Hansal Mehta on working with Kangana Ranaut and her promotional tactics

Hansal Mehta is the director of ‘Simran’, which was Kangana Ranaut’s latest film released at the box office.

So far, the movie has only managed to make about 14 crore at the box office and reportedly, critics and the audience didn’t quite understand the film. They thought the film focused too much on Kangana’s character and that other characters weren’t given too much to work with.

One man, who is still happy that he made ‘Simran’ and got to work with Kangana Ranaut, is the film’s director, Hansal Mehta.

Despite the film not doing so well at the box office and despite their numerous fights on the sets, Hansal is still all praise for Kangana and the way she works and what she has contributed to this film.

Hansal has had the same belief about Kangana from the beginning, so it’s not surprising to hear him say the same. He did, in fact, choose to stand by her when the film’s writer Apurva Asrani complained to the whole world about not getting enough credit for his work.

Like everyone else, the journalist asked Hansal what he thought of the way Kangana promoted her film. As you know, she answered all the personal questions directed at her while promoting this film.

She did so fearlessly and while many thought that she was using her personal life and a certain actor to gain attention, Hansal thinks that she’s not scared to answer and answered all questions fearlessly.

Like we have said too, these promotional tactics were all about the media trying to get her to say what happened since they themselves can’t print it. Kangana, on her part, saw this as an opportunity to clear out her name against all the accusations that were made about her.

Even though, the film has not done well at the box office, everyone who saw it can’t deny that this girl is talented and has what it takes to be a great actress.

To be honest, Hansal seems to be one of these people, who hate to confront and hate to be confronted. It’s why he never spoke about when his writer was accusing him of making Kangana happy. Kangana also said that he didn’t tell Apurva that he was unhappy with his behaviour, but instead choose to put Kangana’s name before Apurva’s name on the poster. It’s what started it all. We won’t say more, just check out what Hansal Mehta had to say in this interview.


Hansal Mehta Interview

Hansal Mehta on working with Kangana Ranaut and her promotional tactics


Hansal on how he felt when Apurva Asrani made a huge fuss about the writing credit

I was definitely saddened but I will continue to remain silent.


Hansal on Kangana’s contribution to ‘Simran’

Kangana has collaborated closely on the film and I have always seen that with a lot of positivity. There is a lot her contribution has lent to the final film.


Hansal on working with Kangana

Kangana is a very fine artist and one of the best actors we have today.


Hansal on whether he would like to work with Kangana again

If I have a subject that both of us agree upon, I would love to work with her. We know each other and our respective working styles well enough and there is no reason to not continue making films together whenever the opportunity arises.


Hansal on what he thought when Kangana was speaking about her personal life issues while promoting ‘Simran’

I’ve said before that she answered the questions that were asked of her. She answered those questions unflinchingly and I salute her fearlessness. She is one of a kind and we should celebrate that. I wish the wise persons who raised these questions about her personal life would also be asked the same thing — did they have nothing else to ask her?

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