India Today Unforgettables: Rani Mukerji & Anushka Sharma

Before we move to The Actresses Roundtable 2018, there is this video you have to see first. It’s an interview session, like actor interviewing actor kind of session. We have seen about 3 of these so far and our favourite has to be the Anil Kapoor episode with Hrithik Roshan and our least fave has to be this one: The Rani and Anushka episode.

India Today Unforgettables: Rani Mukerji & Anushka Sharma

You know when Rani got together with Aditya Chopra, people in the industry joked how she thought she became the Malkin (Lady Boss) of Yash Raj films. Sajid Khan even publicly said in one award show that the reason Kunal Kohli decided to stop working with Yash Raj after his film ‘Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic’ was a massive flop at the box office was because Rani took over and started ordering him around the sets to direct the film the way she wanted to!

Initially, we thought it was a joke because Rani still behaved properly in front of the cameras. When Yash Chopra passed away, again these news reports started coming out on how bossy she is. Actually, it wasn’t that she was bossy, it was more of her trying to show others that she is in charge. That desperate need probably comes from nobody paying attention to her or people thinking less of her. Obviously, the flak she received for trying to break and breaking marriages must not have been easy on her.

In this interview, she comes out on her own, which in her case, is not a good thing. Her true self comes out, we mean. This is the first time we have seen Rani Mukherji like this and we are saying this as fans, who have watched her grow in the industry. This is who she has become now!

In this video, Anushka and Rani were supposed to interview each other. Instead, here’s what you get:

  • Rani being extremely bossy and restless
  • Rani taking control and directing Anushka all through this
  • Rani made this all about herself and her life story, flattering herself to death!
  • Poor Anushka looking like she was made or forced to sit there and listen to her mentor’s wife blabbering on and on…
  • She criticises Anushka’s looks and says the same thing that her husband dearest said about and to Anushka. It seems they both share the same opinion, but is it the same for Vaani Kapoor? Did they jointly make the decision that Vaani should go under the knife and change her looks?
  • After she was done with her story, she went on to narrate Anushka’s story. Like, for real?!
  • And lastly, our favourite part is when she orders Anushka to tell her which are her favourite Rani’s performances or films and after that she will tell which are her favourite Anushka films. Mindblown!
  • Overall, she is basically the star of this interview with Anushka as the guest spot artist.

You have to see this interview if you are a fan of Rani and cannot believe how she has changed. Though on second thought, it doesn’t seem like she has changed, it’s more like she now can afford to be herself in public. And, it’s all thanks to the power that her husband holds in Bollywood.

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Based on the new interview or discussion that has come out, it does appear to be that Rani is those types of women. You know who are those types? The ones, who always support the men and blame the women.

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Even when Anupama Chopra asked her if actresses should be paid more than they are now, Rani said a big fat NO. She went on to argue, why are these actresses bothered about this? Why does it disturb them that they don’t get the same treatment as the men in Bollywood?

She added that she did not have time to think about all that because she considered herself lucky to be cast in films opposite big stars. Now let us remind you that in this interview with Anushka, Rani mentioned that she never wanted to be an actress and couldn’t care less. Why would she be in awe of these actors if she never wanted to be an actress? Kind of silly to shift the blame to the ladies, but we all know her husband is a producer so obviously she will support his doings more than her female counterparts.

Frankly speaking, it was insulting that she didn’t think these actresses deserved to be paid better or to have a better hotel room on an overseas shoot.

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If you think about it, she must have her reason to be this way. This is how life is for her. Ride on other men to get to the top. So obviously, she will support them, right? Men can do no wrong, it’s all the women’s fault. Wonder if she feels the same way about her? Let’s ask Govinda’s wife! Or Aditya’s first wife! Wonder what Rani would say then?!

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Honestly, cannot believe that we rooted for her once!

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We feel for the people who work for and with her!

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14 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Never trust a woman like Rani. She and the likes of Savukar Janaki (very old South Indian actress who in her time dated a smuggler, and assorted married men) are marriage breaking gold diggers. Of course they will diss #metoo.

  2. Kiran101 says:

    Long long ago i read somewhere that Rani is always using maa ben ki gaalis and pretty crass in real life. It did not seem very believable then…but now. what did Adi see in her to dump his wife and marry Rani ? why did he not just stop with affair…i mean if he is having an affair with Vani…he may not particularly love Rani in an exclusive way aneways .

  3. Zara says:

    Some people age gracefully and some turn into rani!

  4. Alcie says:

    what?! she was with Govinda! Yuck! her track record of being with married men is just as bad as PCs. Yet she acts all righteous. No one bought her story about getting together with Adi post his divorce.
    @Nefarious – she escorted?! this seems far fetched given how she was a successful A list actress. It seems like her generation of actresses all compromised, except for Kajol and Tabu?

    • crazyworld says:

      Tabu dated the married Akkineni Nagarjuna for TEN years before leaving him because he refused to marry his wife.

      Kajol though is the only one i haven’t heard anything like her being an escort or dating a married man.

    • nefarious says:

      @Alice, from what i hear Rani did escort stuff. Remember she made her debut with Raja ki Aayegi baraat. B grade stuff. She was forced into movies by her mother as they werent doing well financially. Ive read that one of the reasons for Kajol and Ranis lack of bonding is becos Kajols dad dint help them out when their chips were down.

      Rani has really uplifted her family’s and her own status through her talent and other “side stuff “

  5. sharuna says:

    rani was a nothing before she married adi chopra, this is how people change after marrying a movie baron. Showing off her attitude to all and sundry.

  6. Neep says:

    In her heyday Rani was this bubbly, friendly, tactful young woman, the favourite of the Khans . I don’t diss her for that, she did what needed to be done to get ahead. And she could act. But now the same Rani wants present day actors to deal with sexual predators by attacking them physically. Did you do it Rani? No, like everyone you handled it by ignoring it or accepting it. Stop being self righteous and downright annoying. Let’s have the old fun Rani back.

  7. Deep says:

    Rani was always like that..she just hid it better… go back to her KWK episode with Kareena..the way she took potshots at Priety after acting all bff with her….I like her very much as an actor, just don’t bother about the real self…

  8. Two cents says:

    Anyone watched the actresses’ roundtable with Masand? Rani was so obnoxious in every way. Her take on the Me Too was shocking!

  9. Fact says:

    Nice bitchy, toxic post. I will not mind such posts if such posts were also written for Admin’s favourites like Deepika and Kangana. Almost all the actresses in the films are used to riding men to the top but you are posting as if only Rani has done that.

    • Admin says:

      Instead of deciding our favourites for us, go back and read about the others we have written about here as well. And also, Rani is being mentioned because of what we said. This is not some random pick-on-an-actress article.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kudos for giving this reply.

        I know it’s an accusation you face often for some or the other celebrity. You always ignore it. But good you gave reply.

        Fact is someone who comes across as very vengeful if it’s a person she hates. I mean I understand dislike for a celeb but the kind of adjectives she comes up for someone she hates has appalled me always. I’ve seen that attitude towards admin too. It’s like she doesn’t know the basic respect to be given to someone else, not just celebs.

  10. Nefarious says:

    Nice post, Admin
    Agreed, Rani has become so full of herself. I guess it also comes from being treated second best to kajol and doing all those escorts stuff followed by being given a royal snub by the bacchans, now she feels she must brandish her new found power and respect. This is the single most annoying factor abt PC. But look whose interviewing her. She also seems to wanna prove things to the world

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