Have you seen The Irishman?

Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Irishman’ was generating so much buzz, particularly because it’s not a theatrical release but an OTT-release on Netflix.

Have you seen it?

So we ended up watching it too…There’s nothing special about it. Tons of gangsta movies already had what this one has. Did we mention it’s freaking long?! Like, 3 freaking hours!

Anyways, the film was in the news for its amazing VFX that was used to make the senior actors look young. It’s interesting to see it.

But…What was weird about it, very weird, was Robert DeNiro’s eyes:


He had colored eyes in this film, not just the normal colored eyes but the ones htat made him look like a character from ‘X-Men’!

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The whole time watching the film, we couldn’t help but wonder why they made him look like a mutant!

By the way, Al Pacino is great in the film and Robert is just…him!

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Oh and speaking of ‘X-Men’, Anna Paquin is also in this film. She plays DeNiro’s daughter.

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DeNiro can act in the next ‘X-Men’, if ever they do make another!

Anyways, do share if you have seen this super long film and if the mutant eyes were a distraction?

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