Here’s how you can be pregnant and give birth without anyone knowing

Unlike Kareena Kapoor, who felt the need to speak out every minute of her pregnancy and after having her baby, Asin decided to do things the opposite way. She has disappeared for quite some time from the public eye. Her last post on Instagram was on February 19 and today, she reappeared by announcing that she just gave birth with a picture of her pregnant belly.

It is short and sweet and it’s nice as you only get the blessings and good wishes of people. No one is going to wish you go away because you are annoying them. Well, to each their own. As for Asin, no one knew she was pregnant. Her family members must be really good at keeping secrets. They must be related to the cast of ‘Baahubali’ (Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali).

Congratulations to Asin and her husband, Rahul Sharma on the birth of their baby girl

Here's how you can be pregnant and give birth without anyone knowing


Here's how you can be pregnant and give birth without anyone knowing

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17 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    Asin got dumped by Dhoni and didnt want neil nitin so she married the next rich guy who comes along. I always found her overhyped and smug like kajol. Shes not even that pretty. Got married to a actress obsessed creep who used to date sophie chaudhary.

    • Kali says:

      Personally, I think Asin is far more beautiful than filler-enhanced Priyanka Chopra. But this is of course, my opinion.

      Asin and Dhoni were rumoured to be dating, but I don’t think there is much to it. The rumours started since they were both brand ambassadors for a fashion line and she also attended his birthday party.

      The rumours reached a fever pitch when Dhoni was also spotted at Asin’s apartment past midnight in 2010, to watch the first IPL semi-final between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. It would be unfair to assume they were having an affair just for this reason. I too have been to friends houses past midnight watching a game, but it doesn’t mean that I was sleeping with them.

      But this didn’t go very well with Sakshi’s family since they were engaged at that time and it was bad publicity. They were again spotted at a Sri Lankan hotel 2011 after Dhoni was married, but apparently Asin wanted to congratulate him for a recent win. I don’t think this is a crime.

      Asin has been linked to John Abraham and Neil Nithin Mukesh. NNM had a problem with her attending Salman Khan’s parties and mingling with people for work and to make connections. He felt ‘ignored’. Asin being the ambitious girl she is, dropped NNM like a hot potato through a text message. Scorned NNM even said that it was ‘ a sin’ to take her name. Haha. Asin denies they ever were an item.

      As for Rahul Sharma, yes he is Bollywood obsessed and had a fling with Sophie Chaudhary. Asin met RS through Akshay Kumar, which is why he was the best man for their wedding. She met Rahul on his private jet when Akshay Kumar and her were flying with him for one of their film’s promotion. The rest is history.

      • Shivanisd says:

        Im, not ASSUMING anything. Its a fact she was crazy after dhoni, money hungry bitch that she became after her movies flopped.

  2. Kali says:

    Indeed this is true, but one has to remember that Asin and Kareena’s situations were very different. Asin is married to a billionaire, has given up her career as an actress and is technically a recluse/not in the public eye anymore. She did the smart thing and retired at the right time and to the right man who can take care of her needs. Shelf life of a bollywood actress is very low. She surely couldn’t go on doing masala movies well into her mid-forties. She and her child will never have financial difficulties.

    Kareena on the other hand has a very active career. Her husband is in the worst career phase of her life.. Rumour has it that Kalakaandi might likely release on a digital platform only after the debacle of Rangoon and Chef. Kareena needs to keep the moolah coming! Those Louboutins aren’t going to pay for themselves!! She knows that if she retires even for the shortest time she will be out of sight/out of mind (Preity Zinta, Amisha Patel) and the new crop of actors/actresses are only getting younger and bagging premium roles. Kareena has no skills/investments/alternate businesses apart from her acting career. Even Priety has a franchise, Piggy has a production house, and Anushka has (at least in name) a production house.

    Marriage used to be a death sentence for an actress’s career not too long ago and once an actress is a mother, she is usually piled into matronly roles (Aishwarya in Jazbaa). Kareena needed to stay in the public eye and her attitude was ‘Yes, I’m pregnant, so what? I can keep working! I am still hip and happening!!”.

    I believe people were annoyed because 1. She isn’t the first working mother in the universe and 2. Constantly shouting about how progressive your attitude is, when you live a life of luxury while millions of working Indian women unvoluntarily leave their newborn at home isn’t helping you win any fans. 3. It seemed like the longest pregnancy in the world

    She capitalized on her pregnancy and I believe bagged quite a few endorsements that way too. Good on her!

    • Admin says:

      You are right in a way. Women all do things differently. Beyonce and Kareena were so obsessed with still being in the public eye while pregnant. It’s not that they are ecstatic to be pregnant, it’s more like they are scared that people won’t see them as the hot and happening stars that they are. They don’t’ want to be seen as mummies, they want things to be the same. It’s their bread and butter, that’s why.

    • Shivanisd says:

      Asins husbands company is not doing well at all. Kareena and saif have as much as them. Also i think kareena suffered a miscarriage one year before her pregnancy as both husband wife said they were expecting in interviews.

      • Kali says:

        Now that I’ve stopped laughing, I can catch a breath to comment…

        Saif Ali Khan apparently has a net worth of $42 million USD and a majority of this is from his inheritance. Saif was #15 on the Forbes India list in 2012. He’s #69 now. For reference, Jr. Bachchan is #66. His career has nosedived harder than MH370. Bebola’s net worth has been published as anywhere between $6 – $10 million. Bebola dropped from No 17 in 2015 to No 38 on the Forbes India list in 2016. They are both not doing very well where earnings are concerned.

        Indeed, Micromax may be in trouble but has a net worth of around $3,239,491,500 in 2015. The net income of his company right now has fallen 100 million to $3.1 billion USD presently.

        3 Billion USD! Rahul Sharma’s own net worth (per 2015 estimate) is $627,844,305. Rahul Sharma is 15 times wealthier than SAK and this is based on his net worth only. Asin is no small fish either, her family is very wealthy too and have multiple business.

        There you go, this is an analysis based on published facts and figures.

        To say that Kareena and Saif combined have as much as them just from thin air, is pure and utter bullshit.

        As for the miscarriage news, I’m not sure how this is relevant to their earnings. I have not heard of anything or read any news articles about the same. I did a quick google search and found nothing, so I cannot comment on that topic.

        • Admin says:

          Net worth is more about the assets that these people own. Like SRK once said when he found out that he was the richest actor in India, he mentioned how he was shocked himself because at the same time his company was calling him to tell him that there wasn’t enough money to build the set that he wanted for his film. His reply to them was to find out who’s getting married or any other event happening so that he can perform on stage and make that money to build the set. Things aren’t always as rosy as they seem to be. Look at the Bachchans, AB Snr has to keep working at his age because he has bills to pay. He can’t afford to stay at home and neither can SRK.

          • Kali says:

            If there ever was one actor I would like to psycho-analyze it would be SRK. The man has everything, fame and wealth, but he continues to be plagued by his inner demons and his endless thirst for more wealth and recognition on a global scale.

            I have read somewhere that SRK deepest desire has been to break on the global circuit but he has this has constantly evaded him… Liberal copy and paste here…

            The man wants to win an oscar or golden globe, and being a sidekick in a Hollywood movie will not do. Some close friends/frenemies are privy to this and make fun of him,. Apparently, the ageing star who was intent about getting an Oscar in Shirish Kunder’s Joker, was actually a caricature of SRK. It is said that this is the reason why SRK is doing films that are unsuitable for an Indian commercial film market but very apt for the parallel cinema or the international market ( for example: Fan).

            I often wonder if Piggy got all her publicity/initial Hollywood connections with some help from him. But she only managed to be a A- list TV actress and B/C- list movie star and this won’t do for him.

            Until he gets the capital he thinks he needs for this, he will keep dancing at weddings.

            The bigger the star, the more money you have to put down for your staff, attire, legal affairs, property management, etc. It’s a vortex that keeps expanding. Like you said, it’s the same reason why elderly Sr. Bachchan is working today.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Again i disagree. Ab and srk working is more than just greed for money and paying the bills. They are both hungry for fame and adulation and fear losing, their superstar status. They fear being forgotten by the public especially ab. Simi grewal said that was abs biggest fear. That’s the true reason. Personally i wish, both of them wud go away like stupid asin!

        • Shivanisd says:

          2015 estimates lol. Catch up with 2017 pls.

          • Kali says:

            Indeed, I have. Please re-read this sentence again:

            “Indeed, Micromax may be in trouble but has a net worth of around $3,239,491,500 in 2015. The net income of his company right now has fallen 100 million to $3.1 billion USD presently. ”

            Here are the 2017 figures you are clamoring for. These are the best I could come up with.

    • Shivanisd says:

      She will never have financial difficulties. Are u fing god to make predictions like this lol!! Have, u not seen what happened to vijay mallya?

    • Deanne says:

      Kali, I have been reading your comments with much attention. While I may not always agree with your opinions, I really appreciate that you do your research and structure your comments on facts, in addition to sharing your opinions.

      Also quite happy to see that I’m not the only one who likes facts, By habit, I often re-check points while reading articles, comments, etc, because I don’t like absorbing untruths. Its so easy to form half-truths based purely on someone’s love/hate for a celebrity, because they state them like a fact, and that is quite difficult to reprogram when you read the same half-truths repeatedly.

      I feel with your comments, I don’t need to google mid-way and it helps me stay neutral and/or come to my own conclusion. Looking forward to your continued participation πŸ™‚

  3. Anu says:

    such a clever girl this Asin, knew when to cut off and move on to better and bigger things, specially the way bollywood is going now, too in your face with their hyper active PRs and social media accts bahhh

    • Shivanisd says:

      Fail to see what was clever about this. Every actress marries a rich guy so, how is she special? I think shes an arrogant loser who married a guy who was sophie chaudharys sugar daddy. Ugh. Asins chirpy act used to grate on my nerves.

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