In case you were wondering how Salman Khan survived jail

Now that Salman Khan is out of jail, numerous articles have been coming out about how he survived jail and what he liked and hated while he was in jail. This particular article had a part that had us blink three times and look again because we couldn’t believe that this is what they actually wrote! Check it out below if you are wondering what we are talking about:

In case you were wondering how Salman Khan survived jail

Guess this tweet by Salman when he got out made so much sense based on what he had to go through in there!

In case you were wondering how Salman Khan survived jail

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41 Responses

  1. pooja says:

    @admin ….This one’s extremely off topic . I know i might get trashed by many ppl for speculating about this or asking this one. So ranveer is a bi sexual right??

    The more i read about bollywood the more i realise 3/4 th men in the industry are bi-sexual like ranbir, srk, varun , akshay…etc

    I’m asking this since i’m curious and it’s not my intention to demean any of the men mentioned above. I totally respect these people for who ever they are.

    • Admin says:

      Not that we know of…Never got that vibe from him..Anyone?

    • naughtytrini says:

      He seems and smell like all man to me πŸ™‚ I can tell these things πŸ™‚ he loves his women.

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      I never get such a vibe from both RS or Arjun. Never even read a blind even. They are known to joke around say such stuff. I think this speculation started because of gunday. Even during Gunday promotions, RS and Arjun used to say the movie is not about a romance with PC but a romance between both of them. They even won stardust best jodi award for Gunday. And when promoting Arjun’s movies on twitter RS used to say he is Arjun’s Ki (Ki and ka) and he is Arjun’s be full girlfriend during half girlfriend promotions. I don’t think if they are gay or bi, they will openly say such stuff and joke around about it. They will never behave in such a way which will raise to such speculation. They are actors, they will hide it like Sid does. Look at the way Sid try to portray himself as hetro with all those realtionship drama with Alia and Jacky.
      Sona and Alia may have said it in jest, because they have won best couple award and stuff.
      They were good friends way before they became actors. If Rs and SLB has a thing RS would be his muse not DP. Slb is known to yell at RS on the sets but never yell at his muse DP.

    • Mo.nalisa says:

      I don’t think it is true. I never got the vibe. That is just mere speculation. Rs and Arjun jokes around a lot about their relationship because of Gunday. Even during Gunday promotions they will say the movie is not about a romance with PC but it is a romance between us. They both won the best jodi award in stardust awards for Gunday. Maybe that is why people like Sona and Alia crack such jokes about them calling them best couple..etc..
      They were friends way before they became actors and they are both known to say such stuff out of line. I feel there’s is a bromance. If SLB love RS so much, he will be his muse not DP. And SLB is known to yell at RS on set while he never yell at DP.

  2. kiran101 says:

    I do not mind Bollywood sucking upto the BHAI ….we all know how BW is …who only bats for money/power. If only they shut their potty mouths and not talk about women/child abuse and animal abuse, giving free discourse on morality and animal/Human welfare, trashing policies and politicians.

    These people have no right to talk about crime, rapes , how inefficient justice system is when they are actually backing a abuser of human rights/women/animals and also a murderer just because his blessings will be on you.

    Be openly selfish , do not turn into a human rights activists when it suits you. Where are open letters by the way… swara Bhaskar…what does this make you feel like ?

  3. Helen says:
    These are real people experience, almost all have written same kind of experience with her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not surprised on the experiences people had with Kareena. She is illiterate shallow person and has world view the size of a pea. Right now she is not even relevant.

    • Monalisa says:

      It seem all actresses whose names start with a K are rude, arrogant and full of themselves. Katrina, Kareena, Kajol..

      Kareena is very transparent. You can tell she is cocky, full of herself, arrogant even from her interviews. not suprised by these fan moments.

      • Nam3less says:

        Kangana XD?

      • shivanisd says:

        Twinkle also. Admin the old problem is back. Poojas name and email were autofilled when I made this comment.

        • Admin says:

          Oh no…Looks like we have to change the plugin if things don’t get any better..We have tried everything, but let’s try clearing the caches again and see if it works. One last chance, if it doesn’t change then we will have to try another plugin. Thanks for being patient.

    • Monalisa says:

      Even Anushka

  4. Nars says:

    He probably rarely takes shits cause his head is full of it.

    Whi wrote this crap? Malika?

  5. Monalisa says:

    @admin Is there any truth to the claims of SK fans saying he is innocent and he is protcting someone else. Even Simi Garewal, tweeted that he is protecting someone else and he did not pull the trigger. And she re-tweeted tweets of bhai fans, articles on how Saif’s father was in to blackbuck hunting, how nawabs like to hunt..etc.. Throwing major shades at Saif. And they threw Tabu under the bus by claiming she egged him to shoot.

    • NewGirl says:

      Salman said that himself on Koel Puri’s show. It wasn’t him, but he wouldnt name who did either.

      Sallu taking the fall for Saif Ali Khan? HA!

      • Rashmi says:

        with great difficulty believe. Salman will say anything to purify himself. The same liar as the impotent Hrithik. they are both entangled in their own lies. If Salman is so noble to hide the name of the criminal, how did it become known about the Tabu ? Salman’s lawyer said that this Tabu incited, this information he learned from Salman? The lawyer was not on this hunt, who shared the information? and why does not somebody mention the name of the shooter?

        • Nars says:

          Creating stories to protect his image. He hunted and killed those animals. He was one running to halal them. Those animals can never be halal if the country you reside in has a ban on huntng. But how can he knOw? He is not a wise or honest man.

        • Shivanisd says:

          Impotent hrithik…lol!! Now goldengirl will come here screaming at you.

    • Lovelylibran says:

      This story even I have heard from a reliable person.. That Amrita Singh,Saif’s then wife, pleaded to Sallu (as he is her Rakhi brother) to save SAK as their kids were young and what will happen to her and the kids if he goes to jail…. While SK on the other hand was unmarried.. So apparently, he took the blame. My reaction was if that’s the truth, then SK is a fool to do so!!

      • Rad says:

        @Lovelylibran – This sounds some bs concocted by a hardcore SK fan. First of all the guy who killed people in hit and run and made his driver scapegoat took fall for someone else? And considering whole of Sallu’s family depended on him, even now does, who has more at stake. And saying ‘I didn’t do it but I won’t tell who did’ is so obvious and kiddish, its laughable.

        • Lovelylibran says:

          Could be.. When I heard this version..I just laughed and said I don’t think he’s that foolish and gullible that he would take someone else’s blame on his head and screw his life.

    • Amanda says:

      Its an attempt to protect Salman… There were a lot of eyewitnesses who saw him hunting…. If the person who accompanied him has told that it was salman who shot those animals…… SK fans want to protect salman at any cost…
      Salman also lied during hit and run case… They put the blame on the driver and in the court the driver’s testimony was changed and that’s how SK got free…

      Salman used to hit his GFs and then deny it completely in the media… He is a liar…

      • Lovelylibran says:

        Just received this forward message..

        Source: The Independent, written by Peter Popham

        A short distance out into the wild the group spotted a chinkara. Salman Khan took a rifle from the bag, aimed and fired. The wounded animal ran; Khan leaped from the car and chased it on foot and shot it again. When it collapsed, someone took a knife and cut the deer’s throat. Soon afterwards two more chinkara were spotted. *Khan shot again, wounded one of them, then jumped out read a Kalmaa and slit its throat while the deer struggled and cried and finally died.*

        They took the two carcasses back to Jodhpur, where staff at a local hotel were roused from their beds and obliged to clean and cook them for the party.

        If any of the villagers in the area of the hunt heard anything that night, they kept quiet about it.

        Aroused by the feeling and to project about his macho image among females in the *Hum Saath Saath Hain* brigade of bollywood..

        The party, led by Khan, went out hunting again and again: on the 27th, the 28th, the 30th. No-one breathed a word. These, after all, are the kings of Bollywood, *India’s new maharajas, and they do as they please*

        By day Khan strolled around the Umed Bhawan Palace topless, baring his glorious torso; management implored him to cover up but he ignored them.

        By night he and his friends hunted. Who could deny them? Who would have the courage to stop them ? *Reportedly, A word of warning was conveyed from the family of erstwhile Jodhpur Maharaja* to stop this misdemeanor. It was ignored by the self styled Maharajas of Bollywood. Barjatyas were also conveyed about the displeasure and warned through the team of local Rajput community in tourism and travels but were ignored.

        On the night of *Thursday 1 October*, though, they became reckless: they strayed on to the Bishnois’ land. On this night, inspite of warning, Salman Khan after few drinks of scotch down his throught again took the wheel himself sounding his authority and abilities.

        When they were 20km from Jodhpur heveered off the road into the country of the Bishnoi.

        Five kilometres into the fields they spotted a group of blackbuck, beautiful dark brown antelopes with white underbellies. Inspite being few drinks down Khan braked quickly, grabbed the rifle, took aim and shot the deer in the leg. But before he could dispatch the animal with his Swiss knife, local Bishnoi farmers, roused by the noise, were out of their houses to find out what was going on. The jeep drove off at speed, but when they came across another group of blackbuck, Khan could not resist having another go
        This time an animal was hit in the neck. By now the Bishnoi were giving chase on motorcycles – seven on three machines – and though one bike was knocked over by the Jeep, the farmers were able to record the number on the plates.
        Despite the confrontation, the actors seemed to keep faith in their status, that their celebrity status would ensure they were left alone. As the police complained was launched by farmers that same day and bullet ridden body of Blackbuck was produced as proof, the investigation started.

        This time the erstwhile Jodhpur Maharaja did not shield the self styled Maharaja for his felony and continuous mischief.

        Even so, on October 12 Salman was arrested and charged with killing three chinkaras.
        Killing the blackbuck and chinkara, both Schedule 1 animals on the endangered list is a violation of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972,Add the cooking of the meat of endangered species, which invites punishment up to seven years. Now everyone including the Barjatyas were pleading and requesting to intervene and save the culprits.

        Bishnoi representative had already met the erstwhile Jodhpur Maharaja and requested him not to influence the law proceedings. As per them the unstoppable *Game of Blood* was continuing since 4-5 days. Their deity was insulted and butchered. Even there children chasing the jeep were knocked off and injured fatally.

        The calls of pleading from Bollywood were rejected by erstwhile Jodhpur Maharaja in *favour of his own sons of soil*.

        The bollywood sent threats to boycott Jodhpur for film & shooting locations including Umed Bhawan Palace.

        The charity and projection of good deeds of Salman increased and were professionally marketed.

        Khan made a movie *’Veer’* on his expense to indirectly insult the Maharaja with various double meaning dialogues directed at Maharaja and his family.

        His charity, his good deeds to the community and his big heart as projected cannot be used to defend his criminal offences in those days. That’s really inappropriate. You cannot defend a criminal by saying that he does good things now and had turned into a good man. Justice has to be served for what he did. The Bishnoi community has made big sacrifices to continue the *battle against the beast.*

        From JODHPUR DIARIES ( As heard from a retd Umaid Bhawan Staff )

      • Monalisa says:

        @amanda @rad So SK and his fans are trying to create doubt in people’s mind. But why did someone like Simi openly made such allegations? And they threw Saif and Tabu under the bus. Both of them should sue these fanatics for slandering them in public.

        • Rad says:

          @Monalisa – Why is the whole of Bollywood standing firmly behind SK? Not just bollywood, anybody who is anybody is supporting him. Only the public is angered by his disgraceful acts. Who is Simi? Just another bollywood product who has to suck up to the biggies in order to survive. Surely Saif and Tabu are involved. They were there right? They probably just didn’t actually pull the trigger that’s all.

    • goldengirl says:

      @rashmi you are so obsessed with Superstar HR. You cant stop thinking and talking about him. Drag him everywhere. Well KR and her bots are so obsessed wit the Greek God. Btw HR is not impotent like you and your KR. He is not a liar , a criminal and not a stalker like KR. Its miss vivid imagination who believes in her own lies. Get a life hater.

  6. Rahul says:

    Damn you guys, I was having dinner.

  7. Pooja says:

    Hope karma will hit him hard.

  8. Amanda says:

    I hope he relieved himself as soon as he was free..πŸ˜‚. Not doing that for two whole days is not good for his health πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Journalism has reached so low… Don’t they have other important stories to tell? Giving commentary about minute details such as this is laughable.. Thank God, they didn’t report farting news… πŸ˜€

    Another important thing that made me laugh is that,someone asked Alvira an autograph at airport …. Seriously… What has Alvira done to deserve this?
    Has someone read arpita’s tweet? .. As per her someone is jealous of sallu’s achievements.. Seriously.. The bishnois are least concerned about sallu’s stardom, let alone being jealous…. BTW, when this incident happened, sallu wasn’t that big star as he is today… Moreover, he was too rude to them when he was called to police station.. I saw that video clip.. How can people love and support such an egoistic, rude, criminal man….. Hey bhagwan……

  9. naughtytrini says:

    Hahahaha poor baby πŸ™‚ Bet he is spending lots of time in his toilet now, no time for Kat…. unless she is a toilet person too :-0

    • Monalisa says:

      @naughtytrini You fogot Iulia.. she was photographed going to church to pray for Sallu!!

    • Humpty Dumpty says:

      he dumped on Deepika because well she infact a toilet person

    • goldengirl says:

      @Shivanisd says this obsessed rashmi means IMPOTENT KR. lol

    • goldengirl says:

      @Humpty Dumpty says lol kat fans abuse DP just because they fail to defend user toilet person kat. Above is not a DP fan . How can Salman dump DP when they never dated? be logical in your hate and don’t drag DP or any other. Shitty kat fans in kat friend’s word.

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