Come and Watch: Hrithik releases new music video


Check it out below:

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Sorry! We thought this was Hrithik but it turns out it’s Tiger!

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Remember how we once joked at how fast Tiger is turning into Hrithik after working with him in ‘War’? How he is also now using Hrithik’s bronzer to get him that same matching skin tone ’cause who wants to be fair & handsome anymore?

While most of us have been sitting around doing nothing since the lockdown began, Tiger decided to try his hand at something he has always wanted to do, something he dreamed of doing: singing with the help of auto-tune!

Of course, Tiger has the money and connections to indulge in his hobbies but why go for singing and end up using auto-tune, bhidu?

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So now, Tiger’s producers can save money by hiring him to sing his own songs. Way to kill more jobs during the pandemic!

FYI, here’s Tiger in 2012:


And here’s Tiger in 2020:


You don’t just morph into your idol and mentor Hrithik Roshan in 8 years. Even Harman Baweja could never morph into HR, as much as the media wanted him to.

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If we are not mistaken, there was a blind item right before his debut. It was about this star kid and the physical changes that he has gone through before he made his debut. The changes were so drastic that his friends joked he doesn’t look the same as the picture in his driver’s license.

As we once mentioned, Tiger is replacing Hrithik’s spot in the industry. HR is no longer that fit to carry out action roles so here comes Tiger! He is replacing that void left by Hrithik by replication everything that has to do with HR’s mannerisms and looks. Sadly though, his acting skills will not even be close to HR’s capabilities so as a person Hrithik is still in top form!

Oh, note there’s no chumma chaati in the song? Because of you know who: Covid-19! Luckily, Emraan Hashmi has stopped making this his bread and butter or else…

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Anyways, how do you like Tiger bhidu’s singing debut?

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3 Responses

  1. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    I am also one of those who thought it was HR ! No point in looking like a pale imitation of anyone .

  2. abcd says:

    Nothing will happen to Bollywood people. They might have already approached ambani by now. Do their movies, attend their events and in return escape unscathed from all of this.Matter will be closed and for namesake some small fishes would be punished.

  3. Nefarious says:

    @Admin: Whats your take on Anurag Kashyap’s controversy. I dont know much about the man.. is he a predator? I think you had posted a blind about how he was into S&M, ..altho that implies nothing within the context of the MeToo allegations…Am assuming he has been around,but with consenting parties,the only other blind about him was about him and anushka,where ppl from her society caught them making out..but would you know?is there any truth to this?

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