December 2015 – Bollywood Blind Item 2

Today’s blind item comes from Mid Day. Mid Day sometimes posts blind items here and there. We know we always say that we can’t always rely on MD’s blind item, but this one below seems feasible. If you know the lead in the blind item below then you will know exactly who this blind item is talking about. But if you don’t, there’s always our OSOP Guesses below.

Shot in the dark: Spitting fire

December 2015 – Bollywood Blind Item 2


This actress may be known for her acting chops, but when it comes to her fiery temper, there is no one quite like her in tinseltown. She is known to throw tantrums to get her way and looking through people seems to be her fort. Though everyone is familiar with her behaviour, no one dares raise his/ her voice owing to her star status.

Most recently, a young female co- star was at the receiving end of the lady in question. At an event of their
upcoming film, the actress not only maintained a distance from this much younger artiste but also ensured that she be snapped with the lead actor rather than with his newbie.

Insiders reveal that this experienced actress wasn’t very friendly with this youngster even while shooting for the film and the latter couldn’t bring the situation to anyone’s notice considering she was working with such big names of the industry. Last heard, this senior actress refuses to acknowledge her presence even though the youngster refers to her as ma’am and can’t stop raving about her.

OSOP Guesses
This Actress: Kajol
Young Female Co-Star: Kriti Sanon

December 2015 - Bollywood Blind Item 2

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