Fresh: TV Blind Item – March 2020

We don’t share blind items from the world of television in Bollywood or Mumbai. But we are going to make an exception as now there has been a few request from sources to publish blind items about TV personalities.

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This is the first one, it has not been published anywhere else. Unfortunately, since this is an original blind item, there won’t be any guesses from OSOP. But feel free to put in your guesses below.


TV Blind Item


This young-in-the-face TV actor has been around for many years. He is a familiar face you might recognise as he has been on television and made his debut in Bollywood sometime back.

Even though he has quite a big female fan following, he has never shied away from telling the world who he’s dating. After all, actors are no longer that insecure to hide who they are with in this day and age.

But for this actor, though, showing off his girlfriends make things easy for him. You see, things are not what they seem to be with him. For starters, it’s not a coincidence his relationships are with ladies,who live far away from him.

The fact is, this young actor is well-aware of his soft and boyish image and that people think he’s not straight hence he does all he can to prove otherwise. He is so conscious of his image that he has everything planned out.

He keeps his girlfriend happy and in return, he shares a loving picture of them together or makes a comment reply every now and then, just to keep the ball rolling. And no, none of the ladies he has publicly claimed as his girlfriends know the real story and neither do his parents who have been pestering him to get married for sometime now.

Like many other closeted personalities in the entertainment industry, he too choose to go overseas to for hookups with a few exceptions in between.

Though he has been around for years, you might think he’s really young due to his boyish looks. Since most of his industry friends around him are married, this actor’s parents also want him to settle down soon but the actor is in no mood to oblige!

Can you guess who this actor with boyish looks is? Trust us when we say, it’s not a hard one to figure out!

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15 Responses

  1. Rajiv says:

    Karan Wahi or Karan Tacker?

  2. Shahshi says:

    Ye karan wahi h pkka. H na @admin ?

  3. Gishie says:

    This is karan wahi. He has gay vibes also 😜

  4. Venus says:

    So karan is gay ? hmm . Btw his current gf is so pretty, looks like kareena kapoor. She should be in bollywood

  5. nefarious says:

    @Admin, Karan is always seen hanging with Rithvik,who is in a serious relationship with Asha is there more to it then meets the eye?

  6. Anaa pck says:

    Karan wahi?

  7. Dgic says:

    Karan wahi fr sure

  8. mastarin says:

    karan wahi?

  9. KA says:

    i really don’t know who this boy is ?

  10. Su says:

    Admin..always curious about this mask worn by these actors, guess Parth Samthan is also one right?? can we have more such blinds?

    • nefarious says:

      so this woman has no clue that he swings both ways?Also,am sure if he does take a shine to men, he would have landed a movie or two with Kjo? No?

  11. Hmm says:

    No idea. Please stop making us guess @Admin!

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