Did You Know: Akshay Kumar is a Canadian Citizen

Yes, as weirdly as this sounds: Akshay Kumar aka Rajiv Bhatia is a Canadian citizen. A lot of people don’t know about this as Akshay has done a good job of not bringing attention to this whole thing that is until he was detained at Heathrow Airport earlier this year. It is rumoured that Akshay and his family all hold Canadian passports. To be honest, it’s not that surprising since Akshay has been promoting Canadian talents like crazy in the last few years. Remember the time he produced that film that had a rich person’s son in it? Maybe that’s what Akshay got in return. The film was called ‘Breakaway’ and was released in both Hindi and English. That guy in the film is trying to make it in films, but so far he’s only known in Canada. Anyways, back to Akshay Kumar. Let’s see the details of this Indian turned Canadian actor.

Akshay Kumar is a Canadian Citizen

Akshay Kumar claimed he has dual citizenship

The only time Akshay has spoken about this was when he was asked about his strong ties to Canada and he mentioned that he has dual citizenship. The thing is India doesn’t allow dual citizenship! Either he’s Indian or Canadian. He can’t be both.


Even Wikipedia knows Akshay Kumar is Canadian


As we all know how real and true Wikipedia words are, the website’s description of Akshay Kumar is as shown below.


When Akshay Kumar was detained at the airport

We all know how the media waits with bated breath for news of any celebrity being detained at the airport. Most likely, we think they are waiting for news of Shah Rukh Khan being detained at any white airport. This is why even the media was shocked when they found out that Akshay was made to wait at Heathrow Airport earlier this year. They were even more shocked when they discovered that the reason was because British officials were trying to check whether this Canadian has all the right documents to enter and remain in UK for up to 90 days. Yes, if Akshay was Indian, he wouldn’t get that many days to stay in UK and he would have had to apply for a visa first.


Why does Akshay Kumar have a Canadian passport?

Well, it seems that the Canadian government offered Akshay citizenship and he accepted it in 2010. Why? We don’t know, but like we said above, it could be because he has connections.


Why did Akshay Kumar accept Canadian citizenship and let go of his Indian nationality?

It is very strange, isn’t it? An Indian actor, a famous one, let go of his Indian nationality to become a Canadian. To us, this does seem like an easy way to get in and out of European countries and U.S. without applying for a visa and waiting for months to get it. But does that mean that people should just forego their nationality because they have no patience to wait in line? Here’s a reason that makes more sense.


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