How To Clean Your Dirty Oven

Most of us will snare when it comes to cleaning the oven. You can always find an easy way to do things. It is important to take advantage of the little shortcuts that can save your time and energy without sacrificing the good result. Apply this when cleaning the oven as well. The hardest part of cleaning the oven is to get rid of the baked-on black stuff inside the walls of the oven. The black stuff is actually carbon. Here are the easiest steps on how to get the hard stuck carbon off from your oven.

Things That You Need To Clean Your Dirty Oven

  • empty spray bottle
  • baking soda
  • funnel
  • damp cloth

Steps To Clean Your Dirty Oven

  1. First, put 3 heaping teaspoons of baking soda into a spray bottle using a funnel. Use water to unclog it if the baking soda clogs the funnel. Then, wash the baking soda into the spray bottle by filling water down into the funnel. Fill the bottle with water. You will notice there is some baking soda which already can’t dissolve that has settled down at the bottom of the bottle after the bottle has filled up. To dissolve all the baking soda, simply shake the spray bottle. Sometimes, some of the baking soda will get left behind in the bottom of the spray bottle as residue when all of it dissolves.
  2. Make sure that you are not using the oven for awhile and the oven is cold. It makes the cleaning process easier and it’s better for your safety as well. Spray the baking soda and water solution on the black stuff. Repeat this one or more time a day.
  3. Keep spraying wet baking soda on the top and sides of the interior of the oven between meals. You don’t have to stop using your oven by the time being just for this process. You can use your oven as you normally would. Do not worry about getting baking soda in your food as it is among the prime ingredients in many recipes so you should do so inadvertently. As you are using this technique, the black carbon that stuck inside of your oven will flow to the floor of your oven and settle there as a black carbon powder that can wipe away.
  4. It is advisable to choose a suitable time to do this process as your oven will look like a mess. When the oven is cold, wipe your oven with a soft damp cloth. Remember to let the baking soda accumulate so that it can do its job to break down the black carbon stuff inside your oven. Try not to wipe down the oven prematurely as this can remove the baking soda as the active clean ingredient.
  5. Repeat the process until the black carbon is getting rid off. You can also use this technique to clean the carbon that is baked on the casserole dishes as well.

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