December 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 6

PinkVilla has published a blind item that didn’t deserve to be a blind item. One, we know who it’s about just by reading the title. Two, why bother writing a blind item about Mr. Bajao when we all know that this old man has a serious problem and he will never change. No matter how many patriotic movies he does or how much he says that he supposedly respect women or how much he claims to love his wife, it’s all crap and don’t believe him.

We see through all the sh!t that he and his wife are doing to manipulate the public. You see the kind of man that he is? Clearly, it seems that the wife can’t control him anymore. We are not talking about what’s in his pants, but his actions. In the controversy that he was involved in, he didn’t bother to apologise to the female comedian that he insulted verbally with a sexist comment. His wife made jokes about it and then eventually had to hide her bones and apologise.

What about him? He never apologised for it. Why has the media not asked him about it? It’s not fair that his wife had to apologise and he didn’t say shi!t about the incident. Does he think he’s bigger than this? He doesn’t think that he has to apologise? Let’s just wait and see how karma hits him back because we are sure when that happens, the avalanche of it will take him by surprise. Check out who the blind item is about below.



Bollywood Blind Item

Bollywood Blind Item


This ‘happily’ married superstar has not changed his Casanova ways

This ‘happily’ married superstar has not changed his Casanova ways. He has the perfect family man image and that too has been carefully cultivated over the years. There have been rumors about his philandering ways, but the actor always manages to show his perfect gentleman image to the media.

Last year, the actor was chased by the paparazzi when he was ‘busy’ with his co-actress, with whom he was linked during that film’s shoot. However, the images never came out. Something similar happened recently, the actor was caught with a foreigner near his house in a car and the media rushed to click photos. This time, instead of shying away, the actor confronted the photographers and made sure that no photos were clicked. The photographers had to delete the photos they had managed to click of the actor and the lady.

This actor has had multiple affairs before marriage and has dumped quite a few leading ladies of Bollywood. After marriage, it is believed that he and his wife had a troublesome relationship as his philandering ways wouldn’t stop. However, the actor has managed to convince his wife too about being faithful to her and she has stopped doubting on him.

Well, we wonder if these photos would have been leaked, what would the reaction of his wife who has recently taken to writing been! His tag of being a ‘loyal husband’ would definitely have gone for a toss, don’t you think?


OSOP Guesses

Superstar: Akshay Kumar

Wife: Twinkle Khanna

December 2017 – Bollywood Blind Item 6

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16 Responses

  1. sharuna says:

    you married a wild spirit, its no use trying to tame him . what a dialog.

  2. Fair says:

    I just love this site and whoever drafts the contents. This article specially is very very strong and influencing.. impactful… I used to be a gullible fan of Akshay but last few years reading so much about him and of course believing. The line mentioning ‘karma’ – very true… He will pay big time..

    • Admin says:

      Thanks, appreciate the nice comment. Truth is truth, right? No matter how other websites #couplegoals crap. No girl should have a MCP as a #goal!

  3. Rashmi says:

    Everyone knows that this is Akshay. it’s not even blind. but what about the second blind, to which I gave a link? are you looking for the right version?

    • Admin says:

      Sorry, there was no link. Share it again.

      • Rashmi says:

        as? You deleted my comment with the link. I gave you under the blind for Kalki. okay, I’ll say it again

        • Admin says:

          Nope, sorry didn’t honestly see it. Thanks for sharing, we’ll post it soon.

          • Reen says:

            Admin is Akshay really a womanizer or are these all just floating rumors. It’s hard for me to believe that Twinkle would put up with all his shit, she seems to be a very head strong woman. Can you pls explain this

          • Admin says:

            There’s nothing to explain. She has realized that she cannot change him. She did try to stop him at the beginning, fought with him and threatened to leave. Didn’t she forbid him from working with PC? It didn’t work. The man has a problem and he’s an MCP who thinks he can do whatever he wants.

          • Ananya says:

            Admin what is PC problem that she keeps falling for married or older men? I think with the exclusion of Shahid ( who actually I feel also has this controlling father syndrome) she fell for married older men like Kangana. And these two girls are the headstrong independent ladies of bollywood who can work hard and find work on their own. Is it the father complex? Otherwise tbh with PC I don’t see why she won’t get young intelligent single men to court. She has everything a man is looking for.

          • sharuna says:

            Ananya what a wonderful analysis you have there. Yes admin i would also like to know bout this.

          • Ananya says:

            Thank you. Yeah it has always made me wonder. She loved her father a lot. So I Thot maybe father complex.

            Admin is right in one sense. Most of her co workers were married older men. But yet she’s one smart cookie. Plus not all actress fall for it at least not repeatedly. I mean Anushka, Deepika, even Katrina as far as I know never fell for married men.

            It’s understandable if it happened once but with Kangana and PC I felt they’re more into such player or dominant father figure guys. Not judging them but an observation.

          • Shivanisd says:

            I find it hilarious that PC who*ing around with married men is excused as having a father complex and shes described as smart whereas Katrina is a demoness just bcuuz she comes forma single mom family and her maintaining emotional ties with Salman is seen as manipulative and not smart. Wow the double standards! Ppl who hate Kat shoudl also judge PC by the same standards.

          • Mohini says:

            The reason why Katrina is “seen” as worse than PC is because she used/uses Salman for films, he literally made her career, and she jumped to Ranbir the minute she thought she could get a Kapoor surname instead. And of course broke Deepika’s heart in the process. No one loves Gauri like they do Deepika surely? Also PC doesn’t owe her career to either Akshay or SRK. I feel bad for Katrina as well, women from broken families are not the best at relationships especially once they become obsessed with “success” and being the best. Which is why young PC chose the “best” guy she could find at the time- Akshay and older PC chose the “best” guy she could find at the time- SRK. Same reason why Katrina chose to jump ship Salman- sure he’s rich and successful, but Ranbir was rich successful and young and good-looking and had a more powerful surname. Same with Kangana why settle for a decently successful life with a mid-level star when you can have Hrithik freaking Roshan- who’s good looking, successful and rich.

            But then there’s also Kareena who was from a broken family too and found Saif- he’s not that successful, nor young, nor as rich as everyone thinks he is. Sure he’s a Nawab’s son but until Kareena entered the family they were renting out the Pataudi Palace to Neemrana Hotels to make ends meet. Her mother’s sad marriage and her sister’s wrong choices have made Kareena smart. Better to be married to a man who at least won’t cheat on you even if he’s not that successful. Kareena brings in the goods, Kareena is the famous one in the house.

            The other person I admire is Deepika. She did pine for Ranbir for a while(from what I hear) but she recognised a good thing(Ranveer) when she saw it. Ranveer had had just one hit film when they met. He was not good looking, not from a film family, not rich (living in a 2 BHK in Khar is like worse than living in a village if you are a movieperson!) and he was mildly successful. He and Arjun were on the same level of stardom. He could still be where Arjun is. But her risk paid off and good for her and both of them that it did.

            The one I feel really bad for and hope changes her ways is Alia. She really deserves so much better than pining over already engaged Varun or male gigolo Sid and being used as PR ping pong between the two by KJo.

            The other one I feel bad for is Sushant. He is soooo talented but is really screwing up his reputation with this philandering and burning of bridges. Even after Byomkesh Bakshy’s humongous debacle Dibakar Bannerjee is back with Yashraj directing Sandeep and Pinky movie with Arjun and Parineeti and Sushant left them without even thinking. They would have cleaned up his PR if he had stuck around. Silly person. At least Stick to the beautiful Kriti Sanon- what is wrong in her that you have to run behind Anushka Ranjan!?! You both work hard on your craft become the power couple that Farhan-Shraddha can never be FGS!

          • Admin says:

            It’s the men she has worked with who are married. Married men are different, they are much more experienced in handling women. PC also dated Harman Baweja, who is not married but is into trans (rumour has it). Her colleagues are married men as are most of the male stars in Bollywood except for Salman. Also, PC is a hardworking woman who has made it on her own. Maybe single guys don’t cut it for her, she needs a mature man. AK is a playa, that’s different but SRK is pretty much the same like PC except he’s a dominant male.

          • Shivanisd says:

            Which sane indian man will marry PC now that its known she keeps effign around with married men repeatedly?? Only some lovestruck common man fool will do that!

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