First Look: Thalaivi – Kangana Ranaut

Let’s be clear, the first look of a film is not the teaser or the trailer. It’s usually a poster that the producers send out to the press to create hype for the film.


So when the first look of ‘Thalaivi’ came out via an official youtube channel, we thought it was strange since they just started the shooting. But as you know, since this film has been announced, there have been so many rumors about it. How the producers are not getting the money to make the film, how the actress is being difficult and so on.

We thought Rajnikanth was announcing his next film since he is known as Thalaiva because it couldn’t be that they have something from Amma’s biopic so soon. But guess they had to quickly churn this out to prove their detractors wrong and to create the buzz for it.

First, check out the first look of ‘Thailaivi’ starring Kangana Ranaut:

The dance sequence at the beginning is good. We are not familiar with Jayalalithaa’s work as an actress so cannot really comment on how Kangu was in this part. They did, however, put on a tight pointy top that make her look slightly heavier than she is.

The second part…When it came on, we immediately thought of this:



The second part, that body suit look brought Kamal Haasan to mind. Heck, he could have done that part. Then we thought how Kamal himself will act as all the characters in his own biopic!

Image result for haha gifs

Anyways, that second part was too rushed. They should have waited. Shooting started after Diwali, which means they just started so this look must have been done and tested in the US. They thought it would be smart to release it, for some reason. They should have waited for the trailer or teaser to let people judge unless they wanted to see the audience’s reaction on the older part of the film.


It seems Kangana is not going to put on weight for the part. Though it does sound disappointing, it’s not always a good idea. Putting on weight and losing it quickly has its consequences. Look at Vidya and Salman, who both found it difficult to get back in shape and on top of that, they had to fight off medical problems.


Speaking of Vidya, she would have been perfect for this older part but not so for the younger part. Kangana is a good actress and if they are planning to present her in a bodysuit in ‘Thalaivi’, she will not disappoint. It’s good that Kangana is not visible at all. It’s like a completely different person. There might be a slight resemblance to Amma but not too Kangana, which means she won’t overshadow the big personality she is playing onscreen. Other than a bodysuit, Kangana will also be speaking Tamil in this film. So, that is another challenge and criticism waiting to happen. By the way, Rani Mukerji spoke Tamil in ‘Heyy Ram’ too. #justsaying

Image result for #justsaying gifs

There you have it, the first look of ‘Thalaivi’. They still have a long time to go to make this perfect as the film will be released on June 26, 2020.

Apparently, Jayalalithaa’s niece has approached the court and told them that this movie is being made without her consent. She is the legal heir and believes that the producers and director of this film shouldn’t make it without consulting her. Other than this film, there’s also a web series being made on the late leader titled ‘Queen’ and starring Baahubali’s mom, Ramya Krishnan. Both projects sound equally exciting, can’t wait to see both!

queen web-series

So, let’s go. It’s time…


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