Fresh: Bollywood Blind Item – April 2020 – 15

From now on, anything that is titled “Fresh” on OSOP is an original blind item. Every blind item that is fresh will not be given a guess unless news about it comes out and we are able to let out who it’s about. Otherwise, we will reveal the not-so-sensitive ones as times goes by.

Last month, we had our first fresh blind item about a certain TV industry personality. Β Here’s the link, in case you didn’t get to check it out.

Today’s blind item is about two Bollywood personalities. You know who this is about and as usual, we will not be giving out our guesses below. So read on to find out who and what it’s about.

Bollywood Blind Item


Stars rely a lot on their looks and bodies to survive in the entertainment. Most young actors today go to the gym to work out and get the compulsory six-pack. But what do others who can’t get that six-pack do? Those who don’t have much time to invest in getting that six-pack, what do they do?

They go under the knife! That’s right, this young actor whose star has been shining ever since he delivered his first 100 crore has gotten himself some brand new surgical abs upon the advice of the big talent managers who signed him up after his big hit. Not just that, he was asked to go and get his belly button fixed because it didn’t look too “manly”! Now that he has done the procedure, he is going to show off his perfect six-pack with his “manly” belly button in photoshoots and movies.

Six Pack Surgery For Men | Abdominal Liposuction Men

Actresses are no strangers when it comes to going under the knife to look good, but in their case it’s more of a skin tightening situation. This senior actress, who was once very famous in her younger days, has been regularly getting this procedure to make her look in shape. The actress, who is known for her dazzling smile, has resorted to this procedure multiple times to get rid of her not-so flabby stomach in the past six years to compete with the young fit ladies of the industry.

How to tighten all the loose skin around my belly - Quora

Coincidentally, she used to compete for roles with this other legendary actress, whose obsession for cosmetic surgery was no secret. Now, the senior actress feels the need to look good so she is not left behind in the race.

OSOP Guesses

Actor: ??

Senior Actress: ??

P.S. It’s not that hard! πŸ˜‰Β 

Ramadan is coming soon…What is that one fried pasty that’s commonly served or eaten? πŸ˜‹


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9 Responses

  1. Hmm says:

    Kajol and Rani have not done any cosmetic surgery. All Kajol can be accused of is skin whitening

  2. KA says:

    1) “Rising” star, since he delivered his first big hit 100cr film (Kartik Aaryan)
    2) Very Famous, “Known for her smile, the dazzling Smile” “she is a yester year heroine” (Madhuri Dixit)
    Why ? GOD has already given both these people good face and bodies, just be what you are but stay healthy that’s it.

  3. SQ says:

    Actor is Kartik aryan
    Actress is Madhuri Dixit

  4. HateKjo says:

    There is no single actress in this industry who is naturally beautiful. All of them has gone under the knife and now looks completely different from their childhood and starting day.

    Every actress fanclub is hell bent to prove that their idol is a natural beauty while all other women are plastic beauties. Especially Katrina fans who always screaming at the top of their voice that she is a born natural beauty with no surgeries and other treatments while calling out other women plastic and doctor given beauty. When the truth is Katrina is not a natural beauty (so are another women) even by an inch.

    Now times has changed. All the new actresses make sure to go under the knife much before their debut and public appearances to claim that they are naturally beautiful with no work done.

    Wonder how these women really feels about themselves and think when public praises their plastic beauty ? who are they fooling?

    Also poor women has to go through so much of pain and sufferings to look beautiful . Yesteryear actresses were really gorgeous and natural. See Madubala. Parveen Babi, Zeenat Aman. Natun, Saira bano etc.

  5. sp says:

    known or her dazzling smile : has to be Madhuri Dixit…Sridevi’s competitor…
    Actor: Kartik Aryan…Samosa face

  6. Su says:

    Kartik Aryan & Madhuri Dixit

  7. dsang says:

    Is it Madhuri?? Known for her dazzling smile…
    Actor – could be Kartik

  8. nefarious says:

    Who did Kareena compete for roles? I am trying to think of sr actress with lots of surgeries and can think of Sridevi only

  9. ankita joshi says:

    Kareena and Kartik Aaryan

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