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It’s been a long time since any Hollywood blind item has been posted here. So, we are breaking the hiatus today to bring you this Hollywood blind item. It’s about this couple, who has been in the news lately.

You all know who this is about, so let’s move on.

Frankly speaking, the day this news came out that she was suing the paper, we had a hunch that perhaps all this was planned from the beginning. From her side, of course. Her husband comparing her to his late famous mother. It all seemed planned.

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Truth to be told, no one had any idea that this letter existed. Also, why write a letter to her own father? Was her phone not working? What if the letter got lost in the mail, it would have been leaked anyways.

Worst things have happened to this family and this leaking letter thing seems to be a minor issue, especially when nothing scandalous was written in it. All she did was answered a few questions the media had and give her side of the story in this letter to her dad.

It’s funny because her dad has been complaining that she has been unreachable and yet, she writes him a letter instead of giving him a call and talking to him personally.

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Anyways, this is not good. She is messing up with the wrong people. She is so determined to go against them. Oh, well.

Let’s see how far she does manage to go.

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Hollywood Blind Item


Her Own Game

Just when you thought this couple was trying to behave themselves and polish up their tarnished image… they went and did something dumb again!

From an insider:

In the family’s view, the matter was a minor one and would have been completely inconsequential if she hadn’t sought to resurrect it and bring attention to it. A public law suit and a trial over such a trivial matter are in shockingly poor taste. It simply isn’t done.

It is difficult to describe the angst that this has caused. The family believes that she is the one who instigated this and that [Her Husband] is simply an unwitting fool for acquiescing to her wishes.

They are quite disturbed by her constant attention-seeking, as well as her puzzling need to simultaneously play victim and hero. None of those qualities speak to the quiet dignity which they hoped she would comport herself. There is not a single family member willing to come to her defence at this point.

She seems to think that this is a game and that she is outwitting them. She spoke of wanting to be part of the family, but has convinced [Her Husband] to break from nearly every family tradition in order to side with her and play this game with her. He has become almost completely isolated from all family members in the process. The situation is untenable. Unfortunately, there is no solution in sight.

Perhaps she thinks she is outwitting them… but all she has succeeded in doing is irritating them them so far!

We’ll see who “wins” in the end.

OSOP Guesses

Couple: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle


“We had no idea this was coming. It was a complete and utter bombshell, and I got the impression that London—Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, and Kensington Palace—didn’t really know it was coming either,” one reporter on the ground told Vanity Fair. “The communications team here looked shell-shocked when it broke. I get the feeling that most of them didn’t know this was coming, which might suggest the couple did this on their own or with a very select group of their advisers. The palace are saying the timing of the announcement was due to specific legal advice, but why couldn’t it have been tomorrow?”



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4 Responses

  1. My london your london. says:

    Why doesn’t the british media expose how Prince Andrew is actually a peadophile and involved with Epstein. Yet they pick on Meghan because she’s bi racial and not white.

  2. leaps says:

    well we will see how this story is told in the crown in the future

  3. Ratia says:

    Is Harry Charles’s real son?so many things r coming out or rather letting out about them, which that super secret royal (!) family could bury like their thousands sordid n disgusting takes r buried deep.what is the real story there,I wonder.

  4. whiskermole says:

    😒 Why does the family need to feel “angst” about this? Perhaps it’s they that need to get a grip. She is a free human.

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