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So much has been written about this actress because she transitioned to being one of the most famous public figures in the world. In the form of blind items, of course!

So much has since been proven to be true! It’s actually amazing to see all this happening, from the time of their dating announcement to the time they got engaged to when they tied the knot and from the baby came.

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It’s really amazing! Remember when he said she didn’t have a real family and his family was the first time she spent the holidays with a real family? She has since managed to get him away from her first “real family”. Man, that’s quite something! And remember the time she said she had no idea who he was? Since then she has been very vocal and wanting to use his official title to further her professional life.

So much has happened, it’s even better than any TV show based on this family. Now things are about to get even more interesting since they are not really restricted. Let’s see how things move on for them.

And no, the husband is still oblivious. It’s probably the first time he feels he has someone he can count on so he thinks she is doing all this for his benefit. After all, he has been a bit lonely before so when she found him.

Let’s see. It’s not going to be easy, especially when she took on this family and they are known to never back down!

Speaking of which, there’s this show called Decades which feature the most iconic incidents that happened in every era. His mother’s death was featured in the 90s section and they said this: Everyone remembers where he or she was when she died. This is how famous she was! So, only someone who lived with no TV and radio would NOT know who she is!

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Let’s see what this couple has planned next. Will their famous Hollywood friends come to their help and offer her roles?

Check out this blind item from Blind Gossip. If she has good intentions, well good for him. But if not…Family is family and he can always go back.


Hollywood Blind Item


In the most refined, educated, cultured, polished, and modern way, this celebrity couple reacted to a proposed change to their branding.

Their reaction was basically, β€œWhat the fck? What the actual fck?!”

So if you read something about how they have accepted the change, roll your eyes.

They have definitively NOT accepted this change. They are furious beyond belief!!! This will cost them millions of dollars. They have sunk a lot of money into two-word branding, websites, trademarks, logos, etc. They are asking their attorneys if they have legal standing to fight.

Their rationale for fighting?

The word [redacted] is already being used on towels, on liquor, and on soda brands! They think they should be able to use the word the way they want to.

Maybe. However, fighting the husband’s family on this could potentially make a bad situation even worse!

It is possible that if they even signal that they are going to fight for that one word, the family could withdraw permission for the second word as well.

Meaning… the couple could have certain titles taken away from them and have both words of the trademark challenged.

Since the titles are pretty much all they have left, they might want to quit while they are behind. Better to settle for half than none?

Perhaps their time would be better spent coming up with a new brand.

In between all that yoga, of course.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been criticised by royal commentators over their ‘spiteful’ and ‘completely unnecessary’ statement after the Queen forced them to drop the Sussex Royal brand name.

One commentator even blasted their words as showing Meghan’s ‘true colours’ and said that he feared things ‘will only get worse’.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said they would drop the word royal last night before adding that the Queen does not have international jurisdiction over its use.

The Queen, 93, has left the door open for her grandson. She promised to keep his former military positions vacant and said she would review the palace’s agreement with the couple in a year.

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  1. RuRi says:

    Blind gossip has all the details of how evil and moneyminded she is.. The site mentions that the family is waiting for the divorce to happen as it seems inevitable in the longer run.

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