Hollywood Blind Item – December 2017

We end this year’s Hollywood Blind Item for 2017 with two blind items about the almost biggest news of 2017 in both parts of the world. From Blind Gossip, these are the two blind items below that are about the recent situations that have popped up. One was a news or rumour article while the other one came straight from the horse’s mouth.

Frankly speaking, their journey has been so much fun to watch and we can’t wait for more from them. He’s being played and has no idea and yet, this makes it all fun to watch because let’s face it, the dude is not some innocent little lamb. He’s a grown man who has made this decision and now he will have to stick and live with it. As for her, she is turning out to be a better actress off screen than on screen. Let’s just wait and see.

Check out the blind items from Blind Gossip below.


Hollywood Blind Item

Hollywood Blind Item – December 2017


Rescue Me

When this TV actress began dating this male celebrity, she told him tales of woe.

She knew that he had a military background and a fondness for rescuing children in need in poor countries, so she exaggerated tales of her childhood to make it seem like she wished someone had rescued her. She knew that it would make him feel protective of her.

Well, that certainly explains where he got the β€œimpression” that he was the one finally providing her with the love and security of a real family.

It also gave her a backstory as to why she had the same goals as him to rescue those in need and how she wanted that to be her life’s work. He rescues children, she rescues animals, he rescues her, and together they rescue the world. It was all rather clever of her.


OSOP Guesses

TV Actress: Meghan Markle

Male Celebrity: Prince Harry

Hollywood Blind Item – December 2017

Hollywood Blind Item – December 2017



Hollywood Blind Item

Hollywood Blind Item – December 2017


My Iconic Fiancee

There is a rumor going around that this engaged actress was one of the top choices for an iconic role in a long-running film franchise.


I know the producers. I can assure you that she was never on any list for any role in the series. Her name never even came up!

It’s hard to say whether her people started the rumor to try to convince you that she is a much bigger star than she ever really was… or if it was just the tabloids looking for fresh material to publish about her.

Given that the film franchise has not been in the headlines for months, it is more likely that this is coming from her people.


OSOP Guesses

Actress: Meghan Markle

Role: Bond Girl/James Bond

Hollywood Blind Item – December 2017

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8 Responses

  1. Amreeta says:

    The portrayal certainly doesn’t look real despite using vfx to make him look such. Vast contrast to kamal Hassan’s appu in the famous appu raja movie which was all kamal’s self doing (I think up till now, very few know what he did to make his legs appear short). Just doesn’t look realistic at all

  2. Pooja says:

    I always felt meghan looked too phony from the bigening . And i quiet didn’t understand why people thought meghan was better than kate . Always loved kate and william- they are quiet poised and classy as a couple.

    • Milan227 says:

      Thing is, there is a mixed reaction to Meghan Markle… On the one hand, she is vilified because she is black, an actress and an American. On the other, she is all these things and poses to be a breath of fresh air to the posh and staid British royal family. It all depends on who you are talking to.

      Same goes for William and kate. on the one hand, they are posh and royal and at the same time just like you and me, On the other hand, they are lazy, work less than William’s parents and grandparents and enjoy all the perks of royalties without wanting any of the responsibility

      The thing is, either way Meghan is set up for a fall. She is supposed to revitalize the royal family and yet, she will never be allowed to out do the heir and the spare. She will never be accepted completely by the posh upper class, witness Protection Michael’s offensive brooch. Even Fergie was hailed as someone different and look at how she was treated by the media compared to Diana.

      What I am.trying to say in my own convoulted way, is the truth is probably somewhere in between. I don’t think she is all that perfect and yet, does she really deserve to be vilified so much?

      • Amanda says:

        I keep reading articles where the Queen complains that Kate is not fulfilling royal duties and also cancels royal engagement and appearances at the last minute… Queen says she works more than Kate and if Kate wishes to become future queen, she should step up her game.. Agree that Kate and William are lazy but use all the royal perks..
        Considering meghan’s background not that acceptable to the royals, I don’t know how she will be treated… Queen hadn’t liked Kate as well, but if both Kate’s and meghan’s backgrounds are checked, Kate’s looks better .. Meghan is a divorcee, has black ancestry, father has declared bankruptcy, parents are divorced, an American citizen, an actress and top of that, she is three years older than Prince Harry. And recently an astrologer has openly declared that this marriage will not last more than 5 years. With such a negativity, I don’t know how the couple will cope up.. Plus Meghan’s pr has become overzealous and it appears that she is greedy to become a royal and has trapped Prince Harry.. I am just hoping their marriage works and gets accepted by the royals..

    • bucketbot says:

      I have been reading about the BRF on and off for a while now. Classy and poised is something I wouldn’t call either of them but that’s me. The thing with Will and kate is that they are quite phony too. Will has been phoning it in for years and in pretty much anything and everything that he does. Kate has taken from him. Both empty heads just bobbing it at every meet and greet because they know the public gets really excited about royals. Most non-Brits get excited about the BRF looking at the staged photos and paid PR (yes, that’s true. there is give and take between royals and royal reporters) but the reality is these people are as bad as any other celebrity. only it gets worse when you realise that they do all this on public dime and not their own.

  3. Amanda says:

    I don’t understand how someone can be fooled so easily.. I mean the royal family has enough sources to gather information about megan.. But I think the prince and meghan suit each other.. I just want to see how their relationship goes.. All the best to them πŸ™‚

  4. Rad says:

    Is it so easy to fool the royal family? Considering that the royal family lives on public money, it is disheartening to see them being played so easily by someone for money and fame.

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