Fawad Khan on his wife, working, diabetes, India and his marriage


In an interview with Filmfare magazine, Fawad Khan talks about his favourite Kapoor member, on how he prefers to lie in bed all day than working, his marriage and whether he will move to India eventually. Everyone likes to ask Fawad on his wife. Maybe they find it hard to believe that he’s married or has a son. Or maybe, they would like to know how it is like being married to Fawad Khan. In this interview, Fawad spoke extensively about his diabetes issues and how he got it. Read on to find our what Fawad has to say.

Fawad Khan on his wife, working, diabetes, India and his marriage

Fawad Khan on his favourite Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor is amazing. What a performer! What intensity!

Fawad on how lazy he is
I’m a lazy bum. Basically, I don’t like to work. I hate getting up and taking a shower to go to work. Often I take a shower and then go back to sleep. If there was a way that you could lie in bed and make money, I’d opt for it. Okay, that came out wrong.

Fawad on whether he will move to India
It’s not possible because my whole setup, my whole family is there. And I don’t know how easy it is right now till the official parameters are not in place. My son, Ayaan, is also attending school there.

Fawad on making marriage work
The reason my wife Sadaf is so secure is that she knows that a person like me will never be able to find another partner in life. Possibility of affairs? No one would like to have an affair with me. I’m just good for conversation. That’s all I’m good for.

Fawad on being posessive
Main bada posessive hoon. When I see attention being given I’m happy. But when I see extra attention being given, I don’t like it. I’m possessive that way and I expect her to be that way as well. But it’s not happened to an extent that it’s interfered with our relationship. Haan ladte hain.

Fawad on whether he has arguments with his wife
That happens in any relationship. There are several excuses to fight. But we’ve been going strong. We’ve gone through that patch, after which life cannot be restarted again. We’re happy. We’re both lazy to restart things now. So that issue never comes up. It’s a chilled out dynamic between us.

Fawad on coping with his diabetes
The cure is on the way. Hopefully, you’ll never have to see a glucometer again you’ll never have to see insulin or an injection again. I have type 1, which is said to be incurable. type 2 is also incurable but you can control it with lifestyle changes. In type 2 you may need insulin eventually. But in type 1, you’re insulin dependent from day one. Though type 1 is said to be genetic, earlier it was believed to occur because of an autoimmune disorder that can come on because of a viral infection.

Fawad on how he got diabetes
I developed a terrible infection. I lost 10 kilos. That’s when I realised that I was diabetic.

Fawad on how he magaes his blood sugar level
Now, I have managed to procure a wireless pump. When you sit down to eat and enter what you will be eating into it, it calculates the number of calories and the number of units of insulin you’ll require for that. You press the button and it automatically starts delivering the required amount of insulin to the body. Science is truly amazing!

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