In case you were wondering!

The makers of ‘Student of the Year 2’ must have already known the outcome of the film, which is why they thought it was alright to have the mother of their young female newcomer give a story with a headline like this:

In case you were wondering

And some media houses even ran with this story, like if there were nothing else to talk about!

Maybe Ananya’s mother Bhavna felt the need to clear this off her chest hence this story now after more than 20 years.

For those, who don’t know. Chunky Pandey was quite the happening star back then. Not happening in films, but among the ladies. He was quite famous for his serial dating habits, frequently changing girlfriends.

Bhavna was the last girlfriend, obviously. Then they suddenly got married after dating for a short while of dating only, so that’s why people were wondering at that time. Also, while they were together, Chunky was spotted with a broken arm. When journalists asked him, he said he fell off the bed while having rough $ex. His exact words, we are not making this up.

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Speaking of Chunky. He was once on the Taran Adarsh show and shed quite a few tidbits from his life. His parents are both doctors and they expected him to become a doctor as well, but instead he went on to become the Shah Rukh Khan of Bangladesh.

Then, he told this story about how he was not getting any good roles for a while and was unemployed when he got a call from Sajid Khan and Akshay Kumar, who told them they are making a film with Chunky as the lead.

Chunky got excited, but then when he got the script he realized it was a more or less 15-minute role in a ridiculous film called ‘Housefull’. To him, he said they played a prank on him.

In case you were wondering!

Man, these people sure have a different sense of humour! More like a mean or bully kind of behaviour.

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Now that his daughter has made her debut in one of the biggest disaster of the year and has gotten the most praise for her portrayal, wonder if things will be different for Chunky? The same way it went for Aloo’s papa and Tiger’s daddy. And let’s not forget, Hrithik’s papa. It’s nice when kids make this happen for their parents, but not so nice when the parents take advantage of this newfound spotlight.

Let’s just mention here that there’s a song from the film where all the guys train for the upcoming game. These training sessions are the same ones that Navy Seal guys go through. You know the Navy Seal guys? The ones who caught Osama Bin Laden. One of them wrote a book about it and explained in length what their hardcore training is like and it’s pretty much what the guys in this film are doing.

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If we are not mistaken, they are training for Kabbadi not for the next American-planned war! So much over drama. Probably just to show Tiger at what he does best.

In case you were wondering!

Speaking of Tiger, people and critics are now realizing that acting is not really his forte. All he is good at is action and dancing!

In case you were wondering!

If your audience is realizing this, you need to work on it. At least, Hrithik can act but all Tiger does is get Hrithik’s facial emotions and other than that, there’s nothing else.

Speaking of the audience, this girl asked Karan Johar to pay attention to the story now because even in ‘Kalank’, there was no story. The same girl went to see this film to check out the student life and came out disappointed. She also joked Tiger can’t speak out his dialogues and can’t even lipsync properly, most probably it’s dubbing!

In case you were wondering!

This lady was laughing like if she accidentally watched ‘Housefull’. We secretly think she snuck in something in there, which explains why she was high when giving her review. She’s a big fan of Tiger, it seems.

But she called it, timepass meaning maha popcorn. Theatre owners take note, this could be the next popcorn title to sell.

In case you were wondering!

Another girl said there’s no logic in the film, so you don’t have to waste time wondering why Tiger is flying in the air.

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On one hand, you have mixed reviews and on the other hand, there are people who loved it. Like really loved it. Fans of KJo, as they call themselves!

One audience member started off by saying the film is awesome then went on to say there’s no dept and that he is really disappointed with Tiger! He said Tiger got no emotions and is the same.

Man, then he went on a rant about how Tiger is disappointing in this film. Tiger, just give this boy his money back! Or do a somersault for him!

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We wonder if these people just watch films for timepass or do they watch it because they want to? It’s almost as if they didn’t see the trailer beforehand and went blindly to see the film.

In case you were wondering!

And lastly, like most people online said: ‘Student of the Year 2’ was made so that ‘Student of the Year’ would look like a masterpiece. That’s what everyone is saying, the first one is the best.

In case you were wondering!

Now the most important question, did you go and spend your money on ‘Student of the Year 2’?

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Also, there was this reader, probably the only one, who said the film will work because it’s for young people and they like this kind of stuff. Well, now you know. Even Tiger’s hardcore fans want him to do something different.

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25 Responses

  1. Dree says:

    Does chunky come from a wealthy background? How did he manage to stay relevant enough to kjo all these years?

  2. Miss says:

    Chunkey Pandey said that eww.
    There were tweets on how a girl was waiting outside a movie hall asking for positive review. She said she was from Dharma.

  3. leaps says:

    so when dharma makes a shit movie with star kid making a debut how does he get people to stop talking about how bad it is ?? well simple spread an outlandish story about them so people talk about the star kid but now how bad they are as actors

  4. Anamika says:

    Not trying to go off topic, but it’s getting pretty clear by now that KJo and his Dharma Productions is going the Subhash Ghai and Mukta Arts way. For the uninformed, back in the day Subhash Ghai was a force to reckon with, what with his magnum opuses multi starrers Karma, Ram Lakhan, Khal Nayak etc all golden jubilee bonafide superhits. He was actually termed as the Showman of the Millennium, a title held only by Raj Kapoor. In a career spanning two decades, Mr Ghai had just 2 flops. It was a dream run at the box office till 1999. Come 2001, and the tables turned irreversibly, irretrievably with Yaadein, one of the most colossal failures ever considering it was mounted on such a lavish scale. As a hard core cinephile I cannot help but observe that Karan Johar too is getting nipped in the bud in pretty much the same way as Subhash Ghai, as the reason behind their downfall is the same – a failure to connect with the audience of the current generation. Ghai could never recover his fortunes. I am curious to see how things turn out for KJo though.

    • abcd says:

      i hate to say this but as a matter of fact that though kjo/aloo though are terrible human beings; they are quite street smart people. i am sure that by 2020, they would be back in swing as people/environment have now changed a lot. but i do hope from the bottom of my heart that brahmastra fails as they have wronged many human beings.

    • Ron says:

      May be Takht will help him. I do not know. Do you think so?

  5. Shefu says:

    For some reason, I like interview of Bhavna and Ananya in Punkvilla β€” quite cute. Reminded me how my mom was my best friend when I was 20. Bhavna looked like his elder sister and quite plain and simple.

    Not a big fan of this inner circle of Bollywood but they were refreshing. Let’s see how she turns out ..!

  6. Joe says:

    ” Chunky was quite happening this days..not happening in the films but among the ladies”

    “SRK of Bangladesh ”


    As the name, so the deed..CHUNKY

  7. Drina says:

    Loving this article as it is written in a hilarious way. This article is more interesting to read then watching the movie .

  8. Aura says:

    Lol… heard about this Chunky P being the ‘Shahrukh Khan of Bangladesh’ on some YouTube video. However none of my Bangladeshi friends could tell who Chunky Pandey is. Older generation perhaps. He did some small roles in a few C-grade movies over there.

  9. Monalisa says:

    @admin You do read every comment and remembers them too. I saw you referring to my prediction of how Tiger fans love this type of stuff so the movie will work on his stardom. I was kinda right. A movie that was trolled and bashed mercilessly opened at 12 crores. A double digit opening. Day 2 is going to be 13 crores. Have to see how the movie perform on the weekdays to say wheather the movie is a flop or not. If it does not crash on the weekdays can get a hit tag because this is not a big budget movie. Needs 80 crores to get a hit tag. So far the movie made more money than Badla and Lukha Chuppi’s (other two movies of the year that were declared hits under 100 crores) day 1 and day 2. A bit too early to call Soty 2 a disaster box office wise. Most probably the movie will not cross 100 crores but still can get the hit tag. Lets wait and see.

    The reviews are pretty bad a lot of movies trashed by critics do become huge hits so you never know.

  10. Lol says:

    The interview with Bhavana and Chunky was quite pleasing tbh if you see the entire thing. And the honeymoon baby thing was said as a sweet anecdote.

    Check out the full interview from SpotBoye’s YouTube page

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