December 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 9

Today’s blind item from Mumbai Mirror seems to be the latest update regarding the friendship between these two actresses. We are saying latest update because they were supposedly still hanging out together some three weeks back. Then again, one of them is outstation working on her big movie project while the other one is still in Indian working on a smaller movie project. So, it could be they are actually busy to be with each other.

It must have been frustrating how things didn’t work out the way these two thought it would. We are talking about their careers not their friendship. One had to pull some heavy strings (read: blackmail) to secure that big movie project while the other one had to wait for the right project to come.

Still, they both are close to this superstar so perhaps he might just help them from time to time. But then again, he ain’t no Salman Khan. He seems to be like the type who’s only interested in himself and seeing himself make it rather than helping those around him. It’s why he didn’t bother with his own nephew, whose career disappeared faster than the presence of his last film at the box office.

Anyways, check out who Mumbai Mirror is talking about in its latest blind item.


Bollywood Blind Item

December 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 9


THESE two have been spotted together everywhere, ever since their debut film made money in record numbers a few months back. They appeared together at every party, chat show, interview and photo-op; one had begun to think they are inseparable. But no sooner did one of the pair sign on her next film and a biggie at that did the cracks in their friendship appear. The more successful one became too starry in her manners and left the other one behind. So now, they barely hang out or talk to each other. They even have separated their gym routines, the ultimate in a BFF break-up.


OSOP Guesses

BFF: Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra

December 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 9

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8 Responses

  1. Rashmi says:

    if we compare all three Khans, then the SRK seems to me the most human and more-less sincere. I do not like SRK, he is my unloved actor, but he is generous and he has a soul. I know that he is selfish sometimes, but still human. Salman is too quick-tempered and vindictive, and Aamir is the most insecure and cunning of them all

  2. Arshad says:

    Honestly I cannot stand Fatima, and just see such a shrewd and manipulative aura around her. She seems to be extremely self centred and vicious. Aamir is another naive and selfish actor. I find all this so sad that people have to do all this for work, and the really good artists turn into manipulative manequins.

    • Rad says:

      Aamir and naive? That’s a laugh. I can’t forget how he declared that 3 idiots had nothing to do with Chetan Bhagat’s book without having read it. Dissed AIB (though personally I hate AIB) without watching the show. He is the biggest hypocrite ever and the worst intellectual wannabe. He is not naive, he is cunning. Pls read this

      • Admin says:

        Yes, he’s freaking smart and cunning.

      • bucketbot says:

        Yeah Aamir is no different from SRK or Salman. He is just as petty and self-serving as the other two.

        @Arshad, both his dangal protΓ©gΓ©s seem to have picked up their manners and attitude from him. They should not get too used to it. Wait till he doesn’t need them anymore, reality will hit them fast and hard. They should have a look at his nephew’s career.

  3. Deep says:

    Even i get these vibes that he is a pseudo intellectual….. but regarding helping his nephew.. he did give him his debut and Delhi-belly.. but the nephew seriously is an actor with limited expressions, and even those are thanks to his eyebrows…..That is one thing I will never blame Amir for… if he has no talent, then why endorse?? In today’s environment about Nepotism, it stands out for its honesty…

    • Admin says:

      He seems like one of those men who only have the ability to think of themselves and no one else. A bit similar to Hrithik Roshan as well.

  4. Amanda says:

    It seems to me that Aamir is more eager to push fathima than Sanya.. In Dangal, fathima had bigger role and more screen time than Sanya.. We have to just wait and see.. I never liked fathima’s looks.. Hope Sanya makes it on her own rather than being dragged in everything related to Aamir.. Every one knows that fathima got that role in thugs of Hindustan due to Aamir..
    Admin, what blackmail did she do to get that role?

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