How does the media know this?

This piece of news below has just been published by DNA. Some other websites have also been reporting the same thing. Others have chosen to take the blind item route when describing these two. So now, the question is how did the media know about this? How did they find out what’s happening between these two? If the paps were there, we would have gotten photographs but there are no photographs. Plus, no one will sit idle in the early hours of the night to report something like this without getting any evidence.

Check out what we are talking about below.

How does the media know this

How does the media know this

By the way, is Ayan Mukherjee some sort of pimp for Ranbir Kapoor? We remember he was the one, who got close to Katrina Kaif before these two embarked on an affair together. For quite some time, he has been very close to Alia Bhatt. Even going to the lengths of dropping her at the airport when she had to leave for outdoor shooting. It is strange, considering how Ayan cares about who Ranbir is with. The fact that Ranbir and Alia are hanging out together shows that Ayan has something to do with it. Ayan is probably there with them as well because he’s the ultimate kebab mein haddi. We doubt Alia and Ranbir are doing these things on the sly!

For us, God watches everything we do, but for them, KJo watches everything they do!

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38 Responses

  1. kiran101 says:

    hey guys… people who are accusing a lot of us as PR. example Stefii and Anisha… the insiders of bollywood . Maybe they can give us some scoop on this matter. Their silence is deafening.

  2. Deep says:

    I have never got Ranbir’s so called CHARM… I find him to be a walking-talking advert for STD’s… and I am not kidding…..

  3. Hmmm says:

    Ugh Dumbir is such a overrated weirdo. His parents are just as nuts and overly possessive of him. As for Alia she is just as stupid as Kjo , Aryan , Dumbir. She is so desperate to be a superstar she happily goes along with these very obvious PR games. She gets zero sympathy from me. I mean Ranbir is coming out with his own blind contradicting this linkup. They are not even on the same page for β€œpromoting” this film. The problem is that these people are uneducated and think educated people like us believe their PR crap. Why don’t they just concentrate on making a good movie rather than this PR drama. Let the movie speak for itself.

  4. adaora says:

    Ranbir should shut his parents once and for all they have almost ruined his career with their motor mouth, they keep going on and on about his randy ways, his mother attacks any woman he is sleeping with and his father says it is okay he sleeps around like a promiscuous he goat. Those two will grant interview to any idiot who shoves a microphone to their faces.

    Retards begat retard.

    Ayan is also there shooting his mouth left, right and center, a real confirmed leech, he is nobody without Ranbir, every one has bashed him because he cannot zip it up. Every woman he has dated has one thing to say about that he is the neighborhood d*g and his silly father gleefully goes about saying that he is a stud. Alia should please keep it professional before his parents shreds to her pieces in the media.

    Ignorant mutants..

    • leap says:

      oh they cant do that to alia she is a star kid mahesh bhatt’s daughter i doubt they will treat her as badly as they treat girls who were outsider in bollywood

  5. Pooja says:

    Ayan is malik jafar of rk’s life.I see him around rk he behave like servant opening car door for rk to tell media don’t take pix same service he provide his gf like in mami film festival he doing for user Katrina like bodygaurd pulling chair for her pushing media ppl opening car’s door.

    • Nimi says:

      Hahaha spot on! malik kafur of so called the next IT guy of BW. Except he’s not the next ultimate thing. Stopped being back in 2012.
      Also ADHM was solely for Ranbir and to resurrect his dying career. The film had all the tried and trusted formulas for success by Dharma productions. KJo acts like he is the pimp/Godfather/Don of BW.

    • prvilla says:

      @Pooja This particular comment of yours had me in splits!!Too funny yaar..God damn

    • Monalisa says:

      @pooja Ayan is indeed Malik Kafur in Ranbir’s life. This is the most apt description of Ranbir-Ayan relationship. LMAO! I mean for god sake, he tagged along Ranbir and Kat on that Ibiza trip even.

  6. Samantha says:

    1. Brahmastra is KJo’s production n quite an expensive one…he ll do anything under the sun to make his co stars have a non existent relationship (for cheap publicity).

    2. Ayan is to Ranbir what KJo was to SRK.. Only Ayan s more creepily involved wt Ranbir.. thats not only being gay, but being creepily obsessed wt Ranbir (rmmbr, after Ranbir Katrina breakup, Kat leaked out blind items tht he was caught sniffing Ranbir’s unwashed underwears).

    3. Pity on Alia! First, link up wt KJo’s Toy Boy Siddharth Malhotra, now for sake of Brahmastra, fake linkup wt drug addict Ranbir! All cos KJo gave her the dream launch n keeps being her sugar daddy! Doesnt she feel extremely suffocated leading such a miserable life?

    • prvilla says:

      Nope she takes her frustration out on other possible threats or rivals,especially if their easy targets(such is the case on her snide remarks regarding kriti sanon most recently)!And guess what she gets away with it because of her sugar daddy/aunty kjo and his vicious gang and not to mention powerful industry backing and pr ka baap yeah that’s that!Used to like her man but lost all bachi kuchi respect for her after seeing the disgusting politics her and her vile gang plays!

  7. Monalisa says:

    Even if any woman is (un)lucky enough to marry Ranbir, she will have to put up with his over-bearing and interfering mother and loud obnoxious father as well as the ultimate kabaab mein haddi Ayan. God give this woman a lot of patience and strength. The power Ayan has over Ranbir’s relationships was evident when Ranbir was having second thoughts of getting back together with Kat, he was the one who supposedly talked him out of it.
    I thought Ranbir by now would have learned the lesson that all his relationship drama is making people hate him more instead of making him look like the stud of bollywood.

    • leap says:

      considering the double standards of kapoor lad parents have I doubt they would have ever allowed kat ranbir to marry. Neetu didnt attend the Christmas lunch that kat went to with ranbir that is utterly mean. Ranbir has seen his mother suffer at the hands of his dad he is never going against her. Any girl hopeful of wanting to be kapoor bahu needs to see the India’s most desirable episode with simi with ranbir as guest and hear them and take a Uturn on wanting to do anything with that family . Kat is better off without him to be honest

  8. Lisa says:

    It’s Karans PR. He always does it, apparently Ranbir even got angry at both karan and alia because he was being portayed in bad light.

  9. kiran101 says:

    what isthis guy Ayan’s deal ? And somehow the royal kapoors are okay with this?

    • leap says:

      ayan is to help the kapoor’s keep an eye on ranbir

      • kiran101 says:

        and yet still under his watch…he is doing all this. This appears like a creepy scene from pulp fiction…. where one person gets sadistic pleasure by watching another man doing others.

        • leap says:

          Ayan is keep an eye and report to them not to set him on the correct path. true they are sadistic people kjo is the biggest Parseltongue in BW

        • Nimi says:

          Ayaan is like the present you get if you go with Ranbir kapoor. Ranbir swings both ways so Ayaan might have some hopes IYKWIM πŸ˜‰
          Also Neetu trusts Ayaan only. Thats been confirmed multiple times. Ranbir’s dirty secrets are all known to Ayaan.

  10. Amanda says:

    Admin, what about Ranbir and Mahira? Today i read this news-

    • Admin says:

      No, it’s fake.

      • Amanda says:

        Ohk,,.. Then Ranbir and Alia news is true i guess….

        Sometimes I dont understand why actresses are so eager to hook up with ranbir… What charm does he have… His films are flopping,

        • Admin says:

          Kapoor chirag…name and money…what else?

          • Amanda says:

            None of the Kapoor Bahus had it easy… Ask Babita or Neetu… Talking about money,is Ranbir earning that much… I mean his drugs and hooking up with prostitutes might have emptied his bank balance… I am not sure how much Rishi has made.. Raj Kapoor has a huge family and his property,,donno how much each one gets…. Naam to pet nahin bhar sakta na………. This Kapoor chirag can’t even sustain a relationship… Bhawaan jane kahan kahan se STD le aayega….

          • leap says:

            @admin so its true ranbir/alia ?? so much for being the smart one why do i feel like she seems to be open to any kind of relationship and an open one will suit the kapoor lad

          • Admin says:

            No one knows at this point. Really really doubt it.

          • prvilla says:

            IMO the chirag is slowly bhujo-fying!On a serious note match made in Kjo’s office!

    • leap says:

      To be honest I dont buy Ranbir and Mahira linkup as more than anything other than a PR move now i think it was over when the pics leaked. Compared to ALIA this link up gets him more attention. just go and see the number of views on pinkvilla look at the numbers of views the fizzle out story got compared to something brewing between him and alia. To those who know mahira from her start we know she gets along with all her co-actors hangs out with them and you see them post pics on their Instagram so her hanging out with ranbir is no different. Also the last para sounds like kjo doesnt it lol.

    • Rad says:

      This sounds like an old news rehashed. Seems to be totally irrelevant now.

  11. leap says:

    The amount of control ayan’s has on ranbir’s life is unhealthy and why ranbir allows him to do that is beyond reasoning. You can see him gloating in his interviews about it. Ranbir in an interview has said ayan believes an actor has to be miserable in life to be a great actor also he calls him up randomly to talk about his career. Ayan is in ranbir’s life to ensure ranbir self destructs his relationships Ayan in my opinion is sadistic of the highest order Ayan uses ranbir as his muse and somehow i feel he sabotage ranbir’s personal life on purpose because he cant have Ranbir to himself so he cant let anyone get close him

    • Rad says:

      The way Ranbir uses and throws women, does he even need an Ayan to sabotage his relationships? I would think he’s an expert himself. Also RK is not so innocent that he will be oblivious if someone is so close to him and is destroying him.

      • leap says:

        true. Also why do actresses go after him when everyone under the sun knows kapoor khandan have zero respect from them. Look at rishi bragging about his fathers affairs those ladies are grandmothers now show some humanity. Also neetu herself an actress will find her ladla a richh nri bahu so these ladies better save themselves sometime focus on career and find some other man worth them

        • Monalisa says:

          Also the way Rishi bragged about his son’s conquests saying Ranbir is still young and he should have fun and his infamous comment calling women a,b,c and how they come in and out of Ranbir’s room without knowing about the other one’s existance. (The a,b,c comment was said around the time Ibiza pics got leaked and he was asked about Kat). Not to mention all the backhanded comments Neetu made about his ex gfs like calling some women come with scissors to cut families (directed at Kat), Ranbir sometimes get in to things he don’t know how to get out of (talking about his relationship with DP). This is the way his parents talk about women, I’m not surprised Ranbir ended up the way he is. What if someone talked about Ridhima the way these people talked about other people’s daughters. Disrespectful to women the whole family is. This all started from the time of Raj Kapoor and Ranbir is continuing his grandfather’s legacy.
          Kat, DP, Mahira and all the other ladies Ranbir threw away after dating them should thank their lucky stars that they did not end up marrying him and becoming a Kapoor bahu.

          • leap says:

            when a man Brags about his elders conquests I cannot even pretend to be surprised at him bragging about his sons its a disturbing behavior. Neetu being an outsider, actress herself being rude is odd and shes a hypocrite. .I agree I dont hold ranbir entirely responsible for how he turned out I mean think being a kid knowing his father is screwed up was cheating on his mother and was abusing her. both Dp, mahira were naive as outsiders so were fooled easily by ranbir. DP was intelligent enough to cut her loses short and dump him and focused on her work now look at her. Mahira back home already had a successful career, has a eye for good content hangs out with all of her costars ranbir is no different but trusting the kapoor lad was foolish on her part and gladly wasnt fooled for long. Kat on the other hand I think made a calculated move from salman to ranbir but I wish he had not wasted 7 yrs on him. Kat knew he was a cheater also with the remarks his parents passed I mean no girl deserves that to be honest she should have dumped him long ago

          • Monalisa says:

            For Neetu her son is never at fault and other party is always at fault so she has to justify her son’s actions so all the comments about his ex gfs.
            Even to Rishi Ranbir is never at fault. Look at the way he bashed Anurag Basu and Anurag Kashyap for the failure of Jagga Jasoos and Bombay Velvet. Also the way he bashed DP and Sonam after their KWK revelations about Ranbir.

          • leap says:

            Ranbir has said neetu shared everything about her troubled marriage with him, Also listening to them fight for hours but it has allowed neetu ranbir’s unwavering support and the fact her will never go against her. look at bw and kapoor family history its filled with stories of affairs,cheating for a kid to grow up in that you should not be surprised at ranbir being commitment phobic . Also she has to ensure she has someone on her side in this case its ranbir so she will support him . Rishi isnt exactly a father figure you can expect to raise a normal kid compared to him ranbir is well behaved in public at least

          • Pooja says:

            I guess its karma user Katrina refer her gofldfather lallu as anyone same one same rishi giving her test of own medicine they never refer dp as a,b,c.

  12. bucketbot says:

    Some would say Alia is the ultimate kebeb mein haddi!

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