Do Cockroaches Really Bite? Find Out Treatments For Cockroach Bites

Disgusted By Cockroaches 

Some people get really disgusted just by the sight of a cockroach. The presence of cockroaches is often seen as a sign that the premise is not too hygienic. Cockroaches come in different colours and sizes in different parts of the world. And whether they bite or not, depends on the species as well. Cockroach is said to be the longest surviving earth creature since the dinosaur age. In a Science Daily article published in 2001, geologists found the largest complete fossil of a cockroach, which lived 55 million years before the dinosaur. The fossil found was similar to the tropic cockroach in this modern day.

Cockroach Bites

Cockroaches And Human Beings


Now, how do cockroaches co-exist with human beings and do they bite? The incidence of a cockroach that bites human is very rare. The do not go after human beings. Cockroaches are more attracted to food. They are nocturnal and will snack on the smallest food crumbs they can find on your floor. Because they come out and “hunt” for food at night, they will go after even the slightest food traces on human body. So, if you did not realize that there are some cookie crumbs on your pyjamas while you’re having your bedtime snack and go to bed, there’s likelihood that a cockroach might be attracted to you. That is the reason why you are not encouraged to have food in bed. You can never tell if you have stained your bedsheet for the cockroach ravage while you are deep in your sleep. And while the cockroach is “scavenging”  your body to look for the crumbs, it may also start to “chomp” on some parts of your body in its effort to find food.

Several Types Of Cockroaches

As mentioned earlier, there are several types of cockroaches. German cockroach is usually associated with biting. Other species of cockroaches also bite but that is merely because generally, cockroaches are omnivorous – they eat everything. So, in the hunt for food, they may nibble on your skin until they find “proper” food to eat. If you are the unlucky one that got bitten by a cockroach, fret not.

Cockroach Bite

Cockroach bite is just like any other insect bite. They are indicated by small red marks that often scab over. It can be itchy. However, you can easily treat it with a disinfectant on the bite. As usual, if the it swells and does not recede after a few days, you should seek doctors advice. Never try to treat any swelling on your own. Cockroaches are vile. Because of their omnivorous nature, they could have been exposed to filthy sewage and then sneak into your home and may be a carrier to diseases. When swelling happens after a few days, get professional.

What to do to avoid all this?

To avoid such inconveniences, it is best to always ensure that your house is clean especially from food stains. Keep all food in air tight storage and avoid eating in bed at all times.



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