Filmfare Magazine is running out of star kids

So much so that they shot Alia Bhatt right before she went to bed, because they have no other option!

Filmfare Magazine is running out of star kids

Even Alia is like, “Hurry up and take this picture! I gotta go to bed before dad comes in and starts yapping about how the universe works!”. Can you imagine what the pitch for this cover and photoshoot was? “OMG, I got this: Let’s shoot Alia at home in her bedroom. She does not have to come to the studios since her arm is broken. She can just lay in bed and we will shoot it right before her bedtime. Koi tension nahin!”

Anyways, don’t know if you guys noticed the number of times Filmfare magazine has star kids on its cover or if not star kids, it’s the same famous or successful actor or actresses on its cover.

KJo might be nepotism ka baap, but Filmfare‘s editor is the uncle of nepotism. They all go hand in hand. They probably do this when all these star kids get together with nepotism ka baap and uncle:


And then you wonder why it’s difficult for outsiders to get in? Look again at the FIlmfare cover, it has Alia Bhatt on the cover and you think the only headline they could get is a cheesy message about nepotism’s favourite child: Ranbir Kapoor!

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11 Responses

  1. nefarious says:

    not surprised that after Kjo and RK tried to show the world how RK and DP mijwaan walk was all about their love, she hits back by openly declaring her closness to Ranveer.

  2. leaps says:

    @admin love your gif game lolzzz

    Alia might be a good actress but she is not what is quintessential Bollywood heroine she DOESNOT have the heroine factor that dp, pc, kat have. Also evey time she speaks its like watching a kid on suger rush.
    Initially she was branded as oh mahesh bhatt’s self made daughter. initially people thought she will be like pooja bhatt but with the passage of time it is evident she is no pooja bhatt.

    Alia is like varun or any other star kid her professional and personal life is purely curated by kjo. good scripts, good directors and boyfriends are cherry picked for her by kjo. I mean kjo found a place on world economic forum along with people who were far more deserving, self made and intelligent than alia. Also gets along with everyone just like kjo yet she manages to throw shade at outsiders like pari or kriti. she is now even best friends with Ayan and add that her string of fake/real men so her transformation into female version of ranbir is complete. she thinks going along with kjo and this ranbir like imagine is ok when infact it will haunt her in a few years.

    unlike Alia I feel for pari she has so much potential as an actress but she is reduced to working with a non actor like arjun. I would really like alia to try to make it now without kjo but with other star kids coming that are being launched by kjo i doubt she will leave papa kjo’s side.

    Also if kjo really wants the first star kid arrange marriage of alia /ranbir to happen he might want to tell ranbir to cut the stories about him and mahira. . kjo has even gotten the approval of raymond’s ayan, ridhma on sm to make people believe alia/ranbir. people still believe mahira/ranbit more (veer/zara hangover) than alia/ranbir .

    for outsiders I guess people need to check the ME edition last month they have dp this month srk.
    on a side note you guys might like to read the article in daily O that completely debunks how star kids can made stars it applies to alia too in a way

  3. Hmmm says:

    Alia is so boring and bland and of course filmfare would try to plug Ranbir. No matter how hard they try Alia will never be no.1 neither will Ranbir. Neither have that special something the public adores.

  4. Monalisa says:

    Kjo and nepo gang have to come up with a new plan after Deepika smartly refused to give mileage to Ranbir( to the point that it seem like she snubbed him) at two back to back events ochestrated by them. According to nepo gang member Kareena (also Kjo and many) Alia is the number one heroine, so using her to get mileage for him instead now. But no one is buying the Alia-Ranbir’s hookup/love story Kjo is trying so hard to sell. Try something new kjo. Even on RK-Alia posts on pv, people are still talking about Varun-Alia.

    Jitesh Pillai is god father of nepos Kjo’s bff. What else can we accept from him. And the way the whole of bollywood insiders are fawning over RK and Sanju trailer is disgusting. As if on other person has acted well in a movie in ages.

    • leaps says:

      @Monalisa note alia is coping dp. after Dp made statements about ranveer suddenly these alia’s chessy statements have popped up

    • leaps says:

      @Monalisa also wait for it with his next movie with alia/madhuri kjo will leave no stone unturned to brand alia as next madhuri when the fact is alia cant match madhuri on screen in terms of “ada”. Get ready for alia to morph into fake version of madhuri even in public, ranbir is now being painted as good human gone bad like sanjay so alia/ranbir will be painted as the epic sanjay/madhuri jori

    • Monalisa says:

      @leap So true. Right after DP’s gushy statements about RS, Alia comes up with her own gushy statements.. lol.. what a coincidence!! Papa kjo must have written up those quotes for her.

      Also on an unrelated note, DP gushing about how emotional and sensitive RS is (she has been saying the same thing since they started dating btw) how she loves he is not afraid to cry makes me think she is throwing major shades at the insensitive, emotionally detached sociopath, physco Ranbir. Lol!! Also the quote on being protective of him, hinting at something. Going after him is same as going after me kinda vibe.

    • Monalisa says:

      @leaps Even I wish Adi Chopra will promote Pari over his favs Vaani and Anushka. Anushka got so many chances (big budget movies, A-list heroes, Khan movies, hit movies, famous partner) to make it to the top slot yet she fail to reach it because she got no charm, screen presence or the x-factor. Same goes for Vaani. Pari has more potential and screen presence than Alia for sure. She kinda reminds me of young Rani. Actresses like Kriti and Disha are also not top heroine material but have more potential to take up that slot if they were as agressively promoted and offered meaty roles like Alia. Looks like DP will retain her number 1 slot for atleast the next 5 years or more. Even if she takes long breaks between movies.

    • leaps says:

      @Monalisa i would tell her to stop expecting much from mr india in terms of a good script and try getting good script even if its indie movie do it better thn working crap movies

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