First Look: Thalaivi – Kangana Ranaut

Let’s be clear, the first look of a film is not the teaser or the trailer. It’s usually a poster that the producers send out to the press to create hype for the film.


So when the first look of ‘Thalaivi’ came out via an official youtube channel, we thought it was strange since they just started the shooting. But as you know, since this film has been announced, there have been so many rumors about it. How the producers are not getting the money to make the film, how the actress is being difficult and so on.

We thought Rajnikanth was announcing his next film since he is known as Thalaiva because it couldn’t be that they have something from Amma’s biopic so soon. But guess they had to quickly churn this out to prove their detractors wrong and to create the buzz for it.

First, check out the first look of ‘Thailaivi’ starring Kangana Ranaut:

The dance sequence at the beginning is good. We are not familiar with Jayalalithaa’s work as an actress so cannot really comment on how Kangu was in this part. They did, however, put on a tight pointy top that make her look slightly heavier than she is.

The second part…When it came on, we immediately thought of this:



The second part, that body suit look brought Kamal Haasan to mind. Heck, he could have done that part. Then we thought how Kamal himself will act as all the characters in his own biopic!

Image result for haha gifs

Anyways, that second part was too rushed. They should have waited. Shooting started after Diwali, which means they just started so this look must have been done and tested in the US. They thought it would be smart to release it, for some reason. They should have waited for the trailer or teaser to let people judge unless they wanted to see the audience’s reaction on the older part of the film.


It seems Kangana is not going to put on weight for the part. Though it does sound disappointing, it’s not always a good idea. Putting on weight and losing it quickly has its consequences. Look at Vidya and Salman, who both found it difficult to get back in shape and on top of that, they had to fight off medical problems.


Speaking of Vidya, she would have been perfect for this older part but not so for the younger part. Kangana is a good actress and if they are planning to present her in a bodysuit in ‘Thalaivi’, she will not disappoint. It’s good that Kangana is not visible at all. It’s like a completely different person. There might be a slight resemblance to Amma but not too Kangana, which means she won’t overshadow the big personality she is playing onscreen. Other than a bodysuit, Kangana will also be speaking Tamil in this film. So, that is another challenge and criticism waiting to happen. By the way, Rani Mukerji spoke Tamil in ‘Heyy Ram’ too. #justsaying

Image result for #justsaying gifs

There you have it, the first look of ‘Thalaivi’. They still have a long time to go to make this perfect as the film will be released on June 26, 2020.

Apparently, Jayalalithaa’s niece has approached the court and told them that this movie is being made without her consent. She is the legal heir and believes that the producers and director of this film shouldn’t make it without consulting her. Other than this film, there’s also a web series being made on the late leader titled ‘Queen’ and starring Baahubali’s mom, Ramya Krishnan. Both projects sound equally exciting, can’t wait to see both!

queen web-series

So, let’s go. It’s time…

For those who want to know more about Jayalalithaa, also known as the Iron Lady,:



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9 Responses

  1. Chingababu says:

    Wow, my thoughts ; since this is about a Tamil lady’s biopic, why could BW appointed someone who is Tamil. Although, I know that Kangana will kill it, the first part of the movie looked like her own self but the second part, she looks like someone completely different which will def make the public laugh at her. Vidya would have been perfect for it but let’s all wish Kangana , good luck.

  2. Neep says:

    Both were megalomaniacs, that’s for sure. I just don’t like the idea of Kangana playing Jaya. For one thing, she’ll be full of herself and any critique will bring forth cries of desh drohi and libtards. For another she’ll see resemblances between herself and this very controversial yet iconic politician to a point where we may just get fed up. Why not Ramya Krishna or Keerthy Suresh? Both can act and don’t have hyperinflated egoes. Who are being cast ad MGR and Karunanidhi?

  3. kiran101 says:

    umm.. i am unsure. Bollywood rarely does biopics well. The dark side of fame or even to acquire it, be it movies or politics especially if you are a young single woman without a powerful family backing …Bollywood would never embark to do such a thing. This movie is going to be ” glorification of Amma”. To tell the truth Bollywood will have to dig many graves of politicians, actors and different political parties which obviously will not happen.

    i feel vidya would have been more suitable . why cant Kangana do unofficial biopic(which will anyways be the case with several disclaimers) which a story based on Jayalalitha but looks nothing like her .

    Why cant BW tell stories of famous people with current settings and different names , this way they dont have to look the part nor focus on unnecessary glorification by using namesake. Just take their life story with diff names and settings.

  4. Jagu says:

    I need to post comments

  5. Yogita says:

    It better be a good movie. Or the late Amma might haunt all those involved.

  6. sysh says:

    Haters already started judging, they don’t talk about dance sequence in the teaser, where she has matched to the perfection with Jaya mam..btw u feel web series will be more focusing in here political phase while Thalaivi seems to be more of here life starting from her career till joining politics or how she entered politics where MGR played a major role. even Bachhan saab & Vidya Balan were made fun of when they used prosthetic for their role in Paa & Dirty Picture…So just wait for the surprise coming thru by a talented actress πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  7. KA says:

    the younger part was a from a song in film Vennira Adai. you can watch it

  8. abcd says:

    Kangana is creating her own way. She’s making a movie on ayodhya court case. How many people have such guts? Uglia Bhatt has fallen in Kapoor pit and has to spill venom all her life due to RK’s bedhopping deeds which will resume post babies, over interfering loud in-laws and half hearted involvement in her so called production house, which she plans to start. Other actresses are busy throwing themselves on Bollywood actors, busy finding a rich guy to get married, some are using nepotism/contacts to survive. Some of them have their own production house to fall back on, here comes kangana who’s doing something constructive work. Negative feedback received now will help in improving the movie. She looked like horrible version of Tuntun (popular comic actress of 60’s/70’s) . I’m sure the movie will make critics eat their words. Let’s wait and watch. As you can see, outsiders have taken shine of many star kids. Kjo must have gone bonkers as this didn’t happen in his dharma finishing school for star kids.

  9. HateKjo says:

    This first look is funny . Kangana looks awful and more like Eddie murphy. Is this a comedy film or a biopic? sorry no one like the first look. This one is another and 7 disaster for Kangana. They should have cast someone who resembles the woman. Also, Kangana has a bad reputation and always spread negativity and bad mouth everyone to promote her movies and herself. This is one of the reason Manikarnika tanked badly. Jayalaalithaa deserves to be appreciated and deserves someone better for her biopic.

    Where is her fans and her mental sister who trolled outsider and a woman Tapsee and Bhumi for their look in Sandh ki Aankh? Now for them she clownish look is awesome.
    Admin , again you proved you are Kangana supporter and supporting this horrid and funny look of her. You are the one who troll Hrithik for his look and acting in super 30 and have issues with his looks and work in War. But critics and public as well as Box office speak volumes

    She is not a great actress as her PR project her to be. To top it all, she is a worst human being on the face of the earth.

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