Holy Crap!

Those were the words the brain was screaming after watching the title announcement clip from Shah Rukh Khan about his new film. Take a look:

Holy Crap! Like for real, did you really see what we just saw? They named the film ‘Zero’. Let’s hope it doesn’t live up to that name.

Holy Crap!

What in the freaking Shah-Rukh-Khan-new-skincare-regime was that?

Somewhere, we have a feeling Katrina Kaif‘s and Anushka Sharma‘s vacations are going to be ruined as soon as they see this!

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26 Responses

  1. naughtytrini says:

    This movie will be bigger than TZH because SRK saving grace will be Kat of course. The two of them makes a perfect pairing and this movie will be a blockbuster. Salman was starting to die out but Kat came and saved him with TZH and she have more chemistry with SRK so that is why it will be huge. You all just wait and see. This movie will beat back all those movies.

  2. Pepeas says:

    W.T.F?! This looks like a Govinda/Salman mashup with a little person. Hire some good writers and technicians, please SRK. There are some excellent ones around making films like Titli. Pay them well and get a great script in place. Then, pick an interesting character to play, even if it’s a supporting role. Cast other superb male and female actors based purely on acting ability and suitability for the role. Screw your VFX studio and your SRK image on screen. Make it in a sensible middle-budget. Do a low key publicity campaign. You will definitely find viewers thirsty for compelling content. Find your passion and sense of risk again for good cinema, not just business and 100 crores!

  3. Hmmm says:

    Agree with the comments here about how bad this trailer is looking.. SRK has talent but by now he must have forgotten how to act as he churns out crap year after year. His pairing with Anushka is ridiculous and speaks volumes as to how silly and insecure he is. I saw some song from JHMS and cringed in embarrassment about how a 50+ intelligent man could attempt to act like a teenager. He has ZERO idea about how to manage his career. He needs to move on to older men roles quickly. Salman is a terrible actor but will have the action slot covered for the next few years and then his career will slow down as the audience realises he is too old to do action roles and too untalented to do serious roles ( Tubelight anyone!?) Aamir is smart and talented and has manoeuvred his career for longevity, something SRK could have done but he still wants to be a 20 something.

  4. kiran101 says:

    It took Amitabh Bachchan a few films and years to get a reality check. SRK will get his in due course. SRK should bring the actor in him… I was tired of his repetitive expressions in Dear Zindagi….his early movies were his best then then Swades he did really well and was in control of his emotions…thanks to the director.
    All these superstars should stop obsessing and competing with high budgets just for the sake of it. SRK should bring the actor out and shed the superstar arrogance…There is so much material out there that has great potential to be a good film. He attained stardom, Money everything …when else will he do real films. Its now or never.

    Stardom is meant to bring people to movies to realize the potential of a good movie. Any normal star can also bring people to movies in mainstream cinema if its entertaining. But these superstars abuse their stardom to make people watch Shit.

  5. Manisha says:

    He needs to rebrand himself after taking a serious hiatus to rejuvenate mentally and emotionally. And maybe come back with strong roles like his in Chak De and move away from “lover boy” because that time has passed.

  6. sharuna says:

    Hey vaghubaan Shahrukh what did you do again?

  7. Deep says:

    I bet even Tyrion Lannister himself (Peter Dinklage) would have done a better job here…..and the effects are not at all good.. .just an honest observation.. no hate….

  8. Amanda says:

    SRK is already walking through downward Hill.. He had come at a mall near my house for promotions of Harry met Sejal and I didn’t bother to visit.. My neighbor showed me a video clip and I was aghast after seeing it.. SRK looked so shabby with unshaved jaw, messy hair and ill-fitting clothes.. He was trying hard dancing to one of his film songs.. After looking at him in this avatar, I thought SRK has lost his charisma,.. He was never good looking to begin with, but he had certain charisma and was able to pulloff a lover boy roles pretty well.. Now with aging, excessive smoking and not so fit body, he looks miserable..

    • sarita says:

      Oh for god’s sake, stop it. your bias is showing. he has been on a low streak but can you name any one of the older stars including Devgan, Kumar or Roshan who looks good? Fact is, India needs to encourage male actors to act their age, all of them. But SRK is a legend because of the empire he has built and no flop can take that away from him.

  9. Nars <3 Kangana says:

    Y cant SRK get over himself. He as a midget he refuse to lose the “I am super-hero, No.1, savior, etc.” y cant he act like a normal, down to earth guy? like he did in Khabi Hain Khabi Nah?

  10. Golden girl says:

    I had great expectations from this movie. I like shahrukh not his fan but he is nice. I feel this first look us a disappointment so far. Only his height is shortened rest ( looks , dance , acting ) are the same. Hope movie trailer and songs proves me wrong.

  11. OddEye says:

    Sonam must be smiling real wide right now.

    • Pooja says:

      How is sonam related to this movie ??? I don’t think so she wanted to be a part of this movie or she was ever offerd a role. Do you mean in the sense that srk dosen’t get along well with sonam because of her statement on srk and srk subsequently being angry with sonam ???

      • OddEye says:

        She was rumored to be part of the film in it’s earliest stages. Apparently, she’s Anand’s favorite actress and he was hoping to rope her in until SRK intervened and recommended Katrina Kaif instead.

        From the stories afterward (aka her PR), it sounded as if Sonam was really disappointed but I bet after seeing this horrendous snippet, she must be sighing in relief!

  12. prvilla says:

    What in the mother of God did I just see?!I think my eyes need to be baptized..Lol

  13. MiaOh says:


    I have major second-hand embarrassment after seeing this trailer, and feeling SRK’s desperation in taking inspiration from 90’s Govinda.. This is worse than Amitab’s Suryavanshi type cheapo films before me accepted his old age and rebuilt his brand. One can only hope SRK will also reinvent himself, but I’m not holding out hope.

  14. Shanaya says:

    Everyone knows these tactics of guest appearances so that definitely won’t save the film. Appu Raja made in the 90’s starring kamal hassan looked classier than this crap.

    • Admin says:

      When Appu Raja was made, it was an original and a first. It’s pretty much what started Kamal Haasan’s obsession with playing multiple characters. Kamal was just an actor then, but he cannot be or play another Appu Raja now at this stage of his career and stardom.

      • Yello says:

        What’s your point admin? Even without any VFX, Appu Raja looked and acted much more convincingly rather than appearing to be a caricature and if there’s ever an actor who would take risks regardless of the stage his career, it is Kamal Hassan.

        • Admin says:

          Point is, when AR was created back then, it was some kind of magical and innovative experience. People all over India know Kamal Haasan as Appu Raja, that’s how powerful that movie was. Since then, there have been gazillions of the same types of roles so for SRK at this stage to try something new, it’s baseless. Unless the story is something amazing then maybe it might work but it should have been another actor, not SRK. Last time, there was a dwarf was in Jaanemaan and Anupam Kher played one. Everyone hated it! So, let’s see how this one works for SRK. VFX or no VFX, right now, it’s the story that is going to work for SRK.

    • Rad says:

      Definitely. Kamal Hassan being the thorough professional that he is, folded his legs backward at the knees and tied it to lose height.. And it looks so realistic. In this teaser though it looks like we are looking at SRK from afar so he looks smaller and the others are at normal distance so look normal height and these two clips have been joined. Totally cringe worthy.

      Yesterday I saw a press conference where SRK claimed that this technology has used for the first time not only in India but in the World. Good try SRK. Better luck next time.

  15. Lisa says:

    It really looks ridiculous. But the producers were smart to get big names like dp or salman as cameos in the movie. So box office wise it might work.

  16. Pooja says:

    My heart saying it will end srk’s career as lead hero n last film of Katrina happy for Katrina but feeling bad for legend like srk at this stage his career he shouldn’t do such film lallu was smart to rejecting the film

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