Hollywood Blind Item โ€“ January 2020 – 1

This actress accompanied her husband and his brothers + their wives to a big event earlier this week. It was huge and prestigious and on top of that, her husband was going to perform on stage.

Anyways, so this actress obviously wanted to make the most of this occasion but….Things didn’t go as she expected!

As soon as people saw her and what she was wearing, they lost it! Everyone thought it was a bad choice of dress or whatever it was that she wore. She tried to make the most of it, though, but it fell flat!

We didn’t think it was a bad choice of dress, it was just a bad time! When we saw it, all we could think of is how comfortable it would be to wear this to bed! Just imagine, it looks perfect for nighttime. So comfortable! We felt sleepy just looking at it.

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Clearly, the actress wanted to copy or be inspired by this famous diva but the thing is, everything was different when the diva wore it. The material, colour and fitting were all different, which is why it’s the most famous outfit his diva wore. In fact, she recently celebrated this outfit last year by wearing it again. So just imagine?!

Anyways, that aside…The actress’ hubby and his bros released their new song last week and it’s quite nice and fun. We like it better than their first single and as usual, the actress is a little ‘extra’ in the song.

Back to this blind item…At least, the rumour of her getting surgery is not true. Technically, it’s not a rumour just a couple of readers mentioned here when the trailer of this actress’ second film was released that it looked she had some work done there. That doesn’t seem the case, anymore

Check out the first blind item of this year by BlindGossip. Good that she’s standing by her choice of outfit, that’s confidence!

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Hollywood Blind Item


Who Designed Your Outfit

Lots of fascinating outfits at The Grammy Awards! Some great, some not so great. There was a funny moment when a famous actress had to deal with a comment about her own confusing outfit.

Our reporter was getting ready to interview [Actress]. Her husband [Singer] was a few feet away talking to someone else. It was so noisy that you really couldnโ€™t hear jack unless you were close to someone and even then you practically had to shout.

A woman nearby was commenting on Actressโ€™ choice of outfit.

We were about to do the countdown when we heard this woman nearby commenting on [Actressโ€™] outfit. She obviously didnโ€™t like the dress. She was yelling to the person next to her, โ€œOh my god! Look at that! What the hell is she wearing? Itโ€™s hideous! It doesnโ€™t make any sense!โ€

It was noisyโ€ฆ but apparently not noisy enough. The Actress heard her and turned around to address the woman directly.

[Actress] looked at the woman and snapped, โ€œI know, itโ€™s gorgeous, isnโ€™t it? Who designed YOUR outfit?โ€

That shut the woman up. The Actress began the interview as if nothing ever happened.

That sarcastic little exchange did not make it to air.

OSOP Guesses

Actress: Priyanka Chopra

Husband: Nick Jonas



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2 Responses

  1. Universal says:

    Priyanka is trying really hard to fit in the Hollywood culture. From fake accent to dodgy plots for her shows to now this.

  2. Shruti says:

    That was a ridiculous outfit ! Why is this woman displaying her assets?

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