Hollywood Blind Item – September 2017

We don’t know much about this guy, but we are sure you are aware of who he is because of the multiple times he has been hospitalised. He’s also the reason why people know about Sizzurp and how these celebrities like to mix Fanta and cough syrup because they liked the way the after-effects make them feel.

The reason we are sharing this blind item from Blind Gossip is because things are not what are shared in this blind item. He actually tried to kill himself because he feels there’s nothing for him to live for. He has tons of kids by different women and he’s aware that all these ladies want is a handout from him. This is not the first time and won’t be the last. He’s currently going through depression and no one around him cares enough to help him and to get him the help he needs.


Hollywood Blind Item

Hollywood Blind Item – September 2017


Making The Pain Go Away

While this music guy blames his hospital stays on a medical condition, the truth is that he never winds up in the hospital unless he has been consuming drugs. Our source says he has been double-cupping it every day recently. He’s not just making the pain go away. He’s eventually going to make his life go away.


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Music Guy: Lil Wayne

Hollywood Blind Item – September 2017

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