Dressing Code in School – According to KJo

This has just been released. The main tagline is Will Smith touring India and doing a bunch of stuff on his bucket list, which includes dancing in a Balliwood movie. Sponsored by Facebook, you get to see Willy dancing with the new actresses, Ananya Pandey and Tara Sutaria, and Tiger Shroff in a dance sequence from ‘Student of the Year 2’.

Dressing Code in School - According to KJo

What caught our attention is, other than Tiger dancing half-naked, the supposedly school costume in the song, which are worn by the ladies including the two female newcomers. The costume is giving us Sailor Moon vibes!

Dressing Code in School - According to KJo

Let’s hope in the film, they don’t actually dress like that!

Dressing Code in School - According to KJo

As usual, KJo & co live in their own little bubble where they think school girls do dress like that. By the way, we have not seen ‘Student of the Year’ so no idea if they dress this way in the first film.

If we dressed like this to school, we get reprimanded.

Have you seen anything like this at school?

Speaking of which, someone once told us that the reason in Hollywood, they make some ladies appear really young with their ponytails and costumes, is because the men in charge like that. It’s really creepy if you think about it. One perfect example is, Ariana Grande – the donut-licking singer. It’s like having the appeal of the Lolita image.

Hopefully, this creepy fantasy does not reach Bollywood. We are only dealing with Nepotism so far and Casting Couch.

Here’s the full video.


There’s also Ranveer Singh ,who looked like he was about to leave Deepika for Will Smith. Ranveer shows Willy his ‘Ram-Leela’ song. Karan Johar also makes an appearance because why not?!


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15 Responses

  1. Raj says:

    Off topic.. Who is spreading negativity around Khans releases? Please, talk about that Admin.. Thanks..

  2. Sheena says:

    The new girl seems confident and the Pandey child as if she has been forced to be there

  3. Ruth says:

    Off topic. Kind of shocked to see the Boney Kapoor- Urvashi Rautela video doing the rounds, and Urvashi coming out and supporting him. Admin, has he always been creepy like this?

    • nefarious says:

      I am still wondering whether that was a harmless back slap or was there more to it..Cant make up my mind.

    • Lucy says:

      Perhaps would give him the benefit of doubt.boney hasn’t really been that infamous among blinds.even in older news items rarely was he presented or talked about as a creep like Santoshi and ghai.infact anil kapoor has a worse reputation than boney.

  4. Lady Laetitia Knollys says:

    What is this …a tribute to the Catholic schoolgirl fantasy ?

  5. Akshaye says:

    Admin, we know you are biased but this is getting too much absurd. They are not school students, they are college srudents.

  6. Universal says:

    Copy SLB for Kalank, Copy animation series for SOTY 2, KJo and his antics.
    Btw, he got a wax statue at Tussauds. Funnier is the paid tweet thing that followed.

  7. leaps says:

    so kjo just got will smith to promote his soty minions Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

  8. Tina says:

    You know when Charlie Sheen was caught in Heidi Fleiss the Hollywood Madam’s $ex scandal a long time ago, he testified in court that he asked for the prostitutes to be dressed as sexy underage school girls.

    Karan is doing it for free in India. $exualizing underage kids for pedo uncles.

    • Admin says:

      Truly hope that’s not the case here…

      • Tina says:

        I hope so too Admin, but with Karan, everything he’s doing, KWK, his jokes, his questions, movies – it’s constant barrage of sexual innuendo and more. It’s horrible because he’s a parent himself and should know better. Does he do it with a deliberate intent or because he’s that clueless, that’s up for debate. But it’s infuriating sometimes.

    • Ana says:

      his movies might be pointless and serve no purpose but i havent seen any overly exploitation of heroine’s body parts etc like we see in some south indian cheap dance numbers..or RK used to present his girls.. why accuse him of something hes not.. Talking about sex isnt bad and probably better for our overly regressive society

    • Ron Faulkner says:

      @Admin, Do you think Ranveer Singh is a cross dressser?

  9. KA says:

    it’s nice to will liking India’s vibes and divine energy

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