Diana Penty finally got her second movie, Happy Bhaag Jayegi

You probably won’t remember Diana Penty because in Bollywood, out of sight means out of mind. But if you watched ‘Cocktail’, then you will definitely remember Diana. It’s been a long time since that movie released and only now has Diana been able to secure her second film. It is strange considering how ‘Cocktail’ was a hit and her role in the film was well-appreciated by everybody. Mumbai Mirroir caught up with Diana, who explained why she was missing in action for the last three years.

Diana Penty finally got her second movie, Happy Bhaag Jayegi


Diana Penty on taking a long time to sign her second film
The sabbatical helped. I have grown as a person and am more comfortable in this space now. No regrets, everybody takes their own time. May be I have taken a little longer than the others, but I wouldn’t do a film unless I was happy about it. Then, I’ll give it my 100 per cent.

Diana on “Happy Bhaag Jayegi”
It’s different from Cocktail which makes it interesting for me. My strength lies in prepping. I’m not someone who can just walk onto the set and perform. I’m doing workshops to get my Punjabi diction. My co-star Abhay Deol’s work is more content driven than commercial, and that’s my space as well. I wouldn’t want to do anything frivolous.

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