If You Have Bad Body Odour, Stay Away From Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh came back from Switzerland recently and he has already been at two product launches. Since this one is all about toothpaste, Ranveer was asked if he has something against people with bad breath. The thing with Ranveer is that even though he’s being paid to be at this product launch, he still tries to give something personal that doesn’t sound robotic. He also talks about how he makes sure that his personal hygiene is on point. It’s quite an unusual situation because Ranveer hugs and kisses all of his fans and the people he meets. Here’s what Ranveer said about what bothers him about a person.

Ranveer Singh Interview

If You Have Bad Body Odour, Stay Away From Ranveer Singh


Ranveer Singh on what is a major put off for him

Bad breath is generally a put off… I’ve said it many times in interviews that I’m not judgmental about people, I don’t discriminate… Even body odour, I’m fine with, you know, I feel like that’s a person’s natural smell, so be it. But if there is one thing that I cannot bear, is bad breath, I just… I can’t do it.


Ranveer Singh on taking care of his personal hygiene

I make sure that I am and that my breath is fresh at all times when interacting with people. I’m very aware of it and I make it a point to have fresh breath.


Ranveer on how he wishes more people get on the good breath team

I hope a lot more, many people, men and women of all ages, be conscious and aware of their breath and make sure it’s smelling nice and attractive.


Ranveer on what girls tell him about his features

A lot of females that I have the good fortune to interact with, tell me that I have very small eyes, that I have a very big nose, that I don’t have the greatest facial features in the world, certainly not something that would immediately qualify you for the silver screen. But they do compliment me on my smile. If there’s anything about my face that works for me, it’s my smile.


Ranveer on having OCD

The thing is, I’ve got mild OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder), so it’s not just waking up in the morning, it’s pretty much after every meal, sometimes when I need a boost of energy, even when I’m shooting films on a set, you’ll literally find me in the corner of a set with a bottle of water, brushing my teeth.


Ranveer on how lazy he is

I have trouble waking up in the morning, so I wake up almost like a dead body, I’m almost sleep walking till I brush my teeth… I wake up in the morning all groggy and like I hate everyone, I don’t want to go to work. And then I brush my teeth and suddenly I’m awake and alive.

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    That’s my perfect guy, who loves cleanliness.

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