December 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 8

Today’s first blind item comes from BollywoodLife. The blind item could have been written in a much more clearer way as some parts are truly confusing. We understand the situation that happened in the blind item below, but we have to ask how in the world did the writer assumed who this guy was talking to?

First off, the actor was really at rehearsals so it’s not that hard to figure out who this blind item is talking about. But this actor was also at rehearsal catching up with an old colleague of his, who came back to India to perform at the same awards show. The two of them were having a nice time catching up with each other.

So yes, again it might or might not be true. But still, check out the blind item below by BollywoodLife.



Bollywood Blind Item

December 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 8


This much-in-news couple’s loud fight scares off kids at a rehearsal hall


There is a reason people like to be private about their personal lives, especially Bollywood folks. They like to keep everything a secret. Washing their dirty linen in public is not something they advocate but at times, things go so out of hand that you fail to control it. Same happened with this A-list young actor whose fight with his girlfriend got so wild that kids around ran off scared.

So it happened at a rehearsal hall where the actor was learning some steps for his next film. The actor is much-in demand these days and has his kitty full. But his personal life is going through a rocky patch. Majority of the times, there are reports of them breaking up and then suddenly, they will make a public appearance, looking very much in love. Last weekend too, he spent a day with his beau’s family and even updated everyone of it on social media. But despite all that, things are not great between the two.

A few days ago, he was on call with his actress girlfriend after he was done with his steps at a rehearsal hall. He was heard abusing her and was really agitated. The rehearsal hall allots a floor only a few hours. The floor was supposed to be handed over to a bunch of kids from a school post that. But the actor got so engrossed squabbling with his girlfriend, he didn’t notice that kids were around. They could easily hear everything and let us tell you, it wasn’t an exchange that kids should have been privy to. We are told that the parents took the kids away so that they don’t listen to things that they have no idea about.

Well, this actor is known to be pally with everyone, so a behaviour of such nature is obviously shocking. But sometimes anger gets the better of us and we end up doing something we regret all our lives, although we aren’t sure if the actor is regretting what he said to his girlfriend.


OSOP Guesses

Couple: Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone (Not Pictured below)

December 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 8

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17 Responses

  1. Shivanisd says:

    I can totally believe this as he is a moody cancerian and they are opposite signs( cancer- capricorn) so fighting is inevitable. But I also believe they genuinely love each other and will one day get married like virat anushka! Contrary to what ppl here think Im quite fond of Deepika.

  2. Nikita says:

    How come wherever there’s a negative blind about either DP or RS several doubts emerges in the admin’s mind or it is presumed that the media is lying and making up nonsense or it is a work of rival PR but when it comes to other celebs the blinds are taken as Gospel Truth and those celebs are character assassinated on the basis of those blinds?

    • Admin says:

      Oh, it’s simple. It’s because it’s out of the norm. If you are familiar with the celebs, the trend is there and stays that way unless something drastic happens that’s not in their control. Don’t know if it makes any sense, but yes, if you are familiar you are able to spot the truth. In the history of Blind Items or Gossips, has there ever been a piece about RS and DP fighting/arguing in public? Not that we know of.

  3. Priyadr says:

    Wasn’t sid doing some rehearsals also a few days ago? I think it is more likely that it’s him and Alia. There was more than one occasion where Alia looks upset talking to sid and i don’t think they are broken up, at least not yet. But I hope they do as this guy doesn’t give out good vibes for some reason and I hope Alia comes to her senses and sets herself free one day.

    • Admin says:

      If you are right, then this blind item must have been given to them by KJo since he pretty much summarises what he wants the public to think of these two. BUT, Sid wasn’t spotted hanging out with Alia’s family right?

  4. suyash says:

    Admin, just check this link, it mentions Ranveer exiting from Dance studio in khar, Blind must be talking about this studio.

  5. Pooja says:

    Admin . I don’t understand why are they still hanging on to each other??? Both ranveer and dp seem to have a lot of differences….. What do you think admin …..Who’s hanging onto whom ??? Is it ranveer who’s still hanging onto Dp or is it Dp who’s still hanging onto ranveer ??? Both of them seem to always fight ….Like why can’t they just break it off rather than make each other’s lives miserable….What do you think admin

    • Admin says:

      First of all, they are not hangers to hang on to each other. Jokes aside, they are going through a difficult phase right now professionally. Things will be better and calmer once Padmavati comes out. They have given a lot to this film and they don’t even know what’s going to happen to that film. Personally, they have been good for each other and have supported each other well. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

  6. Steffi says:

    Admin…whats the deal with them are they close to marriage maybe in 2018?…they have been “allegedly” been together for almost 5 years now also…what with Ranveers recent visit to DP’s father’s event seems like they are now coming out with an announcement….although I still feel its more an image driven showmance…but who knows with these Bollywood couples

    • Admin says:

      Marriage or any decision closer to that will only happen once their movie sees the light of a cinema hall. But it’s not the first time, Ranveer has hanged out with her family. They all go to weddings together or hang out when they are in her hometown.

  7. suyash says:

    all references clearly pointing out to Ranveer & Deepika, ranveer wz da one who recently visited Deepika’s father & shared pics on social media…Admin is very much correct to guess…

  8. Pav says:

    Hmm.. hard to believe. They are so concerned about their public image. Also PC has shared a video of them having fun. Maybe it’s someone else but there’s no one who would match with the description.

  9. suyash says:

    the rehearsal they are talking about is different i guess, coz saw different pic of him coming out of dance studio on other website. they r both fake, she is just using him for her benefit to potray a very talked about (ideal) couple. Rather it is beneficial for both of them to keep their image clean in public.

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