surprisingly, she didn’t thank the film’s director Krish. Wonder why?

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142 Responses

  1. Anamika says:

    Guys if you haven’t seen Kangana’s latest interview then you need to check this out.
    She is pretty forthcoming and clearly speaks out on most of the controversies surrounding Manikarnika. And best part is she isn’t denying anything. Quite clearly as reiterated by the interviewer Jagarlamudi person had been approached for his version scores of times last year when Kangana took over Manikarnika as a director but he apparently refused to speak up. And he had apparently abandoned the project and he wasn’t taking calls or showing any interest on how to take it forward till it’s release so it was the producers’ joint decision to ask Kangana to salvage it else the movie would have been shelved. Finally once Kangana had come on board then it was entirely her discretion as a director how she wanted to take things forward.

  2. Ananya says:

    @Admin, this is the first time I’m so disappointed by your article and feel there’s a bias. I’ve never felt bad even when you’ve taken digs at my faves on their blinds bz I enjoyed your attitude. But this article screams a very wrong message.

    This is NOT about gender. Kangana always plays the woman card when it’s not that. How many people can be lying or jealous and against only one actress? Or like say you mentioned here two actress? It’s not like actresses don’t give input. From what I’ve heard Priyanka, Deepika, Vidya, Anushka all do that. They have difference of opinion with directors too. But no one came out against them too, or rather repeatedly.

    Imagine tomorrow Kangana is the accused in a Me Too kinda case. Will you come up with such an article saying, see Salman did it, Srk did it, Ajay did it, Kangana is being picked bz she’s a woman? That’s ridiculous!!!

    Just bz they did wrong, it doesn’t give the right to someone else to do the same wrong. One wrong doesn’t justify another wrong. Apurva was right in saying, feminism is not about taking all the bad things male gender did and doing the same. That’s pseudo feminism.

    And yes I’m someone who believed and stood by Kangana when all the previous incidents happened. I too thought its bz men can’t take a woman’s power. But seriously there are other women in the industry who uses their power effectively for their own benefits and for some good causes as well. So this is NOT about woman v/s man.

    I had trusted her last time bz Hansal Mehta stood by her against the writer. I was like the director is supporting her so she ought to have the truth and maybe Kjo is pulling strings against her. But then during this Manikarnika ficaso, even he tweeted against Kangana and then deleted it. A detailed article on what happened during Simran also came to light some time back. Hansal and Kangana was also not on talking terms, and he kept mum for the film and bz studio asked him to. Since you found time to check Apurva’s timeline you should have come across his response to the screenshot of Hansal’s deleted tweet.

    And about your argument, I don’t think anyone is unaware of Aamir TZP issue. True media always go by silence or pr articles. Maybe despite Amol speaking up he didn’t get justice. But by speaking up Krish is also not getting justice. But I’d applaud these two directors for talking out rather than dealing with it silently. Back then social media wasn’t a rage otherwise I’m sure Aamir would’ve been dragged badly and he would have immediately taken actions to protect his image or being careful the next time. Just like the Me Too issues right now.

    And except their fans, everyone else trolls, passes judgements against what happens on Salman sets, the Remo issue or Srk dilwale issue etc. If any one of those directors are willing to come out in the open, I’m sure there’ll be same uproar by neutrals and audience. In fact I’ve seen many openly acknowledging the failure of Race 3 or Zero are because of Khan interferences. So that’s really really a blanket accusation to make.

    That said I understand Kangana pov somewhere. May be she didn’t want to go through a Khilji situation and wanted the film to be only about her. But then yes, a film doesn’t work like that. No one is asking Tantya or other characters to be as important as her role. But when you’re depicting history each character deserves its due. By giving other characters justice doesn’t mean the main lead will fall short. Unless the director gets biased or swayed like Slb did with Padmavati. In this case, I don’t think that’s the reason. Bz kangana herself admits she hasn’t reshot her sequences much except an intro and reworked some already shot scenes. Other actors in it also agrees her portions are almost the same only other characters went through transformation.

    And no, when an Actor, like Sonu or Mishti come on board, give their dates to a film and is promised something they ought to get it unless the director feels changes needed for the film and can convince the actors for it. From Mishti words she’s truly cheated unlike Sonu who had a chance to choose if he still wants to do it or not. If you’re taking one Ankita’s post of praise and absence of praise for Kangana and Krish, isn’t it unfair? I mean majority is saying the opposite but you’re closing eyes to it?

    And any Kangana fans here, it’s not about me being a fan or hater. I’m sorry if my stand hurts you. But I’m done with power politics everywhere and honestly is rethinking on every fave these days. Everyone is disappointing in one way or the other.

    • Original anon says:

      On point👍

    • LondonThumakda says:

      Ultimately its a case of he said she said. When I first read the Krish interview, knowing nothing else, it sounded to me like the producers and Kangana basically elbowed him out, said his services were no longer needed and proceeded to reshoot stuff. But the general narrative in the media is that he abandoned the project to do the other Telugu film leaving the producers in a quandary and Kangana stepped up to finish the film. Now what is the truth, who knows? Will we ever really know? Each side is now claiming credit for 70% of the film and apparently Krish has only been paid 30% of his agreed price. For now the producer and writer are standing by Kangana but as you said might have happened in the Hansal Mehta case, that could be because they are eager to dispel the negative press around the film’s release.

      Btw I don’t follow this Faridoon person but Pinkvilla at least seems to have taken a firmly pro-Kangana stand its obvious in the way their articles are worded, they’ve posted an interview with Kangana and all the comments are fiercely defensive, but not along gendered lines but along insider/outsider lines. i.e. Kangana is being picked on because she took an anti-establishment stand on KWK and is the ultimate BW outsider.

      Its funny you should mention Padmaavat I saw it again on a long flight yesterday. I know I’m in a minority but I still think Padmavati was mesmerising and the perfect counterfoil to Khilji – quiet, cautious, thoughtful yet powerful in her own way…Some parts of the film are a drag on the second and third viewing but every scene that featured her had me riveted 🙂 I miss watching her on screen so much, this hiatus she’s on is really getting on my nerves…

    • Nars says:

      The truth of the matter is she took over as director. The studio wanted her to take over. Ever single call and decision from that point became hers. Krish was not objecting the decision for her to direct the patchwork, the rework and all other final works from that point in time. Direction is not limited to what was shot. She had manage a full set for 45 days. Two DOP, an action director, costumes, music, vfx, post production, the works. This is not even a case of interfering actors. This is the fact that a movie got a second director to finish the film. From that point it becomes her film too.

      Mishti can be upset that her role got cut but doesnt give her right to say Kangana is self obsessed/insecure. Other actors like Ankita and Jisshu got more screen time.

      Anyways Kangana also struggled and got her roles cut, got replaced in movies and all. She’s been in the industry for more than 12 years. She isn’t new to this world. This plain disrespectfulness to her contribution to the film is unfair. Hate her whatever but totally unjustified of Krish and co. to do this now.

    • Lucy says:

      Why is it so difficult to accept that she did what others expected her to.doesnt it happen in other sectors,for ex the Vfx of 2.0 was screwed up by the first company,and the director and producer spend more on a second company to do the vfx.and you can go and check who got the vfx credits,the first company or second.if at all krish Sonu mishti have a problem more than kangana it’s the producers who are responsible for their grievances.same with asrani,he cannot fight his own battles that he keeps dragging Hansel.hansal in his twitter statement made it clear that he would not like to revisit the episode.asrani is doing what kangana does with the hrithik issue,not letting it go until it consumes them.

  3. Anamika says:

    Though I am a huge admirer of Kangana’s acting prowess, I must say that without practicing a certain amount of tact/diplomacy it will be difficult for Kangana to continue maintaining her stand in Bollywood in the long run. But then again (deliberate?) lack of diplomacy has become her trump card and the media plays that up every time and I guess even Kangana knows that her interviews are hugely responsible for marketing her movies, since her movies do not have any open Bollywood support. So I don’t really know what her long term game plan is but to me it looks damn risky without any goodwill apart from that of her fans. Personally I respected the way she stood up to the arrogant bullish brattish Jr. Roshan. Till then it was fine. She had enormous support even within the film industry till then. Her undoing happened after she (unnecessarily) called out Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar. That I feel was not required. Deepika has always been fake and polite in her equations with the film industry folks and Karan has always been rude and mean to people who are outsiders and not successful, so there was no point in calling these two out. Rather Kangana could have used her new found super stardom after Queen and TWMR to her advantage. For some reason she didn’t choose to do that. Also raking up the almost forgotten Roshan episode again in 2017 purely for Simran promotions, that was her biggest foolhardiness. It totally backfired. She is a brilliant actress and the best we have had since Madhuri Dixit and Kajol in the 90s (Kajol’s work after the 90s is nothing worth mentioning). I hope Kangana continues to shine brilliantly in her movies and be part of commercially successful movies as well because ultimately that’s going to be the basis on which she will be judged.

  4. Shefali Shah says:

    At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if the movie made money or not. Behaviour does not matter! Why do producers and directors tolerate these interfering men — coz they bring in money. The moment they stop bringing in audience, they will be forgotten. Just like how Rajesh Khanna – the megastar – was forgotten!

    Unfortunately Kangana has 6 flops in a row and Manikarnika with all its greatness, did not do the business it was expected to do. Yes it made 60-70 crores but the budget of the movie was big and the movie did not get the kind of support from Bollywood that it was to get. Imagine not a single insider tweeted about this movie.

    We fans are delusional to think that the movie is a hit. Sad part is along with a great movie, we are actually losing a great actress too.

  5. Anamika says:

    As I keep saying it will not make any difference to the audience if she is a witch or angel in her personal and professional life. For most audiences it will only be her acting prowess and entertaining power on the screen which will matter. And if she is indeed guilty of manoeuvring wrong and manipulative games then Bollywood should and would eventually be her judge and stop giving her work. Because Kangana Ranaut is famous for her acting talent and her fastidiousness in taking control of her movies. I mean if I am aware of this as a Bollywood outsider who is a normal random movie going audience then I am sure each and every Bollywood insider (producers, directors etc) is absolutely aware of this and should apply discretion before signing Kangana. It’s not necessary always about man vs woman but if Bollywood decides not to work with her but continues to work with Aamir, Salman etc then I as a woman will be offended and I will feel this is because they are men and men can be wrong and get away with it in Bollywood whereas Kangana being an unapologetic flamboyant dominating woman who has tremendous pride in her craft is being pointed out and sidelined. The guillotine cannot fall differently on the necks of people depending on their stature gender power etc. If it is indeed a revolution of absolute good over manipulation then all who are guilty must go to the gallows. Nobody should be spared.

  6. Neena Verma says:

    I don’t buy this story. We all are intelligent enough to get certain sense of right and wrong. We should not make everything women vs men. It is not . Not every actor tries to be a director and writer at the same time. Kangana is the only one who tries to wear as many hats as possible without much training. Let’s see if she directs any other film than this one or writes a story for any other film. Usually before signing anyone , we need to know about the person’s craft well. Only time will tell if people would like to work with her. or not and that will authenticate her manipulation tactic.
    I am convinced that I am right in understanding her. She is a good actress and she should remain so. If she wants to pursue her career as a director or a writer, she should do it independently. A person can be wronged one time but not all the time and if they are then something is seriously wrong with the person. Let’s wait and watch
    Saying that she has no power is wrong. She has lots of power and she has established her connection with all the powerful people.Be it Sadhguru or Narendra Modi.

    • Lucy says:

      Technically if you have followed the news,she wanted to debut with teju but after her flops she couldn’t get financing.she herself gave interview.manikarnika she had to take up as the producers couldn’t find a replacement,they had found one who ran away.with simran my understanding is that she signed the film after they assured her she will collaborate in every department.she said that publicly after queen.why expect her to be just an actress when she has repeatedly mentioned in print and media that she will collaborate on every technical aspects.

    • AManda says:

      Just adding here. After Padmavat’s success, Deepika has included a clause in her contract that she will have creative controls over the film and she will have a final say at the editing table. That’s why DP has been very picky about her next film. She took a long time to decide her next movie which is based on acid attack victim.

      I think all the actors (all male actors and now a few female actors) tend to include clauses to have creative control over their films especially when they have given a blockbuster as a main lead. After Queen became hit, Kangana has made sure her directors know that she will intervene if needed. So if she wants to make changes ,as per her contract she will be allowed to do it.

      Among the A list actresses, I find only two of them pretty lazy and who like to piggyback on male actor’s success. They are Kareena and Katrina. Do you know why many of shorter roles in Khan films or AK’s films go to these two? Because these two accept big films with big stars but with shorter roles as long as they get to dance in one or two hit songs.

      I don’t think DP,PC,Kangana will take smaller roles in big films…. They are already working with small time directors where they get to play meaty roles.

  7. Anamika says:

    ‘M’ I believe in speaking about things as they are, rather than commenting or rather uselessly and unfruitfully ranting after others talent because of so called “filthy” attitude, since like I said Bollywood is a filthy place and so are most professions and most actors in Bollywood as most other professionals in different professions do employ filthy tactics if they can get away with it. And as I mentioned above most do get away with it. It’s your decision how you interpret it. It’s just like saying one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fightor. And I feel more than you or me its for the people of Bollywood to see that justice is done by not offering work to people guilty of filthy tactics. Sadly that’s never happened and it’s not happening no matter how bad you or anyone feels about it. In Bollywood as in other professions and as in life in general people ultimately recognise and remember only two things – talent and success. And that Kangana has, so irrespective of everything and anything else she is continuing to work with some of the best in Bollywood, in films which revolve around her.

    • Lucy says:

      So wonderfully put,also by now the whole industry knows that she can never be only an actress on a film set.still they keep going back to her,I remember kangana was attached to manikarnika before news of Krish directing it broke out.its clear that kangana was more important to the producer than krish.krish should understand that though he made a masterpiece the film ultimately belongs to the one who financed it ,and whether they uplift if or destroy it is really their call.he can certainly take the production house to court,but as of now seeing these people reacting like they all are helpless around kangana and can only vent on Twitter looks like they target her because she is a sort target.most of these people can do what Ashwini did,draw contracts that there will be no interference from kangana and the final edit needs to be approved by them. I didn’t hear of any issues on mental hai Kya and panga,I wonder what’s stopping these people from doing the same.

    • Anamika says:

      Exactly my point Lucy. Nobody is forcing anyone to take Kangana in their movies. But directors and producers still want her in their films. And these are no B grade directors or producers but the best in their field. And like you said by now it’s pretty clear that Kangana will not be content just playing a lead role and she will try to look into each and every aspect of the movie and try calling the shots. Kangana here’s admitted as much and even went on record to say that was the only she and Aditya Chopra didn’t collaborate on a movie because he said he would not be ok with her involvement in every aspect of the movie. Other producers and directors can also choose not to work with her if they feel they wouldn’t like her involvement. It’s very simple if you want to keep it simple. However if you deliberately want to make things controversial to suit your vested interests like Jagarlamudi character and Apurva fellow so be it.

  8. m says:

    why is kangana expecting discounts now. if she can call spade a spade so can others.

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