Harry Lloyd, Emilia Clarke & Richard Madden from Game of Thrones in a Photoshoot

All of these three new actors are in the hit TV show ‘Game of Thrones’ that debut last season. The new season will be shown next year in April or January. They have already started shooting on the show. It’s really good to see a bunch of young talented actors on TV. In fact, TV is improving when it comes to introducing new talent.


Emila looks a lot like an American actress, but as you watch ‘Game of Thrones’ her looks grows on you. Then when you check out her pics in real life, you realize that she’s a brown haired girl not a blond/white as seen in the hit TV show. She’s really pretty, actually. I’m sure guys who have seen her in the show are crazy about her!

Β  I must say they are so much better looking in person, especially the guys. Seems strange as usually stars look better on screen, but for these TV actors it’s the total opposite. The cute guy with a sharp nose Β and black hair is called Harry and his character in ‘Game of Thrones’ was killed off by his sister’s husband. Coincidentally, the sister is played by Emilia (no points for guessing who she is here) and her husband was played by Jason Momoa. Β 

Game of Thrones Journal Daenerys

‘Game of Thrones’ tells the story of these people from a long period of time ago who are fighting for the throne. It is not a subtle story at all and coming from HBO, this show is pretty shocking in many ways. Featuring nudity at lengths and blood-shedding scenes, ‘Game of Thrones’ comprises of actors who surely can do their good and be all out there. This includes the leading lady, Emilia.

Β  Here is the brother-sister combo in an interview by the British media.


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